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I've been a regular visitor of this site for years . I love HP fanfics. I love the way JKR wrote the series upto the fifth book. However, being a true HP fan or most importantly Sirius Black fan, I felt that the Half Blood Prince and the Deathly Hallows didn't meet my expectations. Surprise, surprise there are so many like me!! Guess JKR isn't that great a finisher

Anyway back to me...

I am not so new to writing fanfic. I tried a novel-length sometime back but it didn't go well. To be frank it crashed and burned spectacularly.

I've started writing after a long pause - more than a year I believe.

My fav HP character is Sirius Black. His character had the perfect settings to upset the the reader's perception and make the story very interesting. I feel that JKR lost a lot of potential for mayhem in the last two books by killing him in OoTP.

Normally I prefer to avoid HP/GW pairings. I don't hate Ginny Weasley to the level where I would picture her as an evil, conniving bitch or anything but I would prefer to pair her with someone like Dean Thomas or Neville. I honestly believe there should have been a better character to pair with HP. I prefer pairing HP with characters like Cho Chang or Luna Lovegood. Those characters had either a firm backing or some unique quirks that would have made the romance part of the series interesting. The whole 'monster in the chest' made me rethink about JKR's talents. I mean, come on, it's sooo cheesy it's not even funny. I would've expected better romance from a cheap handwritten paperback written by my neighbor.

Odd it maybe, but Cho Chang is another fav character of mine or at least I don't hate her as much as some of the others. Her affair with Cedric had the best setting for propelling her character to the main stream in any of the last three books but her diastrous date with Harry made her disappear altogether in the last two books. JKR could have put in more effort in her character.

I really, really liked Hermione until I read the Half-Blood Prince. Her pining over Ronald Weasley made me hate that book and it made me hate Hermione Granger even more. How someone so smart could end up with Ron amazes me. Don't get me wrong. I do not hate Ron. He is lazy, always hungry and has issues. Sounds like a normal teenage old boy to me but he DID NOT DESERVE HERMIONE. She was someone so special - caring, loyal, intelligent and beautiful. THAT PAIRING MADE ME HATE JKR.

I hate slash stories.


The story I'm currently working on - The King. I have this entire fic planned in my head with all the details picked out.

The story takes place in an alternate universe where Harry's parents are alive and it was his paternal grandparents that died on that halloween night. Harry has siblings in this story. Now, it may seem like a typical clicheic fi but I am trying my hardest to make sure its different.

For starters, Harry Potter is the three year elder brother of Alexander Charles Potter, the boy-who-lived. The story starts some thirty five years after the end of the second war with Vldemort. Alex, the boy-who-lived and the eventual man-who-won is being interrogated by a few curious old friends about Harry. Because Harry was tried, convicted and executed thirty five years ago for nineteen cases of torture and brutal murder in first degree. What Alex reveals about Harry changes everyone's version of the war and bring out the ugly truths that have been buried for decades. Will Harry be a hero or will he be a bigger villain?!

The story is almost parallel to canon stories with slight modification till the canon sixth year except that the canon-Harry is played by Alex. Alex gets to save the stone, slay the basilisk, watch pettigrew escape, forced into the triwizard tournament and watch Volemort reborn. Its Alex's blood that is used in the ritual

In this fic, Harry is born in 1976 a full four years prior to canon. His grandparents were murdered on Halloween 1981. Harry goes to Durmstrang. His character is completly different from the canon. This story is mostly about a Harry who has left school. He is a talented, driven but also fun-loving teenager. What no one knows is that a psychotic killer is behind the mask.

Someone was wondering in the review area if Harry would suddenly walk into the meeting and say 'I'm still alive'. The answer is NO. Harry is dead. Period. No re-incarnations, no switches or substitutes, no fake-deaths. He was executed by the Ministry of Magic on the orders of the Wizengamot.

Harry will have a romantic affair with Fleur but as I said in the earlier chapters, they would break up and Fleur would move on. I haven't decided if Harry should have another pairing. I also need to decide Alex's pair. Any suggestions?!

I just posted the first few chapters of my other fic 'The Assassination of Tom Marvolo Riddle'. Its about a mercenary who manages to get the attention of both Voldemort and Dumbledore. It soon becomes a race between life and death for the hunter. What happens when the mercenary decides to survive by fighting back? Who does he go after? Does he ever discover who he really is?

I guess it is also an AU fic. BUT, it is a post-Hogwarts fic

Please Read and Review

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