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Author has written 10 stories for X-overs, Danny Phantom, and Psychonauts.

Artwork for my fan fictions. Thank you to Empty Heart! Here's the link to her profile:

(got the avatar from skyechan on asked for credit so it is given:D here's a link if prof is needed

Stopwatch-To-Oblivion here! Assistant to Clockwork, the Ghost of Time! No, not really, that'd be cool though. Uh-oh. Plot bunny. Heh, anyway, I'll start posting soon! Most of my fan fictions will probably end up being rated 'T' for language and blood and violence and maybe a little angst. Just a warning.

I'm a hardcore, Psychonauts fan too. Love Psychonauts! Best game ever! Also a SashaxMilla and RazxLili fan. And DannyxSam. Hm, guess that's a warning too. Well, fav character time? Clockwork and Agent Sasha Nein. They are the coolest!

Toodles! Thanks for listening to my rants! And please review!

Okay, okay, okay! I'm really, really, really, really, really, really, really sorry about not updating in...forever! But I've had a lot on my plate lately and it gets hard to even think about working on chapters when you're trying to balance school and home and family. I actually haven't been on my computer long enough to do anything. It's been college prep classes and essays and scholerships like there's no tomorrow! So I'm really sorry about updating and I'll try my best to do something this weekend. I think I'm free enough...

Come to the Dark Side...We have Danny Phantom episodes and popcorn.

Fan Fiction (my one-shots are not summerized here)

ON HOLD...!!)Fabric of Unreality(A Danny Phantom and Psychonauts cross-over. Someone's ripped open a hole in the Ghost Zone that leads, not to Danny's world, but into the world of the Psychonauts. Now, Razputin, Lili, Sasha, Milla, Sam, Tucker, and Danny have to set things back the way they were. But maybe there's more to this than just an accidental tear in the fabric of reality. And maybe it's going to take a little more than psychic powers and ghost powers alone.

ON HOLD!!)Good Night Love, Good Morning Power(After Phantom Planet. Strange things have been happening around our favorite halfa, things he can't explain and have nothing to do with his powers. When Clockwork appears and reveals the truth, things will go haywire! Danny might be the successor to Compass, the Ghost of Elements but he's got to go up against four other boys, all of them ghosts, to prove himself worthy. To add to that, he'd going to be living in the Ghost Zone for months...with no visitors. It's a crazy ride and Danny's being dragged along with it, whether he wants to or not.

complete!Earthdance(AU fan fiction. Danny Fenton's world is a place of ruin. Years and years ago, the Elemental Guardians were summoned forth and unleashed upon the Earth, destroying everything in their path, ridding the planet of human corruption. The people that survived, built small towns out of the ruins of once great cities and have lived in fear of the Guardians ever since, forbidden to enter the territory of a Guardian. But Danny, Sam, and Tucker, the trouble making trio of Amity, hardly ever listen to the rules.And it costs Danny his humanity. And someone has noticed. Another Elemental Guardian who is not happy with the way things have been going, thinking humans should be gone...and he wants to use Danny to do it.

Seventh Waltz( AU and sequel to Earthdance. A year after the terror Plasmius put Danny and his friend through, the Forest Guardian has virtually forgotten the words of Ghostwriter: "You are the Septimus, the Seventh Son, and so hold powers others could only dream of." However, it seems someone else, someone who has been locked away for centuries, knows all about the powers of the Septimus and intends to use them in a way that could ruin the world far more than in already is. The Elemental Guardians, Sam, Tucker, and maybe even the rest of Danny's family have to beat back this invader. But perhaps Clockwork knows something. Perhaps the Guardian of Time has a secret he's kept for centuries. A secret that only a few know of. And a secret that could either banish thier new enemy...or disrupt the flow of the entire world.

Meine Skelette (will be updated whenever I feel like it XD)Danny Fenton's world is falling apart at the seams and there's nothing he can do to hold it together. He's losing people he loves, Walker is terrorizing the Ghost Zone, expanding his boundaries and locking away anyone who gets in his path, Clockwork has gone missing along with the Ghost of Imagination Stopwatch, and people are pushing Danny farther and farther away since the car accident. It is said that evil reigns in the most innocent of souls but if Danny can't beat back his own darkness...who's going to be left to set things right again?

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Cursum Perficio by Digitaldreamer reviews
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Seventh Waltz reviews
sequel to Earthdance. Ghostwriter told Danny he was the Septimus and so held amazing powers. And now someone is after them, but who and why? Perhaps Clockwork has a secret that only a few know of... Language
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Danny Fenton's world is falling apart at the seams. He's losing people he loves, Walker is terrorizing the Ghost Zone, Clockwork's missing. They say evil reigns in the most innocent of souls. T for language and trauma.
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Cause and Effect: Teaser reviews
OS. I call it a teaser because it's part of fic I don't know if I'll ever post. Two people injured...two people left to wait for them to heal...and one person dead. T for trauma.
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