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Hi everyone, Max Seventh here. I'm currently 16 years old at this point and time.

I'm a hardcore female gamer, and I have been a proud anime fan for 9 years now.

I'm currently into yaoi, although I cannot deny that straight romance is really hot


My Current interests include:


D.Gray-Man: I have a soft spot for allen. Yullen is definitely the best, but I also love

poker pair. I'd rather be a noah than an exorcist. My favorite Characters: Allen, Kanda,

Tyki, Rhode, and Lulubell.

Monster: Johan is such a charming devil. I can have both of the twins pining after Tenma.

Lunge annoys the shit out of me. I want to facepalm myself everytime I see him. I've

started to realize that lungextenma would be pretty interesting.

Nana: Pretty addictive. I really amaze myself by watching this anime. I like how indepth

the character's past is, and how everything is connected in the end. If you're looking

for teengage romance, this would be the anime. I like the manga better though because

it seems to get darker and more realistic.


Final Fantasy (VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,X-2,XII): I have always loved these games. I am

an addict, and collector of these games. the stories are just amazing, and there's

always a new twist in the plot. I adore all of the final fantasy characters.

Kingdom Hearts: I love disney, and I love this as well. Everything got tied together

pretty well. I the idea of the heartless and nobodies. I especially adore Organization

13, and its members. I enjoyed playing this series.

Hack Games: The first four games were amazing, and I thought that it couldn't get

any better. That was until I bought G.U. Endrance is definitely my favorite character.

I think that I'm worse than Saku when it comes to Master En. Endrance and haseo

are pretty much canon, and I cannot wait to get to the wedding!

Fragile Dreams: One word. Crow. he is definitely my favorite character so far. That

and they add a little bit of innocent fanservice into the mix with that kiss. I just about

died when I saw it. Too bad he dies later on. I really love his interaction with Seto.


Harry Potter: I have been an avid fangirl of harry potter since the age of 7. I was

hooked on J.K. Rowling's Golden Boy. I actually was so upset about the series

ending that I only read half way through the seventh book. I can still keep myself

under the delusion that the series hasn't ended yet. The only problem with this series

is that itlets my imagination run wild with yaoi. XD

Angel of Fayth by Mandeh-Yaoi-Star reviews
AU: It was by chance that the angel fell out of time. Tidus is a Summoner and he was raised by the Fayth for the purpose of ending their suffering once and for all. Yaoi - Seymour/Tidus
Final Fantasy X - Rated: M - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 7 - Words: 34,840 - Reviews: 111 - Favs: 282 - Follows: 259 - Updated: 3/17/2010 - Published: 3/5/2010 - Seymour, Tidus