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Hi! You're probably reading this wondering where in the world I am. I'm not Carmen San Diego, so I'll tell you:


Hello all! I am happy to announce that THE DROUGHT IS OVER! Prepare for updates! For real this time!

Things I want to address:

- Covers: I've been gone from ff for so long that I had no covers designed for my stories simply bc there was no need for covers. I think it's a really cool concept and I'm going to start working on some covers. (But AFTER I update since I know you'd rather read a new chapter than see a cover with no update.)

- iSee the Future description: So I finally removed that line from the description that said it was ranked by reviewers as one of the best iCarly fanfics on the site. I get so many people saying that, but I really shouldn't have put that in the description. I know my loyal fans don't care, but if you cared about that, please keep in mind I was an immature 9th grader at the time. More than one person thought my story was the best and I wanted everyone to know, haha.

- Updates: The way my schedule is right now, Wednesdays are the days for me to update. I doubt I'll be able to update every Wednesday, but just so you don't get your hopes up on other days, check out my stories then.

- iCarly itself: It's been a longggg while since I've actually watched the show. I really don't know what happened. I know the show is ending though. Most of my stories are influenced from the beginning of iCarly (Jake!). Once I have finished the stories that are currently in progress, I am unsure if I will write stories that go along with later iCarly episodes or if I'll find another category to write about. Maybe I'll disregard stuff that happens in the show later and write other stories I had planned long ago. We'll see...

- Contest: I am going to be holding a contest of sorts! I'm really excited about it! I will give the details for it on a later date, once I can trust myself to update on a semi-regular basis.

- Readers: Thank you so much! I have been away for so long and it's amazing to see that my stories are still being read. Whether you are a loyal fan who has been waiting for me to finish stories I started years ago (and I apologize for the eons of waiting!) or someone who clicked on this profile deciding to check out my stories on a whim, you deserve a hug! I really appreciate you for reading my stories! Soooo much! :D

With all my purple fuzzleness,



Read the story about purple fuzzles down at the bottom, after all of these copy/paste things. Also read my synopsis about my completed/in progress stories after the purple fuzzle story. The bolded copy paste things are my favorties and the ones in italics are the ones I made up :)

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If you are wondering where I got the name the-purple-fuzzle, here's the story.

Purple Fuzzle Story!

I was at school and I was walking from my very boring History class with some of my friends. Along the History building, there were some new flowers. They were a very pretty purple and looked very fuzzy. They grew in a stalk-like form. I told my friends, "Look, purple fuzzles!" IDK where I got the name just came to me!

From then on, I always made it a point to make sure the purple fuzzles were still by the History building. (The History building doesn't have a very good history :) with flowers.) One day I found a purple fuzzle on the sidewalk that wasn't smushed. I picked it up and brought it home.

I was surprised that after a couple days, the purple fuzzle wasn't wilted and was still a bright purple color. About a week later, the purple fuzzles at school were dying :( They turned brown and crispy. And after being at the school for about a month, they were removed from the side of the History building.

But the one in my room stayed bright purple...I then came up with a statement that still checks out today. (BTW, my room is bright purple with a really cool rainforest theme.) Here's my statement: "The depressing environment that the school causes led to the death of the purple fuzzles, while within the bright purpleness of my room, one purple fuzzle found the hope to live."

I really think the school killed the purple fuzzles and that my fuzzle will continue to live as long as my room is a happy (but not necessarily clean) room.

My purple fuzzle is still alive today, this minute, this second, as you read this. It is watching you. LOL!

With all my purple fuzzleness,


P.S. These are some of my stories that I might work on when I finish one of the ones I'm working on. (I don't want to start too many at one time.) I want to post these just so nobody thinks of this titles/plots before I get a chance to post. I claim them!

i Think I Love You - a songfic to "I Think I Love You" by the Partridge Family. Cute Seddie oneshot.

i Spy - What do a vacation, a long car ride, a broken down car and a game of I Spy have in common? They draw two people together...but who? Seddie vs. Creddie! Who wins?

i Spy Jealousy - Sequel to i Spy. It's really good, but I can't type any more of the summary without giving away who ends up together at the end of i Spy.

Me, Myself and i - Sam has sisters? Wait, she's a triplet!! Why did she keep her sisters a secret?

i Speak American, Too! - When a cute, new foreign student comes to Ridgeview Middle School, Sam falls head over heels. When Freddie becomes jealous and starts a rivalry with the new student, Sam knows she must choose between them, if she wants to remain friends with either of them.

iJournal - Sequel to iDiary. Can't type anymore of the summary without giving away the end of iDiary.

i See the Past - Third in the TIME TRAVELING TRILOGY (TTT)! A 22-year old Freddie travels back to the past and discovers some secrets. What should he do? How will changing the past affect the future this time?

i Thought so- "I hit my head. Now I'm some freaky mind reader. Whoohoo."

