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Thanks to all of the fans who have made ONARI the 2nd largest Naruto fanfic on the net!

So here's a picture I drew to celebrate!!

I'm currently obsessed with writing Naruto fanfics, as some can tell on here. When I was a little kid, I was always interested in magic, ninja, oriental culture, martial arts, and Japanese. Now that I'm older, I've pursued writing about animes that I enjoy. I've written fanfics about Star Wars, Reboot, and Inuyasha in the past, but the Naruto series is way more interesting.

As a writer, I do research my material to the best of my ability. I make sure that I've seen most of the series, or read it, in order, for me to write about it. If you know nothing about a series, and have no respect for the creator or characters involved, you can't write about it. Plain and simple. Most of my stories do have morals in them, and I try to give insight when it comes to the characters' and their struggles with each other and their own personal issues. With each character that I write about, I do put a little bit of myself in them. I'm hoping someone can relate to a character I created and learn through their mistakes and trials. That's basically my goal.

I went way out on a limb for this long story. I'm not that great at doing Manga, so the next best thing, is to write it by hand and hope someone likes it. Right? Right now, this current story stands at about 100 pages written in the past month. My creativity has exploded over this, and I hope someone enjoys my work.

Like most people, I do not appreciate strong criticism. I think it's highly rude and impolite as heck to diss someone based on what they have written, who has worked so hard at trying to entertain someone else. We all learn by doing and we can't learn unless we do. I can understand why some people would get upset reading material that is not suited for them, or that doesn't make any sense - such as off the wall material. I don't write material such as that. Mine has to have a point.

I just basically want to write for those that appreciate my work and enjoy reading it. If someone can get a laugh, or positive reaction out of it, then I will continue to write. No one likes wasting their time for those that have no respect. Agreed? I'm pretty serious about my work. It's my main hobby next to art.

About Me:

My name is: Amanda

I am in my late 20s.

I have a huge obsession with anime, in general. I love the art and the stories involved with it.

I have been writing since I was 12-years-old.

I have been published for poetry works, in the past.

I have been drawing anime for the past 5 years and in the past year, my work has greatly improved.

I enjoy creating characters the most. Coming up with their personalities and looks is the best thing, to me.

My hobbies: Writing, drawing, digital art, traveling, learning, paranormal stuff, chatting online, fooling around, music of all styles.

Music: I currently listen to Anime music, along with J-rock, J-pop, Current hits, foreign music, rock, hip hop, bluegrass, old country music, Irish music, instrumental, Pop, British Rock, British Pop.

My favorite bands: No Regret Life, Orange Range, Ayumi Hamasaki, BoA, Utada Hikaru, The Pillows, Finger11, GaGaGa SP, Yoko Kanno, The Massmissile.

Author's Notes:

The Naruto fanfic: Onari is set 15 years ahead of the series Naruto. By this time, most of the characters have children that interact with each other. It's basically like the Naruto series, except there are new characters, places, jutsus, and morals to learn. Most of the original characters from the actual series are mentioned in the fanfic, along with their children. This is going to be the journey of the kids of Konoha. (That's basically my intentional goal next to teaching morals)

Interesting Information:

If anyone would like to see what the kids in this fanfic look like, their lovely, darling little faces are on my homepage Deviantart account. I have extensively drawn each and every character and even put up a few Information Cards - just like the ones in the Naruto games- for those that like that sort of thing. I hope you guys enjoy the writing and my art!

Team 2 - Sasuke Uchiha's Team

Team 9 - Rock Lee's Team

Team 6 - Kiba Inuzuka's Team

Personal Note:

I don't claim the actual Naruto characters, of course. I only claim mine. I claim every aspect of my character's looks, personalities, names, and other detailed information. Why? Because I worked hard at editing their butts. XD

Saori Nara was made by: Tachi. Ryu Yuhi was made by: Deszeld Des - There. But I drew em. sticks tongue out

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