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I am an unabashed fan of the show Remington Steele.

Most of my family and friends know this and are amused by my affection for this twenty-five year old classic, even if they don’t entirely appreciate the hold it has over me. While my family shared an obsession with Gilmore Girls (the origin of my screen name,) Remington is all my own, my husband a default participant in my middle of the night screenings of Steele Threads, Steele Searching, or Grappling Steele – all favorites.

Shortly after rediscovering Remington Steele on DVD I stumbled on the internet RS community! AH! I was not alone in my devotion to this show! There had been fans of the show watching, writing letters to the show's stars, producers and the network that owned the show, and writing about the show ever since the program began airing! Despite having been a fan since the show aired in 1982, I was definitely a newbie to the RS community.

And beyond finding a community of fans I discovered a wealth of fan fiction that both carried Remington Steele forward beyond the shows that had been filmed and backwards into the character’s pasts. The presentations of Laura Holt and Remington Steele varied wildly in these computer depictions, but I read them all – devouring every single extension of the too few 90+ episodes. I was lost to my family for weeks. = )

The next step in Remington Steele’s new hold on my life took a little longer. Finally, through the easy access to Helen Wood’s Remington Steele site on Live Journal I wrote my own first Remington Steele story, Weather, in response to a challenge. My own ideas of where the characters might have gone next, moments that connected the episodes we had, and back-stories that brought Laura and Steele to the point we first met them, began to spin around my brain and fly onto my computer screen.

Gradually I began chatting with other members of the Remington Steele community. We are as diverse as the many characters Steele used as alias’ as he tumbled around the world on his way to meeting Laura, and finding his true identity with her, but it has been a joy to share our passion for this show, and these characters.

What is it that makes Remington Steele an enduring source of entertainment? From Judith Moose’s book Steele Loved After All These Years we learn that Robert Butler came up with the concept of a female private investigator, a woman who copes in a male dominated industry by putting one over the “sexist dogs,” succeeding as a female PI behind the cover of a nonexistent male superior. As a woman, I appreciate Mr. Butler’s vision of that strong woman, Laura Holt. Michael Gleason added the idea of the gorgeous conman “showing up” to assume the role of Remington Steele, driving Laura Holt crazy even as he charmed his way into her life. As a woman, I appreciate Michael Gleason’s vision of the romance and fun of adding Remington Steele! To all those who together found, settled on, and convinced Stephanie Zimbalist, Pierce Brosnan and the rest to sign on for the show, my profound thanks. The perfect charm, grace and chemistry of the RS cast combined with the humor and romance of the writers talents to make Remington Steele the enduring classic it was and remains.

Remington Steele came back into my life at a time when I needed a pleasant distraction from life’s reality. As that time of crisis has passed, Remington Steele, and its community have become treasured friends I enjoy spending time with. I have posted several stories on this site. What fun to know they have been read! Thanks for the positive feedback, and for taking time to visit.

Oh - the morning glory? My favorite flower. I could go on longer about finding in it the perfect metaphor for much of life, including RS; suffice it to say, does the beautiful blue remind anyone of a pair of breathtaking blue eyes? Need I say more?

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