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Hey everybody. Don't worry, it's still me, I just changed my username because I got bored with my old one :D

Name: Ffftttt doesn't matter.

Age: Old enough to read what I want. How you interpret that is up to you!

Nicknames: Ed, Demyx/Demy/Dem-Dem, Moyashi/Allen, Panda (or 'the panda person!'), Laura Dora Ora (but only Sara can call me that!!), Muku/Mukuro/Nappo-sama, Tura

Favourite Food: Toaster waffles with maple syrup. Or chocolate cake.

Favourite Colour: The whole freakin' rainbow.

Location: My personal dungeon (in other words, my room in the basement) Or to be more general, CANADA!! Where our greatest weapon in war is throwing beavers at people to surprise them and gnaw their faces off!! (No one expects to be hit in the face by a beaver in the middle of a war)

Favourite People: My friends!! Woot. Yeah, I mean you KANDA BEEEEAAAAAAR!! -is shot by Kyo-

Favourite Anime/Manga: OHSHC, Yu Yu Hakusho, FullMetal Alchemist, Kuroshitsuji, D.Gray-Man, Air Gear, Chrno Crusade, Deathnote, Loveless, Diabolo, Sukisho, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, and many more.

Favourite TV Show: Star Trek: TOS, almost anything on Teletoon Retro besides the Smurfs or Fraggle Rock, anything to do with making epic cakes. Doctor Who~~~~

Favourite Video Game: Kingdom Hearts, ToS: Dawn of the New World, Mariokart, Guitar Hero: World Tour.

Favourite Things in Room: My army of panda stuffies. So far, I have 9: Oreo, Othello, Nameless, Jiji, Juu-yon, Kanda-Bear, Mana, Pickles, and Dr. Frank 'n Furter. Yupp. And my laptop!! COMPY JR. I LUFFS YOU!! And my empty pocky box collection, and my manga and...

Hero: Gandhi! And all my favourite manga-ka!!

Favourite Subject: Japanese and English. Oddly enough though, my favourite classes have my least favourite teachers, and visa versa. Adding Art to this lovefest here.

Favourite Characters: Allen Walker, Hiei Jaganshi, Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin, Mitsukini Haninozuka, Edward Elric, Wrath, Lavi, Jasdero and Debitto, Ciel Phantomhive, Finny, Mello, L, Ritsuka, Agito/Akito Wanajima, Tsunayoshi Sawada, Mukuro, Belphegor, Fran, Dino, Spock, Kirk, Chekov, THE DOCTOR, Captain Jack Harkness, Rose Tyler.


Yes, finally made an update after... too long!! Wow... XD so glad to have word back -hugs computer- luuuuuffs yoooooouz

One of my bestest buddies, Sho-chan, was awesomeful and made me a banner for NEIBAW!! If you want to see it, go to my website It's the banner at the top of the page

Quotes (you know they're fun)

"Damn V.I.P.s and their... V.I.P.NESS!!" ~Me


"Maybe it's a friendly tree!" ~Me

"That is SO not splendifulous!" ~Kyo

"Dad, this is Ed. HE'S BETTER THAN YOU!!" ~Me, showing my dad my Edward Elric plushie


"Paris Hilton is the Misa of our world," ~Me

"That's Mattastic!!" (Kyo) "And that's Mellolicious!!" (Me)


"I will eat your soul!! I don't know how, but I will!!" ~Me

"L is NOT amused!!" ~Me, after dressing in my L costume

"Now write before I stalk you and kidnap Hiei and replace him with Yusuke!! (Kyo) "NUUUUUUUUUUU!! My closet creeper!! YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM!!" (Me)

"SSSHHHH. The sexually frustrated pokemon is talking," (Ky when we we were the first Pokemon movie)

"Wow, you found your way to math class all by yourself? You deserve like a star or something," (Mike) "CAN I HAVE A COOKIE?!" (Me)

"Where the hell is Kyo?! Freakin ninjer chick," (Me)

"I HAVE 911 ON SPEED!!" (Kyo) "Heheh, you said 'on speed'," (Me) "... is there a joke there?" (Kyo)

"You know, I have 911 on speed dial because of you," (Kyo) "That's harsh. I'm not THAT accident prone, am I?" (Me)

