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Hey waz up

Yo by reading this u have some interest in me

(u single)lol

Naw, u might want to kno some things bout me so here they are, I can't spell for spit, I don't like cocky people(altho I am one) I'm old enough i look like a human i think. I normal write storys to music and the music influences the story so if im listening to ICP then my story will but dark and probly romantic, and so on and so forth

What people call me or label me as; goth(hell no I'm not goth),loser(hell yes i dont use loser as a negtive i personaly think of it that way loser is so cool), nerd(maybe),freak on the basket ball team(duh im 6'5 so duh Im on the b-ball team),bigfoot(i perfer chewbacca),freak(hell yeah),damn(u have to b from where im from to get that hell yeah)

My pic is of ICP Insane Clown Posse because I'm a pro jugglett I've been a jugglett for 13 years I love ICP but you dont care

I don't like preps, I love to write.

Name: The name is mraydan u can unjumble that in any way u want but until then call me pimpstaff.

Fav Books:A Clockwork Orange,The Stand, Misery(any thing creepy)

Fav Movies:Any thing scary or has stuff blowin up

Gender:Gurl(i think)lolz

Fav actor/ actresses:Cortney Gains, Volient Jay, Shaggs,thats it

Fav Quotes:

"Me: Shuan the grass isnt always greener on the other side

Shuan:Maybe not but the guys are much gayer and im down for that"

"A true friend reaches for ur hand but touches ur heart"-Loser monkeys

"Everyday is a new day I'm thankful for every breath I take..." -P.O.D

"OUTLANDER!"-Cortney Gains

"I see no changes I wake up in the morning and ask myself is life worth living shoould I blast myself..."-Tupac

"I see no changes all I see is racist faces misplaced hate makes discrase for races..."Tupac

"Thats just the way it is things will never be th same."-Tupac

"It's time to make a change, it's time for us as a people to start making changes lets change the way we eat lets change the way we live and lets change the way we treat eachother, you see the old way wasnt workin' so its on uo to do what we got to do to surive."Tupac

"It's not hard to be a friend..."-IDK

"The clock ticks life away it's so unreal."- Linkin Park

"Time is a valueable thing watch it fly by as the pendulam swings watch it count down to the end of the day ."--Linkin Park

"Potato"-Nic Hand/joo boy

"Stupid Candians." Peter Walter.

"This is our hell now we're livin in it but this bullshit will be over in a minute then it's on to the faygo and then hoe's..."-ICP

"Your looking for god you say he couldent be found looking up to the sky searching below the ground."- Matisyhu

"What good is a kingdom when your a prisoner in it..."-prince something or other

"I'm confuzled."Peter walter

"U make no sense what so ever" -rebecca

Boxed Set by Eligent reviews
Kidnappings may be part of the BAU's everyday life, but they have never experienced anything like this. How do you keep playing the game when you're the odd man out and the rules keep changing at every turn? Reid and the others are about to find out.
Criminal Minds - Rated: T - English - Crime/Drama - Chapters: 21 - Words: 53,564 - Reviews: 301 - Favs: 260 - Follows: 63 - Updated: 5/1/2008 - Published: 2/3/2008 - Complete