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The Vampire League - gabriel's angels

We are but four humble writers who seek to tell the tale of the legendary Gabriel Van Helsing and his comrades, both new and old, as they travel across the world in the name of justice and light.

It is our sworn duty to do so.

In Gabriel's name, we collaborate to bring you the truth - the tale of these adventurers and the escapades they share. These are their stories. May you find your own truth within them.


League Members

1. vamplady101: I am the all powerful creator of Lucien d'Artois, Zenevieva Katia, Ramola Fernatici, Alena Neciani, Borka Stanislav and Keegan Stanislav (all characters are present in fanfictions and most are/will be in this). I also slip into Vladislaus Dracula and Velkan Valerious.

Lucien d'Artoisis my main man. He was born into the noble french Artois family, also a heavy political family in France. At a young age he became the french ambassador to Hungary where he became fast friends with one of the King's young protogés, Vladislaus Dracula. He then left his post in France (along with his young love, his fiancé, Alexyna) to become Dracula's right hand man and first general. After Dracula's death, he followed his fate into immortality. After years of torturous lonliness and self loathing he found himself in love with Zenevieva, a young rebel against Dracula's cause, a love unrequited. After Van Helsing sent Dracula to his death, Lucien turned his life to good, hunting evil men and fellow vampires. Stalking the man whom he thought to be the mysterious and retired Jack the Ripper (out on the prowl again) brought him to London and to Charlotte, a young English socialite and defense attorney--a woman he cares for deeply.

Zenevieva Katia Our very tall-for-her-time (5'11), fiery red head and piercing blue eyed heroine. She's been involved with vampires since she was fifteen and been involved with killing them thereafter. The young daughter of a romanian horse breeder, soon after her mother and father died, her sister and her were split up. Eventually a couple years later she found herself working for the Valerious'. Velkan found her more than charming, and after renouncing his royal title, the two moved to Bucharest, forming the Dark Brotherhood, a league of mismatched individuals who watch and control supernaturals. She is the primary, female figure in the group and they hunt evil beings across Europe and America.

Ramola de Medici Italian vampire turned vampire-hunter, she is part of the Brotherhood and a best friend to Zenevieva. (message for more info)

Alena Necianithe wild and courageous best friend of Anna Valerious, she was madly in love with Dracula but upon his death married a childhood sweetheart. She has a son. (message for more info)

Borka Stanislava young and handsome rebel, working for the Valerious cause. He is madly in love with Alena and married her after Dracula's defeat. (message for more info)

Keegan Stanislav the young son of Alena and Dracula. He is one of the first half vampires of his age who is descended directly from one of the original vampires. He is very powerful but also has a good heart. (message for more info)

2. The-Sapphire-Phoenix: I am the proud mother of Charlotte Cameron, Lexa Goering, Andreas Liakov (not in this), Ilyana Karena Frankenstein (n.i.t.f.), Kaja Dragora (n.i.t.f.), and the proud surrogate mother of Carl...whatever his last name is.

Charlotte Adele Cameronis our lovable monk Carl's estranged daughter. Born to Franciska, the woman Carl...nnnnyeh after he saved her, she was raised in the house of Lord Arthur Cameron, the man her mother married soon after. She was brought up to be a fine lady and received a stellar education. When she was 17, her mother told her of her birth father and that she hadn't seen him since that night. Charlotte decided to travel across Europe, with her surrogate father's help, to find him. While on that journey, she met a badly injured young vampire on the street. Feeling overwhelming sympathy for him, she developed a strong protectiveness of vampires. When she was 18, she decided she wanted to study law and taught herself between reading books and talking with lawyers. Shortly after, she became the first and only defense lawyer (not to mention female) for vampires in London. She has strong feelings for Lucien, and and even stronger mind.

