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Hello, I'm Silvermokona

As you can tell, most of these stories are extremely old and its taken all of my self-control to not take them down. But with the messages I've been getting I decided to keep them up for you guys. I don't really write fanfiction that often anymore except for the occasional drabble or two but I do hope I manage to start writing something else in the near future


Spraypaint Sweetarts(Jet Set Radio Future) - It wasn't just Rokkaku that changed the GG's lives forever, it was their lives themselves. Rape, murder, betrayal, unfit parents, lies, secrets, everything that shaped them into who they were. But under all this mess, these unkepmt Rudies found something they never expected to find: love

Reason for Hiatus: Do you really have to ask? =o= I wrote this straight, unedited and everything, and I cringe everytime I read it ._. I will get back to it. . .eventually

The Pulse is there, even when Faded(Jet Set Radio Future) - The GGs thought with Crow gone, things would get better around Tokyo-to, but after Butterfly comes back to Tokyo-to, they realize just how wrong they were. Sparrow is missing, and a gang arrives at the scene, eager to get her hands on Butterfly, but why?

Reason for Hiatus: After the first chapter, my mind went completely blank on what I was going to do. . .I was impaitent, but I didn't want it to seem like that, so I just decided to discontinue it until I could get things straight

Missing(Pokemon Silver Nuzlocke) - Arella wasn't entirely sure how to feel when she got swept into Pokemon Silver. She thought this would be easy: just beat the league and go home. But between contending with the mysterious red-head Silver, a girl in pikachu-like clothing appearing in her dreams, and various other unknown forces that seem to be out to kill her, she's not entirely confident that she and her team will make it through Johto alive, much less make it home

Reason for Hiatus: With the death of my first laptop I lost my game save, all my notes, and any willpower to finish this. I feel so bad for never being able to finish it considering how close I was but I just. . .can't


Unexpected Heroes(Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2) - 4 pokemon, outlawed for crimes they did not commit, find they have more in common then they think. It all draws back to the 4 Deoxys, the ones intent on ruining their lives, so they couldn't ruin theirs. What the Deoxys didn't know, however, is that these pokemon withstood everything they had thrown at them, and weren't going to give up this yet

The Aftermath of the Great Escape(Pokemon, Also known as the 'Pokemorph Project') - They didn't need some stupid scientist or some fancy DNA test: April and May knew they were twins right from the start when they met up right after the Great Escape from the Organization Infinite base. Now, a year of bickering and traveling have gone by, the factions are set, and the Org is getting despereate. Why is it, then, that just by trying to keep a young pokemorph from being taken back to the Org, these normal pokemorphs may have just managed to rewrite history itself?

3 Years Later(Jet Set Radio Future) - Yoyo had lived 3 years, 3 wholes years in worry and anguish. 3 years ago to that day, Beat had left without telling anyone. Then, suddenly, today, he appeared on his doorstep today. 3 years of questions, swam in his head, and yet all he could do was let him in and let him know how much he really missed him

Pending Title(Jet Set Radio Future) - Mazane and Keina were normal twins, until, of course, their parents disappeared and they were nearly swept away to the police along with their best friend Bullet. After a Rudie named Butterfly saved them, she gave them two options: Join her, become a Rudie, and possibly find out more about their parent's connection to the GGs and the reason for their disappearance, or fend for themselves against the Rokkaku Police

Gift Art for Missing!

Arella, Ellen, Red, and Silver by LayneMuffins

Arella and Whitney by LayneMuffins

Elizabeth and Daniel by aftoncita

Elizabeth and Daniel again by aftoncita (WARNING: VERY BIG SPOILERS)

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