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Author has written 2 stories for Naruto, and Harry Potter.

Well, I can't say that I'm very fond of telling random people on the net about myself, so this page will not contain any information worth the time to read it. Feel free to quit at any time. I have read fanfiction for some time now and wanted to give it a try for myself. The Idea came up when I read a story that seemed promising but ended up being just another pile of crap. I started writing a review saying exactly that but then I thought; it's not like I have done anything better. So here I am. Trying to do better. Please review when I start posting chapters, If you like what I do, I can go on writing really crushing reviews with a clean conscience.

Status report: Well, It has been over a year since I last uppdated and obviously I have not written as much or as regulary as I thought when I started. I still intend to continue both stories but I can't say how much I will be able to write in the future. I have had and will probably continue to have a lot to do with my studies and time is not as readily available as I might wish. Combine that with big troubles with the storyline in both projects and things are very slowgoing. I do write now and then but without a clear storyline to follow it is hard. I like to read (and therefore write) with a lot of foreshadowing and that require a detailed plan.

Update: I have obviously not written much and it doesn't look like I will in the future either. I got some angry reviews asking me to update or put it up for adoption. I'm not going to do either but if someone wants to use any idea from my fics they may ofcourse do so. This is bloody fanfiction. Anything put up on this site by anyone is free to use by everyone.

I currently have two stories active;

The art of pain:
Naruto AU. My priority fic. I have, after reading more Naruto fics, realised that my planned storyline was not as original as I thought and decided to rework the whole thing. I am keeping some key elements (the final chapter is basically finished for example) but a lot of the story pre chunin exams I have thrown out all together. It was to similar to some other stories (rather bad ones too...) I am working on a new plotline but it is slow... I have also realised that fightscenes are not really my forte, I need to work on that. Isuppose that I could finish the next chapter since it will not be affected much by the changes but I prefer to have a better idea of where I'm heading first.
Update; The plotline is becomming clearer and it is pretty much finished. I need to figure out an original 'first C-class mission' since I need some big action before the chuunin exams. Otherwise it is mostly all there and I have started writing Ibikis test again. I'm a bit worried though. It will be hard writing some of the more subtle plot that will show over several chapters. It is very possible that once past the timeskip (that will be significantly different from canon) I will need to finish writing the whole thing before publishing it. I will also need some original characters in more central positions than I'm used to.

The Baghdad connection:
Harry Potter AU. Harry is taken away by a stranger that finds him by chanse when he is 6 years old. When he finally returns to England noone recognizes him which is just fine by him. He have a little different perspective on the world he enters though. And not one anyone would expect.
Update; chapter three is more than halfway done but to finish it I need to decide on the main plotline. When I was fleshing it out I discovered that two of my main storyelemnts where mutually exclusive. That was not a happy discovery. I am having huge problems in deciding which to chose and how to fill upp all the time I was excpecting to spend on the trashed parts.
Update 2; I haven't had time to ponder the story much but the time I have I spend writing about Zia getting used to the school and some additional backstory (5717 words written).

Other projects:
Well, my mind wont stop working just because my stories is having trouble so a few other ideas have popped up during the past year. I do realise that if I cant keep up with two stories starting more would be stupid but when the ideas won't leave me alone I do some work on them. I have decent plotlines for two Naruto stories focused on the Aburame (one that is canon compatible as far as I have read the manga and one heavily AU) and one Potter story that is AU but not as heavily as TBC. I have actually written a few chapters on two of the stories but i won't post them until they are either finished or I have finished one of my current stories.

To avoid the trash I would like to take this space to give my own recomendations:

Hinatas story; the hands down single best fanfiction story that I have read. it got it all, Action, drama, comedy and romance. A must! I would avoid the other story by the same author though.

A black comedy: got all the right ingredients for a pile of crap, it is a Harry Potter story, it involves dimensional travel, meeting dead characters, superstrong main character and a fucked up story line. It should be all you need to make you throw up. However it is so damn funny that it doesnt matter. 31 chapters and you laugh all the way trough.

Tempered in water: a solid Naruto AU, a belivable divergence point from the canon and well written.

Team 8: Another good Naruto AU. CHeck out the other stories by the same author, they are good too. He got good stories centered on original characters (wich is rare) and he even succeded with making an Harry Potter fanfiction enjoyable! High praise

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The Baghdad Connection reviews
AU An unexpected character finds Harry Potter by chance and takes the six year old boy away. Years later he returns with a little different perspective on the wizarding world. A rather unusual version of a common theme. Slow paced.
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