Lexa Goeringis a lifelong hunter. Daughter of famed hunter Damian Goering, she inherited the gift that her father bore which made him a member of the Fallen Angels - an underground branch of the Holy Order made up of those few who have the ability to enter minds - and thus she is also one. When she was 14, she witnessed her father's brutal murder by the vampire lord Mladen IV (see Ascending Darkness: van helsing RPG topic 1), and vowed to become a Hunter and avenge her father's murder. Training with Van Helsing and other great hunters, she rose through the ranks and became one of the more successful Hunters in Romania. She is in a relationship with Andreas.

Andreas Liakov is my sweet and absent-minded "pretty boy" for lack of a better term. He is also a hunter, and comes from a wealthy family. Note me for more information.

Ilyana Karena Frankenstein is a former bride of Dracula's who escaped and fell in love with Frankenstein (the creature). They married and have a son. Note me for more info.

Kaja Dragorais a young vampire and Lexa's half-sister. They share a mother, but Kaja was the result of the mother's brutal rape by a vampire. Lexa is two years older, and the two did not know of each other until they were in their mid-to-late teens. Note me for more info.

Carl...we know Carl.

3. Celtic Aurora: I am the proud mother of Catherine Van Helsing, Alexsei Dunkirk, Alana Tremarie(not in this fanfic), and I'm also the proud surrogate mother of Gabriel Van Helsing.

Catherine Van Helsingis the younger-and only-sister of the famed Gabriel Van Helsing. Until All Hallows' Eve 1531, she was a normal human being. Then, on All Hallows' Eve-the night of her twenty-sixth birthday-her parents were murdered, and she was fatally stabbed. However, she was resurrected by the Archangel Gabriel(who her brother was an incarnation of) as a fallen angel. For three centuries, she and her brother roamed Europe, fighting vampires, werewolves, and all manner of evil creatures-at least until her brother was badly wounded by Dracula. She took her brother to the Holy Order and left him in their care. Aftewards, she roamed Europe alone as a huntress, waiting for the right time to reunite with her brother. She has some special abilities, including accelerated healing, immortality, and superhuman reflexes (such as speed and and strength), as well as a pair of ash-gray wings. She is close friends with both Gene and Alexsei but isn't romantically involved.

Alexsei Dunkirkis a werewolf and an old friend of Lucien. His exact origins are shrouded in mystery-he doesn't remember much before he woke in the middle of the forest one day in the mid-1500's with a nasty werewolf bite on his arm. He spent the next three centuries after his turning as a member of the pack of the werewolf that turned him, travelling Europe. He can control his transformations and his lust for blood, and wants to help defeat Dracula and hopefully sway Alex back to the good side. He possibly has feelings for Catherine...or Carmen...He's also the sire of Andreas Liakov as a result of a bloodlust gone bad.

Alana Tremarie is my pride and joy bad girl, but she's not involved in this story. If you desire information about her, send me a personal message.

Gabriel Van Helsing is..well, there's really nothing else to know about him other than what everyone already knows. But I am proud to be his surrogate mother!

4. Mystic Rose of Darkness: I am the proud mother of Gene Venona, Giles Leroy, Alexyna LeBeau-Dracula, Alyssa Rose LeBeau-Dracula, and Carmen Isabelle Martines.

Gileslived in France for most of his life after his creation. He was the friend and and employed by Dracula before he left Dracula to pursue greater good. He was a creation of the Frankenstein Monster-Maker Machine as a field test. He was killed by Alexyna during the first battle against Dracula.

Alexynais Dracula's newest Bride and the ancestor of Alyssa Rose. She was a ghost for about 400 years with learned skills such as conjuration, pyrokinesis, power to heal others and very limited shape-shifting. Dracula has been desiring her since her future husband introduced her to him before Dracula became a vampire. Her future husband betrayed her and unintentionally killed her family. She had committed suicide after drinking a potion to make her ikmjmortal so her lover could pay the price. She lived alone for 4 centuries and her former lover and his new sweetheart came to seek for her help to take down Dracula. Alyssa Rose kidnapped Alexynaand Dracula seduced her to become his newest Bride. She has trust issues with Alyssa Rose who has threatened her on more than one occasions.