"1: he's short, 1: he has randomly spikey hair, 3- wait... (counts on fingers) Oops..." (Me, listing off reasons why Toshiro from Bleach reminds me of Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho)

"Yaoi is GOD!!" (Me) "OMG KIRA'S YAOI!!" (Kyo)

"MMMMmmm curtains" (my friend, Katelyn)

"I'm sure if the apocolypse came, you'd ask them to bring tacos," (Kyo)

"Scarf coloured oranges ran through pixie infested puddles of pudding!" (Brittney)

"You!!" (Me) "Me?" (Kyo) "You, Yuu!!" (Me) "What about me?" (Kyo) "No, YUU!!" (Me) "What??" (Kyo) "NOOO!! YUU!! WITH TWO Us!!" (Me) "Why are there FOUR YOUS?!" (Kyo) "...(face palm)" (Me) "... OOOHHHH Thaaaaat Yuu!!" (Kyo) "BaKanda" (Me) "Moyashi!" (Kyo) (We were playing Mario Party 8. Kyo couldn't figure out that I was calling her Yuu, cuz she's the Kanda cosplayer in our group. I call her Kanda Panda.)

"Silly Kanda Panda!" (Me) "Moyashi XO" (Kyo) "(totally took the whole Kanda Panda thing the wrong way) Wait, JIJI AND KANDA GOT TOGETHER?! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!" (Sora/Lavi)

"William Shakespeare is watching you!!" (Me) "I'm just gonna move so that you're between me and the poster..." (Mike) "WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE KNOWS WHERE YOU LIVE!!" (Me) (English class. There's a poster of William Shakespeare, and it's one where no matter where you are it looks like it's watching you)

"Jesus tap-dancing Christ!" (Sam)

"I can't believe you stole my star!! My poor star buddy!! YOU RUINED IT!! Now he's all sad!! He has no star buddies to be buddies with!! How could you be so CRUEL?! My lonely star buddy!!" (Kyo, while playing Mario Party 8)

"For the love of all things purple!" (Me)

"Holy frugle fingersandwiches Batman!!" (Me)

"Hey, you're the one who's obsessed with Allen's yaoi friendly shirt!" (Kyo) "You know it's an awesome shirt!" (Me) "Yeah well Kanda has one too so..." (Kyo) "Yeah, but it doesn't show his tummy!!" (Me) "So? I don't need to see his stomach to know he's ripped," (Kyo) (After this I burst out laughing)

"Well sorry if I have a life and had to put on clothes today!" (Kyo)

"I hear the beeping again!!" (Me) "Uh huh..." (Kyo) "I'M NOT CRAZY!! I SWEAR THERE'S BEEPING!!" (Me) "I don't hear it" (Kyo) "THERE IT IS AGAIN!!" (Me) "You're crazy," (Kyo)

"I wrote about my plans for world domination!" (Me) "I wrote about how I'm a unicorn," (Sam) "He's gonna think we're crazy. YAY!!" (Me) (we had to write intoduction letters to our new English teacher. I told him that yes, he should be afraid once he reads my letter)

"KANDA BEAR!! Answer the phoooooooone!! Kaaaanda beaaaaar!! I'm caaaaalling yoooouu!! So answer!! If you don't answer I'm gonna keep going ooooon and oooooon and-" (Me) "Don't answer it!" (Kyo) "ANSWER THE PHONE!! Answer answer answeeeeer!!" (Me) "Get. Mugen." (Kyo) "If you don't answer it I'mma get Lavi and then then we're gonna go ooooooooon and ooooooooooooooooooon and oooooon and and... ANSWER THE PHONE!!" (Me) (This is the ringtone I made Kyo for her new cell phone for when I call her. It's just as annoying as the old one, MINUS THE CHEETOS!!)

