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About Us:

S- Very sophisticated in her unique writing style. Likes to read Twilight books and also loves musicals of all sorts. Especially Rent! Fnafiction screen name: ForbiddenMemory/ TheTangoSel

E- I have a dark writing style... or so people tell me. I like writing depressing stuff, and I am writing a novel which, to me, is easier then fanfiction. I love Rent and the Twilight books.Fanfiction screen name: Cicily B/ TheTangoSel

L- Hi everyone! Hmm ... what can I say about me? Well, I love Harry Potter, Twilight, RENT, and writing of ... almost ... all sorts!! I have written two Harry Potter fanfictions (one that's about to conclude!) with a few more in the works, plus I'm planning to write a Twilight one at some point or another. Fanfiction screen name: Twilighthp95/ TheTangoSel

About "Broken Chorus":
We love to write and we're friends, so we decided to write a story together and see how it comes out! TheTangoSel is the screenname that we made, and it represents all three of us: S, E, and L. lol. Anyways, this story we are writing together is pretty much a postRent fanfic, and we are pretty much just seeing where it takes us.

About Our "Roles" in Broken Chorus:
We decided to do something different for Broken Chorus... we are splitting the characters amongst us, so when we write a chapter, we have to write it from one of the points of view of our characters. See below:
S- Mark and Joanne
E- Roger and Tom Collins
L- Maureen and Mimi

PS: We'll never be able to see the OBC! Sob, sob. We're fans of the movie but we've never seen the Broadway version, though we might sometime before it closes. Yayy!

xMeasure in lovex
-Seasons of Love
xHow can you document real life, when real life's getting more like fiction each day?x
xHappy birthday, Jesusx
-You'll See
xOne song before I go, glory, one song to leave behindx
-One Song Glory
xFingers... I figuredx
-Light My Candle
xBut who could fortell that it would go so wellx
-Today 4 U
xFighting with microphones, freezing down to my bones, and to top it all off I'm with you!x
-Tango: Maureen
xBecause reason says I should've died three years agox
-Life Support
-Out Tonight
xThe heart may freeze, or it can burnx
-Another Day
xWill I wake tomorrow from this nightmare?x
-Will I
xAmerica. America!x
-Santa Fe
xBe my life.x
-I'll Cover You
xMoo with me!x
-Over the Moon
xThe need to express to communicatex
-La Vie Boheme
xWho knows where, who goes there, who knows, here goesx
-I Should Tell You
xLiving with, living with, living with, not dying from diseasex
-La Vie Boheme B
xSpoke wheels and speeding ticketsx
-Seasons B
xI hate mess but I love youx
-Take Me or Leave Me
xI die without youx
-Without You
xWith a thousand sweet kissesx
-I'll Cover You (Reprise)
xWhy our entire year is strewn across the cutting room floor of memoriesx
xHe was the same way, he was always "Run away, hit the road, don't committ," your full of sh!x
-Goodbye Love
xMark has got his work they say Mark lives for his work and Mark's in love with his work... Mark hides in his workx
-Goodbye Love
xI own no emotion; I rentx
-What You Own
xI love youx
-Finale A
xI've always loved you... you can see it in my eyesx
-Your Eyes
xThere's only us, there's only this. Forget regret, or life if your to missx
-Finale B
xNo Day But Todayx
-Finale B

L's Daily Update:

2.22.08 7:50 PM

Heyy world! Yeah, I know, we're sort of at a standstill. It's S's turn for a chapter ... but I do have to tell you something. We're kind of writing something else right now that is NOT a fanfiction ... so we're kinda sidetracked. Sorry! Hopefully we'll get this up and moving again soon.


L (Twilighthp95)

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