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Recent news (as of 01/05/10):

Sunset Dance and Gift's Story have been edited and re-uploaded. The only changes are to the note at the beginning (and in one case, one name throughout the story being replaced by another). So please, if you read the original, NEVER MENTION IT AGAIN.

Note: My username used to be Gardevoir Girl. So when I changed it I made sure to make it my other most recognizable username.

Birthday: May 10, 1991. As of typing this, I'm 18.

Gender: Male.

Sexual orientation: Straight... for the most part.

About me: I'm a member of many Pokemon forums, most of which I never visit any more. And I'm also a furry and wear one of my many collars everywhere.

Not very active in fan fiction any more. But I'll continue to read and possibly give out a rare review for the fics on my alert list - if yours is one of them, I love it, otherwise it wouldn't be there. They're all fics that I love enough to not want to miss a single chapter, even on my long absences. And occasionally I do decide that I'd love nothing better than to read a good story, which is when I'll often fave/alert-list several fics at any one time.

A warning: if any story I'm reading involves a miscarriage, abortion, or death of a child in any other way, I am very likely to stop reading and never touch anything by that author again. The exceptions are if it's done gently enough, or if I really like the story or the writing style of that person. Only if I REALLY REALLY like them. It's a subject I'm very sensitive about.

I now have Wi-Fi, but only for PBR (wired LAN adapter, my Wi-Fi USB apparently won't work on Vista so no DS games). PM me if you want to battle, but I'll only give you my FC if I recognize your username (or if I know you from somewhere else). If anyone is hoping to battle me, be warned. I suck so much that you'll most likely die laughing at my pathetically weak teams. Nah, just kidding, but I do raise my favourites rather than what's strongest, and I very rarely EV train. Actually, I've done it twice in my whole life. I never use hacked Pokemon. And the last time I battled over Wi-Fi, I not only forgot to turn off voice chat so my opponent heard me talking to myself, but made one critical mistake and went down in flames. I think that'll be the rule rather than the exception. Oh, and please give me at least half an hour of warning before you want to battle, usually my remote's batteries are dead.

Writing style/genres: I tend to write drama more than anything, and since recently, as little romance as possible. Adventure is something I'm not best at, but I've taken a shot at it with Visions Of Fate and I'd say it's not turning out too bad, especially compared to some of my earlier attempts at adventure. Battle scenes aren't exactly my forte but I do my best and hope it turns out all right. Humour I sometimes mix in, but I'm not good at handling it. There is one thing I'll never post here, and that's a lemon. Although my stories may contain violence, death, blood, and slight sexual innuendo (up to lime at times), there will never be a sex scene in anything I post under this name. If you're after sex, try Andromeda's account (The Dark Of Midnight; check my Favourite Authors list, she hasn't put up any lemons yet but I have no doubt she will).

Actually, please check out The Dark Of Midnight anyway. I help write some of her stories, and there'll always be a warning in the description if it contains a lemon, so they're easy to avoid.

If anyone actually reads this, please click on that little link down the bottom of the page that says 'Favourite Authors'. They're all awesome. Oh, and the 'Favourite Stories' one as well, because some of those authors aren't on my list but their work is still great. That'll give you a few days of reading material. (Or weeks, in the case of one fic in particular.)

I have a LiveJournal, which is rarely updated any more.

Also have a deviantART for my (clean) drawings. But I warn you, they suck. Click at own risk.

If you have time, please click my eggs. Yes, I joined the bandwagon.

More About Me:

Favourite pairings (Pokemon):
(Can't be bothered looking up the names for any except the first, which I have memorized because I've adored the couple for so long.)

Sir Aaron X Lucario (Staffshipping) - it's just so cute, and practically canon. I mean how could anyone watch Lucario And The Mystery Of Mew without seeing the love and 'aww'ing at it?

Wally X Gardevoir - it just seems right, you know?

James X Brock - okay, that one episode when James hugged Brock is the only reason behind this. They just seemed perfect for each other at that moment. And why would Brock always go chasing after every girl he sees if he's not secretly ashamed of being bi? You see my logic?

Giovanni X Persian - again, just feels right.

Zoey X Cynthia - ... because I think they're both very attractive. Don't judge me!

Least favourite pairings (popular ones only because otherwise there are too many to list):

Ash X anyone at all - because I just hate him.

Jessie X James - hell no. For the longest time I've felt that James is gay, and when I started pairing him with Brock no one else seemed to fit.

Favourite Pokemon: Gallade, Lucario, Riolu, Suicune, Shaymin, Flareon, Glaceon, Umbreon, Mew, Luxray, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Porygon-Z, Arcanine, Misdreavus, Sneasel, Breloom. In no particular order, although Gallade is my favourite Pokemon and Suicune is my favourite legendary.

Least favourite Pokemon: Medicham, Meditite, Dratini, Dragonair, Dragonite, Gastly (but not its evolutions).

Random info about my fics:

- Selena's name was originally Serena.

- I often take names for Pokemon from their Japanese names.

- I often overlap storylines. Selena from 'Visions Of Fate' is the same Kirlia in 'If You Ever Care', the latter of which is set before the events in 'Visions Of Fate'. Mark, Eruri, and Ruka, who feature in 'Visions Of Fate', were originally taken from an unfinished trilogy of mine, the first story of which was entitled 'Reawakened'.

- My best friend has named her unexpected daughter after my character Selena.

- Chapter 18 of Visions Of Fate originally had several different endings planned out. One made no sense, one would have caused riots, one was too obvious, and one was sensible but would never have worked.

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