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Name's Gallagher, Izzy Gallagher. I live on earth with people who rarely know passion when they see it. It's alright though, because sometimes I'm one of them. An onion who wishes she could be a dragonfruit with all the layers so obviously in sight. I'm a fruit...or a vegetable.

I'm trying to be deep. And instead I sound like a botanist.

I write. I never really knew I was good at it, until I was actually asked if I wanted to be a writer one day and that I'd be a good one. I heard it before, but I never gave it much thought, because parents are supposed to say that right? Assess what you do as a kid and try to plan out your future with what you have, Was what I always thought they did when they said stuff like "You'll be a writer one day." or "You'll be a scientist one day." when they saw you got full marks in your science test. Another reason why I love them.

Darn, once again I am babbling. I always do when I write, that's why I write too much.

Okay back to the track.

I'm Izzy, 13-20, location classified, and I have a deep love for novels. Mostly science-fiction, and adventure or historical adventure. I like to read romance and chick-lit on sad days. And I have a deep love for poetry and a play with words. I can't tolerate bad grammer and spelling mistakes (Which ironically occurs a lot with me). I like to do things spontaneously, but like to write things with a plan. I have a cluttered table, and I feel like time waiting is time wasting. And once I get into talking about myself for more than two lines, I can barely stop. So instead I'm making a list.

What I like to do:

~Write or Draw. I'm not particularly fussy where I place a pen or pencil.

~Reading. Anything that's not exactly normal

~Daydreaming. About what could happen

~Making Lists. Not really anything particular though

~Knitting or Crocheting. It's gives me something to do.

~Sewing. I can make my own dresses out of skirts.

~Moving. In almost anyway.

~Stopping. when I need to go somewhere else.


I'm working on one called Camp Simon, the first Chapter's up and the second's on the way. I write when I want to so there wont be a fixed date to when the next chapter's coming up. Sorry. Oh and I have Mediator Block. I've lost the flair and passion for Suze and Jesse. Woe is me.

(Currently on Hiatus. SORRY!! ducks flying tomatoes and other fruits. Need to start writing some other fanfics. BUT DEFINATELY NOT ABANDONED!) Culture Shock is being read! I am so excited! I absolutely love readers who comment. Scorpius is like an angst-ridden teen, and I love writing as him. He just has a lot of things going on in his head. I can't wait for the Hogwarts scene! 3 or four more chapters until then. So I've been wondering who'd play who for the characters. Just for visual funnage. So I've finally decided who I have as Albus, I have an idea for Scorpius, and younger Scorpius. Rose is founded.

So here's the cast!

Scorpius Malfoy: Mitch Hewer

Rose Weasley: Rachel Hurd Wood

Albus Potter: Liam Aiken

Lyra Malfoy: Anna Sophia Robb

Astoria Greengrass: Vera Farmiga. The rest of the cast will be posted when they make they're appearance in the story.

Tell me how to add links to pictures and I'll post up the pictures of the actor that most reminds me of the CS character.

Harry Potter is the object of my obsession right now, so expect a lot of AUs.

So I have a Harry Potter story that I have in mind. It's an AU, current-generation, family-esque, and falls under humour/family/drama/general, and then the stuff before it too. But the thing is...I need a Beta reader. Someone who's good at grammer, and good at writing from a third person's perspective, and can sort of correct me when I make things seem to off, or ramble on too much. Because this story I might put up on another place, at one point.

There might be a few more stories though that I have written from a burst of sudden inspiration. So just be aware. =)

More later.

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