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Hey ya'll. I'm Emmy. I live in NC and am completely addicted to Twilight. I love writing fan fiction, and do it whenever I have a spare second. I'm pretty good about updating my stories. Most of them are written in a notebook, then I type them. I edit on my computer, figure out where to split chapters and then upload them here. Normally, I have a story complete before I put up one chapter.

How I got into Twilight:

I got a Borders gift card for my birthday last year. Every year, my whole family goes to the beach, and every year, I read a billion books on the beach while working on my tan. I went to Borders to get some stuff to read on my trip, and pretty soon only had five dollars left on he card. Now what can you get at Borders for five dollars? Pretty much nothing. But, as I was looking around, I found a copy of Twilight on sale for... you guessed it, five dollars. I bought it, but didn't think it looked that great. I'm not really a fantasy person, and the whole vampire thing is not for me. I'd seen a few people reading it around school, and my best friend totally loved it. On the third day of the beach trip, I opened book. I didn't put it down all day. I took the book out to the beach and got about three-fourths of the way done that first day. That night, I called my best friend and we talked, then she asked me if I'd read Twilight. I said no, then I remembered the name of the amazing book I'd been reading all day and said yes. We talked about the book all night. I finished it the next morning and made my grandmother drive me to the nearest bookstore an hour away. I got New Moon and the then recently released Eclipse and read them both. I also went to a midnight release party for Breaking Dawn. I love the movie, and was lucky enough to get advanced screening passes. I got to see it the Tuesday before it came out. I've gotten five people addicted to the books now, everyone I eat lunch with. At lunch now, we'll have random Twilight discussions and Edward vs. Jacob debates.

So, my stories:

Bella's Strep: The first in my "Bella Gets Sick" series, this is also the first piece of fanfiction I ever wrote. I wrote it when I myselff had strep throat. It's not my best work, but I think you'll enjoy it if you liked the other two in the series.

Bella Gets the Flu: Number two in the series, I think this one is a lot better than the first. I did get some negative reviews pertaining to my lack of medical knowledge, so if you're a doctor, you might not want to read it if you're going to be picky. Overall, though, it's really cute and fluffy.

Bella's Stomach Bug: This is the most recent addition to the series, and I finally finished it. If you enjoyed the other two, you'll like this one as well.

Emmett's Niece: This story was written before Breaking Dawn came out and I really enjoyed writing it. It's currently on hiatus, because I'm stuck. I can't think of where else to take the story right now. I'm hoping I will be able to think more over break.

Jacob's Imprinting: Another great one, I suspended this one with the release of Breaking Dawn, when we realized Jake imprinted on Nessie. I'm going to come back to it though, because I don't mind writing AU anymore, and people seemed to enjoy it.

Edward's Victim's Victims: The second story I ever wrote, and my least favorite. It's really dark, and only a one shot. Read away if you like dark stories.

The Actress and the Wolf: This is by far my favorite story that I've written. It asks the question "What if imprinting was real", with a movie twist. I liked it, because it helpeed tide me over until the actual Twilight movie cam out.

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