"You will know the apocolypse has come when it starts raining tacos from a sombrero shaped fiesta cloud!! IT WILL HAPPEN!!" (Me)

"And the sandwiches got eaten by Japanese letters!" (Kyo) "Japanese lawyers?! Why are there Japanese lawyers?!" (Brittney) "DON'T DISCRIMINATE AGAINST THE JAPANESE LAWYERS BRITTNEY!!" (Me) (We were playing one word at a time)

"Why? Why isn't the printer working?" (My English teacher) "BECAUSE THE SKY IS BLUE!!" (Me) "That doesn't make any sense," (English teacher) "Exactly," (Me)

"Sam is the horned bear fetus eating unicorn pimp-pope of rainbows, sushine, happiness and pimping," (Written on Sam's English folder)

"Bitches be crazy," (Sam's catchphrase)

"You know what, YOU KILLED JESUS!!" (Kyo) "What?" (Me) "Well, actually, I killed Jesus..." (Kyo)

"Holy flaming churros!" (Kyo)

"No, you can't live on churros. You need real food," (Kyo) "But I love churros!!" (Me)(I was in Disneyland, and I was talking to Kyo on msn)

"Atlantis is a myth," (Mr.C, my French substitute) "SHH!! Don't tell the fairies in my basement, they have cousins living there!!" (Me)(I have a habit of weirding out all my teachers as a first impression)

"My dad asked if you guys were lesbian lovers," (Brittney) "..." (Me and Kyo. We then started laughing hysterically) "I'm sorry if I made you seem gay!" (Me)

"Hey Kyo, I'm just calling cuz I had a feeling that you might be... radiating hate... seriously, I can feel it here at my house..." (Me, calling Kyo after I stayed at home from school one day)

"Are you still mad at me?" (Me) "..." (intense glare from Kyo) "I can feel the hate you're radiating pushing me back!!" (Me)

"Oh yeah, I knew him," (Librarian, Ms. Pickett) "WHAAAAAAAT?! You knew my brother?!" (Me) "Yeah," (Ms. Pickett) "So... YOU KNOW WHERE I LIVE?!" (Me) "Yes, I do," (Ms. Pickett) "Woah..." (Me)(My librarian is only like in her twenties, and actually her younger brother was really good friends with my older brother in high school, so she and my brother know each other, and apparently she's been to my house. I didn't know until I mentioned who my brother was. It was so WEIRD!!)

"Kyo, YOU'VE BEEN REPLACED!!" (Me, using Sora's shoulder as a pillow) "... YESSSS!!" (Kyo, pumping arm in victory) "(gasp) YOU JERK!! SHUUUUNNNNN!!" (Me)

(Me and my friends are standing just outside the school doors at lunch, and two of the doors mysteriously open by themselves) "Woah! What the..." (Me) "The ghost came to hear me play the ocarina!" (Chibi) (doors close, and open again, and me and my friends are trying to think of what's happening) "That is so weird..." (Me) "Oh... oops," (Daryl) "What?" (the rest of us) "I was leaning on this" (Daryl moves away from the wall, and points at the handicap button that opens the doors) "Oh man, Daryl," (we start laughing)

'You got killed by Yaoi' (video game) (Me, Kyo and Katelyn laugh)

"They're tin cans!" (Sam) "Clink clink!" (Me)

"Ohmigawd the subtitles!" (inside joke between Kyo, Katelyn and I)

"The world is a little overpopulated..." (Me) "Yeah... we need more gays... GOOD JOB ED!!" (Kyo)

"It took ten minutes and two of us to kill a spider. We make a good team!" (Me)

"Wow Kailey, what's up with you? You're like, prison b jumpy," (Josh)

"I have a pool noodle. Your argument is invalid," (Tyler)

Warning!! This is a little... scary

This is me, Kyo and Brittney playing one word at a time (and slightly longer hyphenated words!!). It was... interesting.

'word' means Kyo

"word" means Me

;word; means Brittney

'In' "wonderland" ;he; 'got' "shanked" ;by; 'Aion' "and" ;then; 'there' "was" ;a; 'girly' "civil-suit!!" ;But; 'suspicion' "was" ;aroused; 'by' "the" ;arousal; 'in' "Aion's" ;pants;.

After this we burst out laughing. And that was it.

Current Obsessions

Star Trek. I'm becoming a trekkie, but only for the epicness that is SPIRK. SPOCKXKIRK FTW XD

Doctor Who. Very much so. It leaks into my dreams nightly.



List of Cosplays and/or nicknames ("name" means it's also a nickname)

"Edward Elric"

"Allen Walker (moyashi)"





Dino/younger Dino

Kaoru Hitachiin

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