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Author has written 2 stories for Naruto.

The hurricane is in!

All right people. Now that I've got that out of me, I'll be a bit more serious. I am currently working on two stories.

A Family of Ramen: Naruto's parent's live through the night of the Kyuubi attack. He and his siblings must find their way in life as children of a hokage, as ninja, and as humans. TemariXNarutoXKoyuki. OCXHinata. SasuXFemHaku.

I decided to change Sasuke's pairing. I found a better way than SasuXSaku. I believe this one will work much better. After all, I DON'T want to write all that Sakura crying over Sasuke stuff, when he likes her.

Life of Luck: Naruto's life changes one day, when he meets Saiten Ten'un. Gods and Demons roam the land, as Naruto and Ten'un try to figure out their destiny... and the true way of the ninja. NarutoXOC.

Now, I want everyone to know, I am in college. So updates might be a little slow. I will warn everyone in my fics and update here as situations change.

I will try to have the first chapter/prologue of both stories out around my Birthday.

10/16 1:24 am - Ok, just got an idea for a new story!

Naruto of the Nine Blades: There were complications during his birth, causing two things to happen. One was the death of his mother, the other would effect the coarse of the rest of his life. But hey, just because he can't see with his eyes doesn't mean he won't be the greatest Hokage ever. Or the greatest swordsman. NaruXHina (Just cause I can!)

Sorry everyone. I had just recently finished the next chapter of Life of luck, when someone hacked my laptop and destroyed my OS. Maybe more, so that's gone, with anything else I had (including class notes that I had for my college couses). So give me time, For I WILL re-write that chapter and MORE!! NO HACKER SHALL KEEP ME DOWN!! But currently I am using my little siblings' (as in more than one) computer, so... Just give me time, ok?

20/08/2010 - Ok. I've been through two computers and had to re-write a LOT of my stuff and now my Microsoft Office is freaking out... This is going to be a while.

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Remember: Tobi is a good boy! XD

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