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Hmmm, should I let you know about me? Hell, why not.

G'day, I'm Gen. I'm from Australia (somewhat obvious considering I actually write g'day sigh) I was born in 1985 and I'm a nerd.

Well. There's some good basic info. Feel privileged. We're sharing so much together. You're now special to me : )

Let's share more, shall we?

I'm now head of administration, I.T. and library for a primary school.

I enjoy my job... just not my boss... hence my references to death by spoon in my notes...


This is my first time writing fan fiction.

Jeez it's alot different from the smut I usually write. Harder too... I mean seriously. Smut is great and it's fun asking my partner if I can use them for "research".

But fan fiction.. hell, it's tough.

Much respect to the other writers out there.

Ok, well, let's talk about my stories shall we?

Ok, so far there's only one story, one short thingo and one lemonfest...


The story is following Sakura at the age of 20.

She's an ANBU captain as well as Naruto. The Akatsuki have revived all their dead members and have captured all of the tailed beasts, except for the nine tailed fox.

Sakura and Naruto are captured.

What will Sakura do?

Oh my, can you feel the drama...

Chilling isn't it?


Sorry for my slackness peoples but have no fear, for I have finally decided on the final end plot for Resurrection and shall hopefully have the new chapters up soon.

Yay for me :)

I know, you all can't wait.

Neither can I to be honest...

However it's getting close to 3am and I needs me sleep.

Also, for those that care, a big shout out to gigicerisier at for all the word spreading and fanart. ~Luvs ya hun :)~

ok.. nighty night.

End This Way

Just a good old fashioned angsty short.

Pretty much Sasuke has become obsessed and can't seem to carry on. He's always thinking about Sakura.

So, in normal emo style, he kills her.


He realises that now he won't ever stop thinking about her, so he kills himself.

Whoops... I just ruined it for you...

Oh well.

Did He Tell You

This is my 2009 Valentines Day gift to my beloved fans kiss kiss I love you all.

I'll give this a better summary later but it's pretty much a non-con lemon between Itachi and Sakura.

Very smutty.

I'll let you find out more by yourself...

Well, I guess that's it so far.


I'll leave you with some words of wisdom,

When people make you upset, don't get mad. Just walk outside and whistle.

It will make the neighbours dog run to the end of it's chain and gag itself.

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