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Welcome to my corner of the world.

This is my first time on Fanfiction. Digimon has been my favorite children's anime since I saw episodes on YouTube and FoxKids.

Though many are fans of a particular cadre of pairings; Taiora, Sorato, Mimato, Koumi, KenYako, YakoWackoDot, MoeCurlyLarry, SelmaLouise, etc. I am not one of these. While some fics are written rather well with romance as a sub-plot or backdrop in their brilliant stories, but there's too much emphasis on them most of the time.

Let's see. What else, what else about me.

I like the complete Digimon Season Two (One included) and Tamers. The former for its robust adventuring and almost endless story telling. The latter for its strong characters and witty mannerisms.

Frontier reminds me of Power Rangers.

I haven't seen alot of Savers to really form an opinion.

It's strange to type those couple sentences about myself. Part of me feels that it isnt enough, while the other half dreads of typing my life story. Perhaps as time speeds along and any of my readers (possessive, no?) that might want to chat about the Digimon seasons, can find their asnwers here.

Or I can do the hip thing and Wikipedia the backgrounds of all my stories...

What I look for when reading a FanFic

Setting - Perhaps my biggest 'pet peeve' (though if one had peeves for pets they would never be happy) when I read fanfiction. A sense of place, a back-drop of colour and senses for me to immerse myself in is probably the most overlooked area of any fanfiction piece. True, writing fanfiction gives some writers the lease to 'skimp' on obvious locations, but good writers never miss a chance to paint on a white canvas.

Characters - This is more for 'Original Characters' than canon ones. A writer who makes notable characters gets an A in my book and a shiny little review; characters with flaws that can help readers relate to him/her, either through emotion or simple actions. A Hero that has an emoptional epiphany; A villain that suffers a loss from his own actions.

Creativity - Good looking digimon come in all shapes and sizes. A writer who makes the effort to sculpt his ideal digimon deserves credit where credit is due. You say that Amman Renamon is just a different color? Nonsense! He's a gaunt Renamon, perfect is pose and posture but oh so thin! What's that? He can perioette on telephone wire but can't manage to climb up a tree? What else does your digimon have?!

Improved Writing - Writing is like drawing graffitti. Only from practice do you become better; you learn to spell check, preen out sentences that just don't fit where you want them. Thickening parts that could use some weight. Revision is your best friend. Be careful, however, or you'll become your own personal critic.

After reading all of that, I realize that I have high standards that, in retro-spect, I don't follow myself sometimes.

Stories in Progress

The D-Shutter Chronicles

The D-Shutter Chronicles explores the possibility of humanity slowing creeping into the Digital World, despite the attempts of Gennai and his Network. When the Chronicle begins, this effort begins bearing fruit; the majority of Contractors have pooled their investments in the digital world, in a small, unrecognized country dubbed 'Wyld Country'. The mysterious Alchemyst Guild has developed a digivice kin to the Chosen's, the D-Shutter, and have been issued to special, contracted individuals (preferably with prior digimon contact) for testing and general use.

This series follows one of these individuals.

The Chronicle will start at the end of Adventure 02 and slide after the Tamers saga, eventually ending pre-Savers.

The Sins of Our Guardian: Book One of the Chronicle. Updates to be announced.

Our Mortal Coil: Book two of the Chronicles: Classified.

The Caretakers of the Tree of Life: Book three of the Chronicles: Classified.

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The Sins of Our Guardian Book One
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