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Hi from Owl Twrite here. Even though I've had the account a little while, very few things have been added. At sixteen, i hope to eventually be an author. So, feel free to give me any writing tips (within reason; no "You need to completely redo this story because the main character needs to walk around wearing a flowered baseball cap and randomly singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame").

I'll add poetry, songs, and short stories that I drum up now and then. All songs have musical guitar parts, but there's no way that I know of placing them on the page. (If this is incorrect, please let me know.) Maybe someday, a novel or series will be up. Also, with any luck, I plan to form and type up my own original TV series.

Good Reading. Please R&R.

Here's a new addition-- wonderful way to enourage reviews. I shall list thanks to my continual reviewers. (One of the other authors on FFN created a Fan Reviewers Hall of Fame, an ingenious idea.)

Thanks a million to the following people. (And may I take a minute to say what wonderful, kind, encouraging, brilliant, helpful, smart, supportive, fan, fellow writers you are; not to go overboard.)

Godeerc Vandrey (my best friend who has really encouraged me to write music and fiction)
*Kitten in the Rain
*Wacky Dragon
*Let the Coachroach Live
*Shadow Girl
*Real Girl
*Jeckyle Freckle (I know who you are)
*Tina Twain