Gene Veronais a half-vampire future king of Southern Valencia. He has a deep compassiuon for Alexyna and loves her deeply. He had treated Alexyna as the mother he never had. He is the rumored son of Dracula. His mother died after Gene's birth. He grieved after Alexyna'skidnapping and pursues to bring her back to the good side, but it is too late to save her. Alana has put him in a love spell and has turned him a full-blooded vampire.

Alyssa Roseis an old bride of Dracula who hates Alexyna for "stealing" Dracula's attention and affection. her rivalry with Alexyna has threatened her life as well her own. Alyssa is the descendant of Alexyna. She and Alexyna had a mutual respect for each other prior to Alexyna's turning. She is very mischievous and intelligent.

Carmen Isabelle Martinesis an all-around good white witch who has a sense of humor and childish personality. She is extremely strong, but not supernatural strength. It is rumored she had made herself immortal, but is yet to be proven. She will reveal whether she's mortal or not later. She is good friends with Alexyna LeBeau-Dracula and she was the witch who gave Alexyna the power of conjuration.

5. SpeedDemon315:I am the almighty mother and maker of Egil Swenhaugen, Rolf Dunklestein, Sigrid Swenhaugen, Gabriele Van Helsing, Thanatos Whakahisa (not in this story), Morfran O'Byrne, and the surrogate mother for Erik Destler aka the Phantom. I also own Thanatos's henchmen Ukon, Edward, Clarissa, Jacob, Blanca, and Magna.

Egil Lars Swenhaugen is my disgruntled but lovable shapeshifter. He comes from a superlative shapeshifter house in Norway, its origins unknown to outsiders. Egil was a black sheep among his family members but his sister, Ragna, was one of his few supporters who encouraged his dream of being a mercenary and monster hunter. His parents who concerned about him pursuing such a dangerous lifestyle but eventually learned to accept his goals while the Elders, the "leaders" of the Swenhaugen House, did not. After a tragic event, he ran away from home when he was nineteen after hearing his clan would impose their power on him and grant him a high-ranking position he had no wish to possess. He only returned home at the age of 21 when his sister Ragna sent him a letter informing him of her pregnancy and her desire to be here with her. A few months later, she died giving birth to her daughter and entrusted Sigrid, her daughter, into Egil's care. He has been caring, protecting, and teaching Sigrid ever since.

Rolf Marcellus Dunklestein is my ever observant and roguish drow/dark elf. Born in 1180, he resides in the covert drow (dark elf) kingdom that lies in the heartland of Germany. No mere mortal or human has been able to stumble across his homeland without help. Rolf is part of an extremely illustrious and full-fledged family that is directly related to the royal family. Initially and presently, Rolf is third in line for the throne while his older brother Wolfgang is second and their cousin, Alfons, is the Crown Prince. Rolf will sporadically attend his duties as a chief warrior in the elfin king’s council but sojourns the mortal world to flee from court obligations. Consequently, around 1867, he encountered Egil (who was 20 at the time) and the two surprisingly become partners in the hunting business. They can comprehend each other better than anyone else. Ergo, over time the two become boon companions, although they rarely want to admit it.

Sigrid Mia Swenhaugen is Egil's niece. Despite never knowing her mother and father, Sigrid possess an enthusiasm that cannot be damped. She adores and idolizes her uncle Egil like you wouldn't believe and resolves to grow up and be just like him. Sigrid is quite the imp and likes playing tricks on people she doesn't like. Those who insult Egil or anyone of his comrades (for she considers her uncle's friends to be her friends) will incur her wrath and they'll be victims to her acidic tongue, a trait she got from Egil. (PM me for info.)

