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Author has written 6 stories for Shugo Chara!, and Gakuen Alice.


Age: 15 years old



In the future, I want to be a writer.

Reasons why I write fanfics here in this site:

-I enjoy writing my imagination in a piece of paper then typing it later on in the computer.

-I love reading books and I just love it when the author gets so many reviews from other authors and I want to experience that too. Somehow here in fan fiction it almost feels like that.

-And lastly as you can see there are still errors in my stories and so fan fiction is like some training site to help me develop my skills. That is, If i have any.

Here are the fanfics that I have written and short summaries explaining each and every one of it.


I'll Make Her Mine


This story is about a girl who is named Hinamori Amu, who is late for her first day of school. She meets a transfer student who is accidentally a pervert of a bastard who is unfortunately devastatingly handsome with the name Ikuto Tsukiyomi. The very first day of school and he starts molesting her. Talk about a man with dignity! NOT! But every time he's teasing her, She seems to feel an attraction and feelings starts to blossom but just when she starts thinking that she might be actually falling in love with him an unexpected visitor from the past appears, Natsume Hyuuga. Who will she choose? (updates for this story will start on March 25, 2010)

Puppy Love. Literally!


Hinamori Amu has turned unto a dog every night and human every morning due to a crazy fairy god mother. That bitch mistakenly cursed her instead of cursing Ikuto Tsukiyomi. And now, it is to be expected that she has a lot of sacrificing to do. Firstly, she must stay at the house of the only man who knows this secret (Ikuto). Is that sacrifice enough? (Updates for this story will be every week)

Your My Vampire


Amu is a brat. A spoiled hot and beautiful little brat! Then her life crosses path with a Drop Dead Gorgeous vampire who only thinks about money. A love comedy of two different creatures, who is forbidden to love one another. (Update will start on March 25 2010 in the evening 6:00 pm)

My Fiancee


She is engaged to a man she hardly knew due to the decisions of her already dead parents. How could she possibly love this Beautiful Creature? That did not came out right. I mean how could she possibly love this pervert cocky bastard? But she spoke too soon. (Update will start on March 24 2010)


I don't give a damn about your parents


The story is about Natsume and Mikan meeting at the most crowded place in the city which is, The market. They fall deeply attracted to one another. a rich beautiful girl to a poor but extremely hot teenage vendor. As time passes by, their attraction becomes love but Mikan has parents and they has something to say about it. They disapprove of their relationship. A poor guy like him, is just trash for their eyes. Witness how Natsume and Mikan handles this. And why is Natsume so calm? (Updates will be every week depending on the reviews if their are little reviews then the update will take long)





Ikuto Tsukiyomi, Ryoma Echizen and Natsume Hyuuga also known as HSB (Hot Step Brothers), Famous for their Naughtiness, looks and their attitude of being incapable of love crosses paths with 3 beautiful best friends. Will they finally learn to pronounce the word 'I Love You'? Read and Find out. ( First Update will be on march 27 2010. There has been some problems concerning my editor so I have to wait for her to be available for me to post the next chapter. No worries the draft for the next chapter is already stored in my USB )

ANYWAYS I HAVE AN IDEA FOR A STORY AGAIN but I will write it after I've completed one of this fanfics.

Please check out my fanfictions and don't hesitate to post on a review. Thanks!

Into you, I Go by rainypromise reviews
Things change in record speed around Alice Academy, but for Natsume, when it comes to what matters most, some things doesn't change at all. Someone should've told him "Becareful what you wish for." HIATUS
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She is turned unto a dog every night and human when its morning by a clumsy mistake of a stupid fairy god mother. Forced to stay at the house of the only man who knows her secret a.k.a the man who is supposed to be in her position. READ AND REVIEW! AMUTO
Shugo Chara! - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 4,847 - Reviews: 28 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 14 - Updated: 3/21/2010 - Published: 3/4/2010 - Amu H., Ikuto T.
I don't give a damn about your parents reviews
A rich & spoiled beautiful girl and a poor but extremely hot teenage vendor meets weirdly. As time passes by, their attraction becomes love but Mikan has parents and they has something bad to say about it. And how could he be so calm about this! review!
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Ill make her Mine reviews
The first Day of School. Never expecting anything this unbelievable could happen. A new gorgeous student. Someone new to play with. Love Blossoming. A jealous Cat. A lonely Tadase. Not that good w/ summaries but I hope you get the point. R&R No FLAMES!
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My Pervert Fiancee reviews
She's engaged, and she did not even knew it! and what's worse than being engaged with probably the most irritating pervert in the whole world. But I never knew, He also has another side of him. A side that I could actually fall madly in love with. REVIew
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Playboys reviews
I'm terrible in writing summaries! well, here goes nothing... Famous, 3 drop dead gorgeous, perverted step brothers., not capable of love, or will they? Once they'll meet...READ AND REVIEW A LOT! OK? hehe REVIEW! LOL
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A Hot money maker vampire and a cute school girl, will crosses each path. Never knowing that love could actually blossom between this different creatures. And what's this? LOVE COMEDY! Edited the summary. Update for this story will start next week. ;
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