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Hey everybody! My profile is completely stuffed up so the links probably don't work but i'll try anyway!!

Before reading on, look at my blog...

It's about a scene kid/emo girl who doesn't think she is a scene kid/emo girl! It's called the Diary of Annie Lucy Weatherfoot: The Diary of Annie Lucy Weatherfoot

Here is my Photobucket link to the posters I have made for my stories

Through the Window

this is Gabriella's big house, c'mon they are rich and live in an upper class area!... www.nydailynews.com/img/2007/07/16/gal_simmons4.jpg

This is what the room is like when she walks in the front door - www.nyc.gov/html/om/gif/gracie_mansion_3.jpg

This is Gabriella's bedroom - www.louielighting.com/lli/images2/bedroom4.jpg

Gabriella's Prom dress.. #

Gabriella's Prom shoes...

Tears Dry On Their Own

this is Gabriella's prom dress...

Assassin at 18

Ch1. Sharpay's Dress- bp0.blogger.com/_cSfvzbFZ15w/RpJzIfrLdgI/AAAAAAAAAUU/JVtPcRost4M/s1600-h/casual+jersey+babydoll+dress.jpg

She's Silent

Gabriella's first date outfit - www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-set/BQcDAAAAAwoDanBnAAAABC5vdXQKFjVpRlUtSGlDM0JHQ2ZDNGVCLTFXY3cAAAACaWQKAXgAAAAEc2l6ZQ.jpg

The Gazebo - www.gazebos-and-garden-sheds.com/images_products/gazebos/allseason_1.jpg\

Corset Top - www.store.retrorebels.com/images/p/pinupcherrycorsettop.jpg

Gabriella's Bedroom/Bed -www.furniturebuzz.com/furniture/youngamerica/isabelladoubleposter_xl.jpg

Gabriella's Prom Dress - www.cbslimited.com/prom-dresses/detail_prom_la_femme-12764

Gabriella's bracelet - www.germes-online.com/direct/dbimage/50218064/Silver_Bracelet.jpg

Gabriella's boy shorts - www.scandalvision.com/store/images/bga_boy_shorts.jpg

Nightlife Velocity

Ch2. examples of Gabriella's school clothes -

- www.shopplasticland.com/images/2007/outfit071008.jpg

- www.shopplasticland.com/images/2007/outfit071022.jpg

Ch2. Gabriella's car - www.imcdb.org/images/002/235.jpg

Cp2. Gabriella's key rings - www.sparklecinderella.co.uk/images/detail/keyring/Capture_00098_detail.jpg

Ch2. Gabriella's rims -www.wheelsdirectonline.com/Jline/5SL2pinkBIG.jpg

Ch2. Gabriella's 'nightlife' outfit - www.worldfaceportfolio.com/images/tyra3.jpg

Ch2. Gabriella's heels -www.topbutton.com/images/main/blog/loveitorleaveit/ralphlauren101607.jpg

Ch3. Gabriella's outfit: CHECKERED MINI SKIRT -www.fatalwoman.com/product.asp?sexywear=pleated+skirtstret&sexy=3534&sexyclothes=55#toppic

Ch3. Gabriella's outfit: WHITE MIDRIFF TOP - www.fatalwoman.com/product.asp?sexywear=tinkerbell+skirt+wit&sexy=3674&sexyclothes=55#toppic

Ch3. Gabriella's outit: HEELS - www.fatalwoman.com/product.asp?sexywear=6+cone+heel+sandal&sexy=4185&sexyclothes=222

Ch4. Gabriella's Cop costume - www.fatalwoman.com/product.asp?sexywear=8pc+dream+policein&sexy=3448&sexyclothes=62

Ch4. Thalia's Strawberry Girl costume - www.80stees.com/images/products/Strawberry_Girl_Costume.jpg

Ch6. Gabriella's heels that fell out of the bag -www.fatalwoman.com/product.asp?sexywear=6+heel+sandal+w/+stu&sexy=4192&sexyclothes=222

Ch7. Gabriella's 'go girl' outfit - www.fatalwoman.com/product.asp?sexywear=low+rise+mini+plaid+&sexy=2579&sexyclothes=55

Ch7. Gabriella's 'go girl' heels - www.fatalwoman.com/product.asp?sexywear=45+metallic+heel+rhi&sexy=3220&sexyclothes=222

Ch10. Gabriella's outfit in front of the guys TOP - www.fatalwoman.com/product.asp?sexywear=tie+front+top+baby&sexy=3587&sexyclothes=55

Ch10. Gabriella's outfit in front of the guys SKIRT - www.fatalwoman.com/product.asp?sexywear=posh+skirtcomplete&sexy=4370&sexyclothes=55

Remember Me?

Trailer link= www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFPEquOAvMU

Clumsy Model

These are the kinds of photos Troy takes for his photography:




Gabriella's prom dress:

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Gabriella was popular, pretty, smart and everyone thought she must've been the happiest person. Wrong. She made one mistake years ago, one that would scar her to such pain that she couldn't take it. Gabriella Montez was 17 and suicidal. And no one knew, except one blue eyed boy who encountered her at an empty beach.
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The StepSister's Diary reviews
Mrs. Montez and Mr. Bolton are dating, and are unfortunately moving in together to live in the Bolton residence. And Gabriella has to travel all the way to Albuquerque from Santa Ana to go to a new school, deal with mean students and worstly, Troy Bolton
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Troy and Gabi were best friends, but were separated when Gabriella had to move to California. Now, 8 years later..Gabriella, the beautiful nerd, has moved back, only to discover her old best friend..Troy, the rude jock is far from what she loved..
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Gabriella is the new, clumsy girl at East High. She does a tiny bit of "posing for photos" at her mum's nursery. Troy is the kind hearted basketball Jock who is a photographer - he photographs young ladies in purely art based ways TROYELLA! r&r!
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Only two ppl know Gabriella's secret and those are the only two people she will talk to. She doesn't want anyone to know..she's deaf. Especially NOT Troy Bolton the horrible asshole. MAJOR MAJOR TROYELLA!
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Gabriella is the new girl at East High. She's immediately labeled a geek. Glasses, books, study. But that's at East High. Unknown to everyone, Gabriella is a street car racer at an underground club. And there, it's heels, mini skirts and sex appeal.
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