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Mi Nombre Es Megan!
Y Tu?

Juuuust Kidding. :D
Well, My Name Really Is Megan.
And I'm Pretty Weird. :S
But Don't Mind That. :3

Here Are Some Random Facts About Me!!

- I'm a vegetarian and proud!
- I enjoy hugging trees. :3
- I WILL marry Christofer Drew Ingle one day...
- I support LOVE in any shape or form.
- Society angers me...
- I HATE when people label themselves.
- I believe fur clothing is tacky and cruel.
- I enjoy the colors yellow, neon blue, and black.
- Cute things are a guilty pleasure of mine...
- I HATE Twilight. :D
- N00bs annoy the crap outta me...
- But I try to give them a chance. :3
- Anime is my lover.
- But music is my mistress. ;D
- You Make Me Happy. Whether You Know It Or Not. :3

Here Is Where The Randomness Happens... Random Quotes TIIIIME!!

"I'd hate you even if I didn't hate you!"
"... I'd hate you even if that made sense!"
-SpongeBob and Patrick X3

"Squidward, you're all steamed! You're like a steamed vegetable, only smarter."
-More SpongeBob :3

Liz: "I don't like coconuts... They don't taste good."
Me: "I like them. They're awesome."
"They're too hard."
"... What part do you eat?"
"The brown part."
-Elizabeth is a nut.

"The grass is greener on the other side..."
"Are you saying there's something WRONG with my grass?"
"What? No!"
"Pfft, don't even TALK to me anymore you bastard, my grass is perfectly fine!"
"...Okay then."
- Ahahahahaha...

Liz: "So, I heard about you and the blender."
Me: "Don't believe everything you hear! I think me and the toaster have something going on."
"What about Mr. Stove?"
"Nah, he's old news. I should be asking you about Ms. Sink."
"Her drains got backed up... She thought she could just let herself go after we got together..."
"Sorry to hear... The same happened to me with the microwave. He just didn't get that hot anymore... He took the break up harder than I did though. After our split he jumped off the counter and broke himself..."
"Aw... At least you didn't put a hot pocket in him!"
"Yeah, but I did put a burrito in him..."
"That's not that bad! Don't tell yourself it was your fault."
"Thanks. You're a good friend to talk to about house appliances. :)"
- I love texting Elizabeth :3

Me: "Your mom!"
Liz: "Your dead dog!"
"... I don't have a dead dog..."
"You do now..."
- Another one of me and Elizabeth's random texting things.

"Racoons can smell fear..."
- Timmy's dad on The Fairly Oddparents

"Just hit the hairy balls between his legs."
- My old Theatre teacher... xD It really isn't what you think, but everyone laughed for like, five minutes...

"So she punished him for killing her friend. A deer. A friend deer. A deer friend. A dear friend! -smiles-"
- Geof from Ace of Cakes. He's so awesome...

Jay: "I used to have a mullet when I was like, five."
Me: "That's pretty redneck."
- But Jay's MY redneck. :

'He has a child? O_O But he's so skinny... How did he get preg- wait a second... Guys don't get pregnant...'
- I thought this when I met the boyfriend of one of my mom's friends at our house warming party... I really gotta stop reading man-preg fics...

"Hey dickweed, mom still got your balls?"
- The only known words that Travis Barker has ever said... If you were to only say one thing in your entire lifetime, that would be the ultimate.

"Come on! I'm trying to lighten the mood! Rainbow wig!! YEAAAAAHHHHH. FUN TIIIIMEEEES. WITH MY BUDDYYYYYYYYY!"
- One word. Ultimatekai.

"Oh my, your hands are, so cold"
"I'm dangerous, stay away"
"Why're you're lips red if you're so cold?"
"I'm dangerous, stay away."
"Wait, is that lipstick?"
- From a Bobort041 animation about Twilight. xP

"Stop licking your poonty!"
- Oh, how I love you, Anthony.

"Sixth grade is a bitch... And then you menstruate."
- What The Buck?

"Korean's don't have facial hair! They don't even know what that is! They're like 'What's a beard' and I'm like 'You're Asian.'"
- More Ultamitekai!

- Bitch wouldn't stop raping meh tot...

Erika: "I'm gonna be a vampire for Halloween!"
John: "Oh shit."
Erika: "Don't worry, I won't bite you."
John: "It's okay, you can suck it."
Me: walks in at the last part ... O.o

"Timmy! I'm the ninja of LOVE!!"
- That one annoying chick that's obsessed with Timmy Turner on The Fairly Odd Parents! xD I love that show too much...

"Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?"
- Evil cheerleader chick from Glee. xD

(More to come!)

Wanna Find Me Elsewhere? :D

DeviantArt (Where I post my random things)
YouTube (Where random vids are posted b
y me!)
Otaku Zone (Hardly get on, though... D:)

If you want something more personal, like my Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, MSN, stuff like that, just PM me!

La Fin Du Monde...

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