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Info About My Stories:

All stories will be slow right now, because school is starting and going to get even more intense soon. Also, I'm working with some friends to try and finish a first draft a real book by the end of the school year. Don't worry, finishing a whole book that quickly would be insane. The book would probably suck. So here's the current info on my stories:

Approximately 8 Minutes: This was a one shot, so no more chapters. BUT keep your eye out for a sequel. I have the outline ready, I just need to find time to sit down and write it.

Esme's Story: This story is not officially on hold, its just coming along really slowly. There are a couple people who have earned a sneak preview at my next chapter from my challenge. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you guys! As soon as thats written and then beta-ed by my sometimes beta and always friend The True Mrs. Goode-Cullen (read her stuff, its good) I will let you guys know and send you the chapter. I plan to have it ready before the end of the month, but I can't promise.

I am Foxface- This is currently on hold, but I will try and continue at some point. I toyed around with the second chapter this whole summer but I couldn't come up with more than a paragraph of anything good. But I will give it another try, and once I get that story back on track, there will be more.

Alice's Story- This is also on hold. I kind of hit a dead end here. I had so many projects I was working on (writing and non) and my brain said "really? do you really want to work on a story where you have to spend time researching about old insane asylums? Is this really the best use of your time?" And it wasn't. I was having some issues and got my computer taken away a lot, and when I had it, I had to pick and chose what to write, so I didn't focus on this one. And when I didn't think about it, all the inspiration kind of evaporated. But don't worry, this year seems good and issue free so far, so hopefully this story will come back soon. Expect to see me leaving the library with a huge stack of books on insane asylums. Or printouts from google. Either way.

Choices: This is also on hold. I'm beginning to think I'm doomed never to finish anything. I had such a great concept for this and a plot for the whole thing, I was so excited, then all of a sudden, writing it seemed very boring. I couldn't write well when I wasn't enjoying it. But I still like my idea, so there is still hope. And I garuntee there will be another chapter, just give me some time to get this one ready.

Memoirs of a Volturi Victim: It was just a one shot, and a sequel doesn't really work for this one. Its small, it stands alone, but I'm proud of it. Besides, its something I can say I finished.

Life After Death: Ah, poor Life After Death. I'm not one to discontinue stories without ending them at least. Yes, I've left things on hold for indefinite amounts of time, but I almost never totally abandon a story as is. But I look back at this story, and think, Gosh, did I ever really write like that? My writing is not nearly as high of quality as I know I am capable of, and the plot line is shaky. But, it was my first, so I'm leaving it posted for sentimental value. Also, if there are any Life After Death fans out there who have not yet made me aware of their presence, let me know and I suppose I could be persuaded to continue it, just don't expect the same quality as other stories.


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