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Author has written 8 stories for Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Gotham.

Slytherin or Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff (I've gotten something different every time I've taken the quiz), District 8, ESFP, Erudite, child of Athena, etc.

I am a pretty crazy, semi-sane, Harry Potter loving writer. I update as inspiration strikes, so I'll write twenty chapters in two weeks, then take a monthlong break, and come back and do the whole thing again. My current project is the collaboration SYOT Organized Chaos: the 27th Hunger Games (please R !).

My submitted tributes:

The Edgelord:

Tyler Alvarez, 18, District 10 Male

Swing Vote: The 66th Hunger Games (LadyCordeliaStuart)

Status: 10th Place-Poisoned by Alice Mason and Talise Cicero

Somebody's got daddy issues:

Shimmer Calvisi, 18, District 1 Male

Echoes of the Future: the 100th Hunger Games (ZJB3)

Status: Last night

Maybe he's got a thing about dirt?:

Laken Dervissey, 18, District 4 Male

Wandering Souls: The 68th Hunger Games (LCS)

Status: Just got Reaped

So you're the smart one:

Elizabeth McCallister, 18, District 11 Female

Marked: The 125th Hunger Games (Son of Arryn)

Status: To be Reaped

The Protector:

Damion Rothschild, 18, District 7 Male

Marked: The 125th Hunger Games (Son of Arryn)

Status: To be Reaped

Side note looking at my tributes: Maybe one of these days I could submit a 17 year old or maybe even younger. I straight up just never noticed I was only submitting 18 year olds.

Half-Blood Games Rules:

1. NO MARY SUES/GARY STUS! I will reject your tribute. Watch me.

2. No Big 3 pact, so Zeus/Poseidon/Hades are all acceptable. None of them will be allowed to use their powers, though, so the other kids aren't going against superheroes.

3. Hades will replace Hera because she doesn't do kids.

4. Artemis is off-limits for the same reason as Hera.

5. No Dionysus because they're guaranteed Bloodbath's EDIT: Okay, fine, that's just my anti-Dionysus prejudice. But he won't want his kids going into the games, so he won't be participating. I still found an excuse to skip his kids.

6. No head counselors, as they will act as mentors.

7. There won't be a parade as everyone already knows the tributes, but I will do private sessions and scores for the heartless ones that like to bet on this

I knew I'd forget something. Here it is.

8. Hermes cabin kids are all claimed by Hermes. The children of minor gods at camp aren't eligible to be reaped.

I've probably forgotten something (else), in which case, I'll pm you if you submit something wrong.



Age (between 12 and 18 just like the Games. Don't submit an 8-year-old):




Appearance (Don't need much detail, just a little description. A faceclaim works, too):


Backstory (You can get super detailed here. I just might not be able to fit it all into the story):


Private Session and Score (I take what you give):


How they would die (not a trick question, I do consider this. If you just say 'they won't', I really do take that under consideration):

How they would win:

Biggest strength:

Biggest weakness:

Willingness to kill:

Anything else:

























F: QueenofFunerals37







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