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check me out at Fiction Press under J.A. Timely!!

these aren't very good, just a bunch of ammeture poems

Fourth book in twighlight out on august 2!!

I hear as they call,

A secret hope.

I see as they will.

A young couple in love.

I feel as they let,

A solid true friend.

And I taste as they give

Life that never ends.


I feel his breath,

It mingles with mine.

I feel him close

To late for surprise

Will he kiss me?

Could he seel our truce?

I feel his lips,

Softer than soft.

His hands on my face

They drop down

They hesitate.

Now I feel him.


The name,

I dare not speek

It stops in my throte

It makes me weak

It is his name

The one with deep eyes

Does he notice

Will he speak?

He looks at me

I turn my head

I swaer not to peek

My heart thrums

I tell it to shush

Does he hear?

This is the truth

Of a school yard crush

--A school yard crush

Who: I don't Know

What: a secret weapon

When: 10:35pm

Where: at the superatron 5,000; undercover.

Why: I await my next mission, my next victim, and I needed a computer where no one would find me so that I could locate my sister and finally fulfill the prophecy to free the souls of dispair. my master does not approve for if I succeed, he shall lose.

Description: I am an amorph, I can change my apperance with a simple thought or feeling.

Age: 111,475,365,948,485,394,957,548,666 years old, if you count being reincarnated millions of times. ;-P

Favorite Season: blood moon, where I am at my strongest and unstopable.

Things I hate: my evil master/professor/creator/dad. My evil professor/mother. hot but annoying maybe exboyriend (he can never make up his mind.). My teacher-trainer-loud-cutish-guy person who thinks I'm not ready. the annoying boy I look after who thinks he's funny and is bes friends with number3. my little twelve year old brother who is trying to kill me. the trackers. vampire slayers.anyone who is spoiled and rich.people who lie and minipulate me and my gang. people behind the 'ultimate plan'. all sientists. my tracking chip that does not want to come out without killing me. and alot more!

.Books I'm writing on fanfiction:

it ends with the word 'dead'

I know, the name isnt very good but I already have the ending planned out and it is very sad. Basically, like in alot of fanfics for code lyoko, the oc gets caught up with the lyoko gang. Raynes mother seemed normal, she had died of cancer when Rayne was just ten. Then, her father gets remarried and is having another babe, the blond wife thinks that Rayne shouldnt be part of it's life so she sends rayne to a bording school as soon as the step mom heard that they were moving to france where her father was opening yet another big company. Raynes father has not been there for her since her mother had died, he hid in his work and completely ignored rayne so he didnt really see the problem with sending Rayne away. then, when she gets to Kadic, things go right for once, until she learns a dark secret about her 'perfect' moms past and why her name is Ryane Lyoko Muenez. Her whole life she believed that life was a poem (she's a poet, everythings a poem!) that ends with the word 'dead' but in her case, that may not be the truth. STOPPED WRITING THIS!! GOT BORING AND STUPID AND WAS TRYING TO DO TO MANY THINGS AT ONCE!!


"A real friend is like that star you can't see becuase it's to far to find and to close to bother looking at"

"A true star is at the back"

"Hate is a word of passion"

"Is it nothing when it is to far to find yet to close to seek?"

"The world appears to the beholder as what the beholder wants or wishes to see in the world."

"Destiny is ones own if one will conquer fear and desire to master it"

"Love? It is a strong word with a meaningless tune"

"a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"-confusious

"Time is after life, life is after death, and death is after learning"

tell me what you think of the daily quote and or answer my questions.

Question: does magic beyond the naked eye exist?

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yeah, My name is Jezebel Angelz Timely (Angelz is original Angel but it sounds better with the z) but I rather be called Jez. F.Y.I. I am NOT a happy freak nor am I emo! I luv 2 read and write and draw etc. i have many nic names at school, but they're embarrassing!! I have lots of 'friends', we all do, but I also have one true friend...

It Ends With the Word 'Dead' reviews
Life is just a long poem that ends with the word 'Dead'. That's exactly what Rayne thinks, anyway. Her stepmom's a brat, and her father's never home. She thought she knew her real mom so well, until she finds out why her name is Rayne Lyoko Muenez. OXOC
Code Lyoko - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 4 - Words: 4,109 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 3/23/2008 - Published: 2/23/2008