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WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THIS PROFILE?! GO AWAY! AND DON'T EVER COME BACK!!...Nah, just kidding. xD Name's Gracie. Welcome to my profile.
Xanga account: No longer in use.

My quizilla: no longer in use.

Also, on a bit of a hiatus till whenever.

H to the e to the double l, freaking, yes: Gracia/Magoichi Saika, Lunar Silver Star Story Complete, Kyle x Jessica (from Lunar), Rumble Roses, crossover pairings.

Absolute no: Incest pairings, PG WWE, people who type like they're five years old, The MK fanbase, MK Fanboys, etc.

Favorite Samurai Warriors characters: Kenshin Uesugi, Nagamasa Azai, Gracia, Magoichi Saika, Yukimura Sanada, Kanetsugu Naoe, Oichi, Okuni, etc.

Favorite Dynasty Warriors characters: Jiang Wei, Sun Ce, Ling Tong, Sun Jian, Gan Ning, Sun Shang Xiang (who doesn't like SSX?) Xing Cai, Zhou Tai, etc.

Pairings I like: Gracia/Magoichi, Okuni/Keiji, Yukimura/Ria (OC) Hideyoshi Toyotomi/Nene, Oichi/Nagamasa, Sun Shang Xiang/Liu Bei, etc.

Pairings I Dislike: Cao Pi/Zhen Ji (unless it's well written), Aisha/Miss Spencer, Yugi/Mokuba, Da Qiao/anyone except Sun Ce, Xiao Qiao/anyone EXCEPT Zhou Yu, Evil Rose/Reiko Hinomoto (sisters not lovers, wtf?), Sun Jian/Sun Ce (WTF??), etc.

What I will NOT AND NEVER write: Incest, pedophilia, etc.

And yes, I have OCs. Ask me for them. If you want to use them in a fic, ask me and give me credit. DO NOT STEAL MY OCs. If you do, I'll report you. Got that?

AWESOME people List for coolness :
Dark Iced Coffee - pretty much, the best frickin person who makes me LOL.
Peach Wookie - great advice giver and good friend.
Wendwriter - an awesomely awesome person. :)
Rated R Superstar - THEE Biggest MK Rain fan ever. :)
James.Lafferty.Holic - A total COOL AUTHOOOOOR!! XDD
Taker-Took-My-Toys - AWESOMELY awesome author.
Kiss2Kill - say what you want of her, BUT SHE IS COOLIO-EGALCIUS!
Dignifize - my BFF who kicks ass.

Facebook: 'ell no.
Deviantart: You can ask if you want.
Sheezyart: Abandonned.
Gaia: Please ask. :D
MSN: See above.
Yahoo: Ask me and you shall receive. :P
Skype: N-O. NO Skype. Sorry.

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