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Hello Everyone :D

My name's Liz and I'm from the land down under (Australia XD)

My newest obsession is Hetalia, which is something that will most likely stick with me until the end of high school. I find the fact that you can interpret the characters in such a wide range really gives people good ideas for stories. I especially like the Pirate AUs >D

Music tastes: I like indie and softcore music. Favorite bands at the moment: Placebo, AFI, Alexisonfire, Anberlin, The Smiths, Brand New, The Used, Muse, Imogen Heap, Juliana Theory and a heap more XD

Hobbies/Interests: Well, at the moment I'm making a movie so my interests have spanned into filming... I also love literature, music, art and movies. My favorite poem at the moment is probably Tim Burton's 'Vincent'. Favorite song at the moment = 'I believe you, but my Tommy gun don't' by Brand New XD That song makes me laugh. Favorite art type is anime/manga. Favorite movie... stares at screen for an age... probably The boat that rocked. I can relate to the people on the ship XD

About me: I can be a very lively person, but most of the time I'm very lazy. When I've stopped being lazy, I'm usually very snappy and irritated which I'm not afraid to show. People also say I'm quite blunt =.= so basically if I don't like you I'll say so. Apart from that, I'm quite nice and friendly XD I can become overly passionate about things and get carried away, but my friends are always there to help me and go along with it. My mood spans so far =.=

Influences on my life: Personality wise, my dad. We're both very cynical and have a horrible view on the world. My brother is probably my music tastes and ideals. He loves philosophy and so do I. My sister gives me spunk XD So I'm not really afraid to stand up for what I believe in. My mum... oh god, my mum =.= I thought out of the family she influenced me the least, but apparently when I'm angry I act a lot like her. Which sucks, because she was an abusive mum and probably on the edge of homicidal psychopath. She's pretty awesome now though XD I love my mum.

Some stuff about me: I've grown up in a narrow minded town all my life and I'm only just starting to meet people with similar interests as me. Yes, I am an indie kid - actually I'm not sure if I'm an indie kid. I'm not really that cool, but I have similar ideals. I started playing guitar this year and I'm quite good at it. In fact, I plan to do a cover as Arthur from my fic, 'How 'bout a song' in the near future. The song is 'Mr. Jones' by 'Counting Crows'.

I love writing in the perspective of Arthur since his life is so similar to mine. I was picked on for a while by my sister and brother and I've hit a lot of rough patches in life. I started smoking when I turned 14 and quit recently, which actually has been quite difficult for me. I've also been a bit of a loner through my childhood, the kid that was a bit more mature than the others. Partly why I wrote the fic 'How bout a song' is because I had the same problems as Arthur in the fic and I overcame them with the help of my friends. I also realized that life isn't that bad and good things will always come. I never want to give up hope again.

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