These are cool story names that I came up with, but I have no story to go along with them. I claim them!

i Say Po-tay-to, You Say Po-ta-to

i Heard You Call My Name

i Heard it Through the Grapevine


I'm so happy!! I have OVER 13,000 hits on my first story, i See the Future! Everyone who read it gets a virtual cookie! lol!


Here's a summary of the stories I have finished or am working on...

i See the Future- (complete) this was the first story I wrote. Personally, it's tied for the best story I have so far. Freddie goes into the future by mistake. He has to change the future before it's too late. There are lots of twists, cliffhangers and suspense. Several of my reviewers say it's the best iCarly fanfiction on here. It's first in the Time-Traveling Trilogy (TTT) My rating: 10 (out of 10) Pairing: SEDDIE!!

We See the Future- (In progress) I am still writing this. This is the sequel to i See the Future. It's a "what if" story; what if Sam had accompanied Freddie into the future? It took a long time to plan it out, since there's a lot of time traveling. It's going to be very good, but they always say the sequels are never as good as the first...but I don't know; it's super suspenseful at the must read i See the Future BEFORE you read this story though, okay? My rating: 8.0 (right now) Pairing: SEDDIE!!

iDiary- (In progress) Another story I'm working on. In this story, Freddie keeps a "diary" on his laptop. He meant for no one to see it, but it will cause a lot of problems! At first, I didn't really like this story, but the reviewers really kept me motivated. I've changed the original plot quite a bit. Actually so much that the summary doesn't even fit it. This one deals a lot with relationships and mostly takes place at school. I'm liking this more and more. It's my longest story so far with 31,000 words at chapter 9. There's about 3 more chapters left. My rating: 8.5 Pairing: SEDDIE!!

i've Got Moves- (Complete) This is a story I disagree with my reviewers on. Lot of people really liked it, but I didn't so much. It was more "funny" or not as "deep" as some of my other stories...I just don't know, I didn't conncect with it. I think things are a little slow in the beginning and then a little too fast at the end. I would think it was better if it was my first story and not my second. Anyways, it's not bad; it's good, I just don't think it's "as good". Read it and see for yourself. Oh, there's also some IMing convos in there. I wrote this BEFORE I downloaded an IM service, so some terms might be off or non existant or something. It's kind of funny how people were saying how much they liked the IMing when I had no idea what to write for those parts. Freddie is trying to learn "moves" for attracting Carly by why are they attracting Sam? My rating: 6.5 Pairing: SEDDIE!!

i'm Crazy for This Girl- (Complete) This is an extremely cute story that is filled with fluff! It's kind of a timeline of various Seddie moments throughout their lives, from kindergarten to 30-ish, based on the song "Crazy for This Girl". When I wrote this, I almost cried during a couple parts. This is so sweet, but it's also funny. I made myself not change any story lines, so for example Carly and Sam met in 3rd grade. I love this story so much! The only thing I don't like about it is that it's a oneshot. That means not as many people will review. So please prove me wrong and review! It is definitely worth your time! (you'll understand why I used definitely if you read the story) This is the story that ties with i See the Future for first place. My rating: 10 Pairing: SEDDIE!!

i Love to Hate You- (In progress) This is my latest story. Everyone from iCarly is older now; Sam, Freddie and Carly are in 10th grade. Everyone thinks nothing has changed between Sam and Freddie, but they are secretly dating. This story is funny while also being very emotions-based. It's kind of different from my other stories, just in the way I'm writing it...well somehow, it just feels different...weird but a good weird. I'm almost ready to post the third chapter. The first chapter used to be just an author's note, but now it has chapter 1 content in it, so don't skip chapter 1 if all you read last time was the author's note. My rating: I'm skipping this until I post chapter 3, there's just not enough stuff to critque yet. But's it worth your time. Pairing: SEDDIE!!

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

iAm Broken by broadwayXaddict reviews
Sam finally snaps. She is sick of being second best in Freddie's life. Something happens to make Sam and Freddie rethink everything. Drama. A few years into the future fic. Sorry for not properly rating it! Now listed as TEEN.
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iHate Magic Eight Balls by Alice in NeverWonderland reviews
Magic 8 Balls are only supposed to be for fun and enjoyment and NOT really predicting the future, right?
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So now, she would finally answer her own question; return to what she remembers loving, to those she remembers loving...A story that shows just how hard it is to forget.
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iDiary reviews
Freddie has a journal he writes in on his laptop. When Freddie leaves his laptop at school, he doesn’t realize the dire consequences. Anyone could find it…anyone could read it…
iCarly - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 10 - Words: 37,200 - Reviews: 140 - Favs: 57 - Follows: 71 - Updated: 7/19/2009 - Published: 4/6/2008
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