Gabriele Anna Van Helsing is an altered version of my other Gabriele in my VH fic. Gabriele’s mother, Anna Olimpia Brevalaer, was the progeny of a verboten, covert affair between a human (Anna’s mother) and an Adoni (Anna’s father). Anna was raised most of her life in the house of God, learning how to read, write, and other scholarly subjects females her age wouldn’t have the privilege to have. As she grew older, she found herself in the courts of Dracula’s parents, for her skills as a medic were unmatched. She fell in love with Gabriel Van Helsing and though she told him of her heritage of being half-human, he did not shun her nor stop loving her. A few years after they courted, they were married and gave birth to Gabriele a year after that. Gabriele was trained by her father the art of war and learned some healing skills by her mother. Before the Crusades, she was even taught by Count Dracula himself, before he made a pack with Satan and was still human and comrades with Gabriel Van Helsing.

Consequently, when Gabriele was twenty, Dracula was swayed over to Lucifer’s side and her father killed him for his was the left hand of God. Forced to leave his family, Van Helsing disappeared yet not without a final farewell. Anna and Gabriele continued to live in reclusion until enemies of Van Helsing uncovered their whereabouts and ambushed them, killing Gabriele’s mother. Inflamed with revenge, Gabriele called up to God and pledged her life to his service and would follow her father’s footsteps if he granted her wish to smite those who wronged her. Uriel, the Angel of Vengeance, heeded her plea and helped her dispatch all the murderers. Taking a sudden liking to her, Uriel named her his protégé and enhanced her strength, causing her to be stronger than normal humans and granting her immortality so she can carry out God’s tasks. She now scours the earth, hunting all evil creatures while trying to find her father, whom she knows is out there, somewhere.

Thanatos Itzal Wakahisais my dark, utterly arresting and ruggedly handsome necromancer who can be swayed into any side he chooses. In the Dawn, he plays a villain's role but he's not in this story. (PM me for more info regarding him). His henchmen consist of Edward, Clarissa, Ukon, Jacob, Blanca, and Magna (PM me for my info about them).

Morfran Syam O'Byrne is possible my darkest anti-hero and akin to Rolf and Egil, is a tortured soul. He's a human assassin an Elementist (a mage who can control fire, water, air/wind, and earth) but strangely enough, can also manipulate metal. He also possess the power to summon and communicate with ravens. Morfran’s father was an Elementist and Morfran’s mother was a wealthy woman in aristocratic house, the O’Byrne. To get out of an unsavory marriage, Morfran’s mother, Ingrid, seduced his father (Bernard) into her bed and tricked him into marrying her after she was pregnant. A little of nine months later, Ingrid gave birth to Morfran and treachery began in O’Byrne family.

The O’Byrne had planned to use Morfran as their tool to eliminate rivaling houses so they can obtain total power in Italy. Once Morfran had finished his Elementisttraining (he was nine at the time), he was instantly given to a former assassin of the family and was taught the ways of a hired blade. When he turned fourteen and fully prepared, his family sent him off on assassinating errands and he completed each order without protest. During his life as an assassin, his teacher gave him a “gift” for his birthday: The power to place someone under a potent mind spell that causes them to think they’re undoing extreme agony but in reality, their body is perfectly unscathed—the whole torture is all in their head. With this new brand of power, Morfran made his family the most feared house in the land yet he resented his family members so much because they didn’t treat his father very well, nor his mother.

When Morfran was in his mid-twenties, his mother, Ingrid, informed him that the leaders of the O’Byrne family had covertly dispatched his father to get rid of the skeletons in their closet. Fearing his mother would be next (for she was slowly gaining power so she could overtake the clan and have her and Morfran rule the estate together) Morfran defended her safety and ended up killing many of his fellow kinsmen. Suddenly, his mother was struck down and at the sight of her blood Morfran snapped and slaughtered almost everyone in the house, sparing only the children and those innocent in his parents’ murder. After he had finished his grisly task, he left his home, forever branded a “kin slayer”.

Erik Destler (aka the Phantom) is well, the Phantom of the Opera if you haven't figured it out. You know all about him so there's no point in repeating the facts. But I am quite ecstatic in playing as him!

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