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Author has written 6 stories for Dawn of the Dead, and Final Fantasy I-VI.

I am a 25 year old plumber living in Tennessee. I have a wife and four sons, so life is kinda hectic. I also go to school two nights a week.

I love "undead" fiction. Where some people say their favorite types of movies are comedy, horror, etc., mine are "zombie" movies. I don't really know why I am so drawn to them. My best guess is that to me, a DotD scenario is the most firghteneing thing one could imagine. You can trick a werewolf, reason with a vampire, and leave a ghost ( usually ), but the undead are just horrifying to me.

I found this site one night when I couldn't find any new movies at the local video store. I typed in "Dawn of the Dead fanfic" into my search engine, and "As The World Dies" popped up onto my screen. I don't think I ever read it, however I intend to. I scanned the site and fell in love with a lot of the fics, especially Dead Opportunities, Travelers of the Dead, and The Walker. I used to write quite a bit, but I stopped after high school and then had a family.

Reading the fics on this page have inspired me to pick up writing again, when I can get the time with the family and all.

I hope that whatever I write, you will enjoy it as much as I enjoy reading yours. And please R&R my stories!!

Story Status:

The Long Road - This is my first fan fic and attempt at undead fiction ever. Also, it is my first attempt at anything aside from articles or blogs in almost a decade. I am very pleased with it up until a point, and planned on proof reading, revising, and trying to publish it. After reading it from start to finish, and I not happy at all with the direction it is heading at all. I am at odds whether or not I should just finish the story as I intended, rewrite from the point I think it started going downhill, or scrap it totally. As for right now, this story is on hiatus.

The Fall of Eblan - Final Fantasy IV ( Final Fantasy II in America ) had always been my favorite video game. This is simply my attempt to fill in a part of Edge's back story.

Final Fantasy 4 The First Age - An attempt at some sort of a history I have thrown around in my head for years. This is a Silmarillion-type, third person short about the first age of Final Fantasy IV. Look for second person shorts tied into this.

A Letter From Clayton - A diary entry from one of the supporting characters from The Long Road. I had some writers block with The Long Road, and just jotted this down to break the monotony.

A Brave, Dead World - I am excited about this. It takes place several years after the dead begin to rise, and it focuses on a trader who travels from settlement to settlement. I think it has a lot of potential, especially once it get rolling.

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Tellah's Gambit
Gaia has seen a relative time of peace. Tensions now seem ride high between the Baronian lords. A discovery on a long forgotten isle threatens to destroy Gaia. Dark races seem to be rustling at the edges of the free kingdoms. Dark sorcery is at work. Prequel to Final Fantasy II FF IV in Japan
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