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Confessions June 4, 2010

For those it may concern,

I have a lot to say within this simple phrase: I resign. This is as blunt as I could be regarding my future with fan fiction and everything related to this site. I know that this is quite shocking at first and may consider this to be a cruel joke, but in all seriousness, I am very deadly serious as can be as I right these last words. Certain factors in my life now have made everything go beyond my power, but in words for those of you who would bother reading this, I have grown tiresome of this charade. In any case, with this small essay, I, MisterP, formally and officially renounce my position in FF.net and shall no longer be called a fan fiction author, but an anonymous reader with a large quantity of creativity.

Now from reading my declaration, it is safe for me to assume that you are wondering why I have decided to just quit within a snap of my fingers. I know I mentioned that I have grown out of fan fiction and all, but the truth is that I no longer I have reason to be here in this site. I do not have any motivation as to why I am writing these Pokémon stories as of this day. I guess I have lost my reason. Well then, allow me to try to elaborate on this matter. If you could recall from my profile, one of the reasons I have joined this site as a fan fiction author is that during the time I have been searching for specific pairing stories, there was a complete lack of it thereof. In late 2007 and early 2008, I became frustrated of the forgotten, discontinued, and even poorly-written pieces of AbilityShipping, an under-recognized pairing from the Pokémon anime established by the staff in charge of the entire story board. I know that they know that many fans have been inspired to create their own fictional spinoffs from canon, thus giving this site a huge purpose for making these dreams come true. I am also sure that at certain times that the Pokémon staff have purposely created these scenarios where a possible romantic pairing could be formed out of the characters involved in it with the purpose for fans to connect to these fictional characters as if they had nothing else to do with their lives. I mean no malicious offense, but am clearing stating it as I see it. For example, Ash's Pikachu's gender was purposefully kept vague for fans to connect to Pikachu as either a male or a female, the latter choice allowing another pairing, albeit an out-of-the-ordinary one, to be introduced to fandom. Another instance is my favorite pairing termed appropriately as AbilityShipping, the pairing, although one-sided, consisting of the main protagonist, Ash Ketchum/Satoshi, and a minor figure where the pairing is candid, Anabel/Lila, popular through her looks, abilities, notable moments, and formulated personality. I know that the latter quality tends to be an issue regarding the overall pairing as the anime had not given a thorough analysis of her true personality. But it is what they have decided to give us is what the fans should work with. Honestly, I had no problem with that because what I would wind up creating would not be real.

A rule I would often see regarding fan fiction, almost like a legitimate rule of thumb, is to never let canon get in the way of making a good story. From this, I wanted to make a personalized writing style that would help me achieve my ideas into action while not straying to far from the foundation canon has created. I am pretty sure that everyone else had a similar goal as I, making me not so different than the rest of you. Throughout the entire time I made the Stardom series, never came a time that I regretted making those stories. I got to not only measure my own capacity at writing, but also I added my contributions to my favored sections that lacked much support. A secondary goal I made for myself while writing From Servant to Stardom, the first fan fiction story I ever came up with, was to see how it would fare with the readers of Pokémon fandom. I was impressed, even surprised at times, on how much support my simple story had gained overtime as I persisted. I was even pleased to learn how I even managed to persuade plenty of readers to support AbilityShipping; even though that was not my main focus, I was happy about it nonetheless. I have even heard how my name, or at least penname, was named as "King of AbilityShipping," a title that I did not show much concern over, but have taken as a sign that my work is truly being recognized out of many in this site.

Of course, where there were fans, there were also some neutrality to lashing skepticism. While I did not let the opinions of others influence me too much, I did keep an open mind as to comprehend how anyone would critique me, or even go as far as "flame" me just because what I believed in was not to their liking. I understand if I sound like some sort of delusional extremist dreamer, even some "pompous ass" as I lightly put it as possible, but then again, allow me to advise that you are probably no better yourself, meaning that if you even have a nerve to insult me or any other honest writer, then you would only wind up degrading yourself. If I did not have the rather cold patience I developed from my life, then I would practically be toying with the supposed flamers by telling them off to actually "grow some" instead of groaning behind their computer screens like the lowlife losers they've only proved themselves to me. Yes, I can be cruel only when I have to be; I can even be as cruel as Paul/Shinji if I must. It is actually a funny thing I must add while on that subject. I am sure that I was not the only one thinking this, but Paul pretty much represents all of us playing our own Pokémon games through our Nintendo DS systems, where most of us would try to EV train our Pokémon to be the strongest out of everyone else's and eventually release the many copies experimented upon to see which method is right. I guess I have a knack of relating personalties from Pokémon to real life, which is kind of why I can relate myself to Paul often, even closer to Silver/Kamon/Rival of the games of Pokémon G/S/C/HG/SS Versions.

