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So, I'm a sixteen year old girl in my sophomore year, and am currently busy beyond belief with homework and martial arts and my passionate love affair with piano, guitar and voice. I'm tall, slender, and have dark brown eyes--so dark they look black in some lights. One of my favorite attributes--though I hate it at times--is my hair. It's thick, wavy, silky, a rich titian-chestnut and when gathered in a pony-tail has the circumfrence of a silver dollar. At times I think it's bipolar. One moment it's frizzy; the next, it's perfectly smooth. I also have skin that has no excuse for being as fair as it is. My complexion belongs with someone who has red hair and green eyes, or maybe even someone with black hair and blue eyes, but not a dark haired, dark eyed girl like me. So there you go; physical aspects are all covered.

Amidst all the craziness that life entails, I will always find time for Bones. Who knew Anthropology could be so darn interesting? As soon as I saw the show, I fell in love. The first episode I was able to watch from start to finish was the season one finale as I stood slack-jawed in front of the big screened televisions in Sears. No joke. Yes, I am forever indebted to a department store for introducing me to the most amazing television show since the X-Files.

My favorites--

Food: Anything Italian. I'm a sucker for pasta and seafood and crisp, fresh vegetables drenched in butter. Only the Italians can turn something intrinsically good into an impendent heart attack. My mom's pot roast. How that woman gets the meat as tender as she does is beyond me. Chinese food. If their Wanton soup is any good, I'm a goner. Eggrolls, General Tso's chicken and stir fry are hypnotic. Mmm. And of course, Chocolate. Who can resist a plain, old Hershey's bar?

Books: As I'm an avid reader, it might be easier to simply list my favorite authors as the list that I would post here would be longer than most of my fanfics. Jane Austen. Who can resist Mr. Darcy or Edward Ferrar or Mr. Knightley or Colonel Brandon? Charlotte Bronte. Whoever doesn't fall madly in love with Mr. Rochester after reading Jane Eyre is either stark raving mad or needs to get their priorities straight. Oscar Wilde. He makes me laugh. Naturally, I also love J.R.R Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. I mean, come on, the atypical occurence of both men being friends and substituting initials for their first names is rather endearing and who can resist lions and shiny rings? Robin McKinnley. Beauty, Spindle's end. On and on. Gaston Leroux, Bram Stoker, Stephenie Myers, Cornelia Funke, Eoin Colfer, Gary Paulson, Ray Bradbury, Kurt Vonnegut, and Gail Carson Levine. Phew!

Movies: Well, I'm a sucker for chick flicks. But I really prefer a solid drama. Something with a kick-ass storyline makes me super happy. No specifics this time. Way too many to name.

TV Shows: There are quite a few. Naturally Bones is first in line. It comes before all others. However, House is runner up with Monk and Psych following close behind. When I can, I try to catch reruns of the X-Files and I just started watching Without a Trace, so TNT is helping me catch up.

Color: Green. I love the color green, excluding of course pea green, which I find vaguely resembles the color of vomit. Green represents new life. A new beginning. A nascent of sorts. It's cooling and cleansing; the color of jade and ocean waters, grass and rainforests.

Hobbies: I'm insanely musically inclined. In fact, it's almost an obssession of sorts. This is my tenth year in piano and the genres I enjoy playing range from classical to broadway showtunes. I've been singing for the majority of my life and absolutely love it. Being able to express yourself with music is a truly freeing experience. I'm able to pour out my emotions through song and even find myself playing specific genres, even specific songs, when I'm in certain moods. I've also taken up the electric guitar and the first year has gone by relatively quickly. I can now successfully put together songs using different chords and know my scales and arpeggios!

There's not really much else to tell about me. I've experienced pain. I've experienced loss, doubt, fear, hope, loss of hope, hope again, and hope destroyed. I rely on others more than I let on and have trouble letting people see the real me. The person beneath the superficial layers. I make friends easily, but finding people that fit my empty spaces is a challenge and most of the time, I feel that many relationships I have with people are all slightly artificial. That's one of the reasons I love the internet--it allows for anonymity. And with that ambiguity comes security. I have anger issues, many against the people closest to me. At times I feel I'm living in a soap opera. My best friend is in love with my brother (who truly looks like he belongs in a fashion magazine), who loves her back, but has multiple issues that impede any chance they have at forming a relationship. He kissed her, she kissed him back. She told me all of this, but he has no idea that I know. My parents don't know. Her parents do. My parents are friends with her parents, and we're afraid telling them about my friend/brother's relationship will somehow taint my parents' trust in her. So now my friend is an emotional train wreck, my brother is angry and confused, I'm furious with both of them although I'd never tell them that, and I'm apparently the mediator between my brother and friend. A role I both accept and despise.

So, in essence, I'm like every other person on the planet. Confused, angry and lost in too many ways to count.