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Alright guys, it's been a very long time since I was on here, so I don't expect to have many followers at this point but I hope to be making a comback with this new story, I'm cooking. I'm gonna' delete all my crappy old stories except for Fai's Letter, because I think it's my only decent one yet. So yeah, please enjoy that one at least until I finish off my new Hetalia! fic, In Times of War. And please, send all your willpower to me so I finish this damn thing, because I really want to, but laziness and shiny objects often keep me from doing so. So yeah... please enjoy and REVIEW! I want to hear if I suck or not!

Update 7/4/11: HIYA GUYS! I'm so glad my prologue got reviews already and I have followers, liek holy shit! But yeah, as I sit here listening to my obnoxious neighbors set off illegal fireworks, I'm working on the first part of chapter one for In Times of War, which I'm almost done~. So don't fret loves, nothing, not even my recent addiction to Supernatural, will keep me from finishing it! AWAYYY.

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