Anyway, I have seen myself on the site as a lone writer that writes whatever comes to mind, whether it agrees with the popular voice of fans or not. After all, I too am a fan, or was a fan; the reason I say this now is because I have grown out of such a phase. I dislike repeating this, but I only joined FF.net to create my own AbilityShipping stories, simply put. But now that I have seen progress in that department, there is no longer any need for me to continue as more upcoming writers, whether I have encouraged them or not, have finally gotten the chance to put their imaginations up on the board to share with everyone else of similar interest. As such, I no longer have the motivation to continue mine because as far as I can see, my work here has been done the moment I completed From Servant to Stardom. As for Tale of Stardom, I am deeply sorry for the deception of continuing it in the future, but now, it is officially discontinued by my hand. I humbly apologize to all of you that have been looking forward to its updates, but now, it is just beyond my own power to control. Just for the record, I am not quitting because of decreasing popularity or by some pretentious git that thinks I do not know what I am doing when he or she does not know any better, not that I know or even care of for that matter. I have already seen and known about many things, some things you might even be surprised on how I came to know. It is a little something that everyone knows as the internet, a powerful tool that can be used for good or bad purposes. And now, my last and only request to you, the reader, is to follow what you believe in within the world of fan fiction and if you can, write the best story you could think of, involving an engaging plot, vivid characters, and descriptive scenarios.

I now take my final bow. What you decide to do now is completely up to you.


Fictional Romances

Below lists Pokémon pairings from the anime or fan fiction/art of the anime that I've supported or have taken interest in. The pairings are what I am truly interested in, given from sufficient canon evidence and convincing works of art or fiction. Well, that or ideas form in my head and I try out new concepts. I'm still into AbilityShipping, not just because Ash and Anabel are very cute when paired together, but because this romantic Pokémon pairing gives me a lot to think about my life such as which young women do I want to be with and what the qualities a good person would have. But this is just from my own opinions and I could care less what anyone says about them. I still support other ships though, whether they're fully recognized by the community or not. But just to clarify, I am not entirely interested in pairings of the same sex. I am a straight guy who believes in romantic pairings with the opposite sex and that platonic friendship can be with anyone one person fully trusts and confides in.

I support AbilityShipping (Ash/Satoshi and Anabel/Lila); MirrorRivalShipping (Drew/Shuu and Zoey/Nozomi); LithiumShipping (Silver/Kamon/Rival and May/Haruka).

I occasionally support AdvanceShipping (Ash/Satoshi and May/Haruka); MorpheusShipping (Ash/Satoshi and Angie/Aoi); SoulSilverShipping (Silver/Kamon/Rival and Lyra/Kotone).

Original Stories

From Servant to Stardom: My first fan fiction, of my own Stardom series, as Romance/Action/Adventure. It is complete.
A complete Humor/Adventure Mario One-Shot, featuring Dimentio and his implied perfume. First part of the Cycle of Disorder trilogy.
Lakeside Love:
A complete One-Shot Romance/Hurt/Comfort AbilityShipping Valentine's Day theme story.
Wolf Meditates: A complete Humor/Parody Super Smash Brothers One-Shot, coming from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
Our Time Together: A complete Romance/Friendship MorpheusShipping One-Shot in Angie's POV, basically summarizing the Summer Academy Arc.
The Dusknoir of the Stage: A complete Halloween Romance/Horror One-Shot; based off of The Phantom of the Opera; IkariShipping and minor PenguinShipping.
Winter's Solitude:
A complete Christmas Romance/Angst AbilityShipping One-Shot.
New Resolves:
A complete New Year's Romance/Humor FireredShipping One-Shot.
Diglett Day:
A complete Groundhog Day Family/Humor One-Shot and minor MorpheusShipping; first of the Daycare trilogy.
Tale of Stardom:
A Romance/Action/Adventure sequel to From Servant to Stardom, part of the Stardom series. Chapter Forty is posted. Officially Discontinued
A complete Humor/Adventure Mario Two-Shot, second part of the Cycle of Disorder trilogy, starring Doopliss. Sequel to Demented.
Explosion Liberation:
A complete Independence Day Family/Humor One-Shot sequel to Diglett Day, second of the Daycare trilogy. Includes minor MorpheusShipping.
Ode to an Open Heart:
A complete Romance/Poetry AbilityShipping poem between two seperate POV verses and third verse of previous POVs combined.
Grateful Quest:
A complete Thanksgiving Family/Humor conclusion to Daycare trilogy. Includes minor MorpheusShipping.
Fury: A complete Humor/Adventure Mario Two-Shot with Epilogue, final part of the Cycle of Disorder trilogy, starring Fawful. Sequel to Slick.
Super Pikachu Bros: A complete April Fools' Day Romance/Parody LagomorphShipping One-Shot. Requested by CrazyYanmega. Secret ending of author's favorite pairing.

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I let duty get into my way, and in the end, it proved to be your undoing. [Zelink, OoT, oneshot.]
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