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Author has written 6 stories for Tokyo Mew Mew, Bad Boy, Sailor Moon, and Twilight.

Welcome To My Profile!!

As You Can Tell, I am a writer. And like many writers, i make mistakes. Only on odd days. I've written six stories. But i hope to write more.

Ok lets start!!

Name: Nikki.

Sex: Femaleof course!!.

DOB: September 13.

Location: I was born in cuba but now im living in florida.

Nukber of languages: Spanish, english, japanese.

Favorite Color: Black/blue/red/orange/hot pink.

Favorite T.V. show: I have many so i cant really name them.too many to count.

Personal Quotes: "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee".

Favotire Song: Check Yes Juliete By: We The Kings

Dreams: To become a great writer.

Mental State: Creative.

Mood: Tired.

1. Never make me mad.

2. call me Nikki.

3. when im tired, dont send request or messages.

4. Speak with well thought out words.

5. You must speak to me in a british accent.

6. If you are going to comment me on something that you think is wrong, you must say: "With All Do respect Ma'm..."

Likes: Iced coffee, green tea, peaches,

bite sized foods, sweetened yam sticks, pocky, beaches, swimming,

drawing, singing, laughing, being silly, making ridiculous faces, making up

words that sound funny, meeting new people, dogs, bunnies, kitties

(even though I'm allergic), fashion, reading, writing, doodling, shooting pool,

spontaneous adventures, being a troublemaker...but only when

I'm feeling crazy

of course,

administering hugs, giving advice, making people laugh, being lazy,

snuggling, sleeping

on cold/cool pillows


Dislikes: When the sugar in your iced coffee isn't dissolved and you

get granules in your mouth, when you're having a good dream but someone

wakes you up in the middle of it, psycho fangirls, valley girl talk, completely superficial people

(because hey, let's face it we're all a little superficial aren't we?), narrow minded people, fakes,

sunburn, really sticky humid weather, being late, having to wait because someone else is late, the

obnoxious people

(you know who you are!)

and last but not least

the people who

steal cosplay pics done by other fans of anime and claim it as their own. That's just pathetic.

who sit behind you

at theaters and kick your chair, annoying people, and people who demand things of you.

I am giving FAIR WARNING

People have forced me to stop being nice. So if you're annoying,

only interested in being rated 10, going to bug me into adding you

as a friend,

act like a fake person OR

going to leave obscene comments...


AsK ThE EmO PeOpLe is going through many changes as of the second chapter. The second chapter will be more thorough, and will have better grammar(I SPELT IT RIGHT!! YEA! I PWNED U ALL!!). new name, new look,new characters, SPECIAL GUEST STAR APPEARING, and new characters unfold in a traumatic but humorous way!=

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