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Hm...what to say, what to say? Bah, I'm an avid gamer fan, that'll be all I post on here(All my personal stories stays within the confines of my own possesion so they won't be stolen[JACKASS ALLEN, WHEN I FIND YOU I'LL RIP OUT YER EYEBALLS FOR STEALING MY STORY, BASTARD!!!!]..er...eh-hm..). The Final Fantasy Series has been my fav. series, RPG's are my fav. types of games... Um...what else do I put in here? *Shrugs..* Oh well, I'll be writing some humor and some serious stuff in the future, ltrz all...O.o


As an update, I have been an idle member for months now, sitting on my lazy ass and not doing a damn thing. However, a friend has finally brought to my attention a wonderful subject to write about, and I plan to do so to my fullest potential. It will be an FF8 Storyline, spawned from a teased angle. Wish me luck, I'll begin writing soon!