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Helloo world of fan fiction. I'm a teenage girl. I live in the middle east, though I'm not an arab (but I could swear at you in arabic if i wanted to - yes, that's what your friends teach you of their languages.) I'm Muslim. I'm funny. I'm awesome. True story :)

Any story/fic I read or write must have some humour (or humor, if you prefer). Otherwise it's boring. Even if it's an angsty tragedy, there need to be a few funny one liners at the very least!

Feel free to send me PMs trying to get me to update JWIN and the L&J series faster. I seriously need to be reminded CONSTANTLY to keep writing! They are a nice wake-up call! But reviews are great, too. Reviews make me happy! Lately I haven't been getting as many reviews as I used to :( Granted that's my fault, since it always takes me forever to update, but please don't give up on me! I'm working on it, I promise!

I have a twitter account now. It's @PassionIsMyArt ... so follow me, and feel free to yell at me to update my fics through tweets now! I'll tweet about when the next updates will be out, too, if you want! I check Twitter and stuff way more often than I check FF so I'll be more likely to see those messages and I'll actually be more motivated to write faster with a bunch of reminders from you guys ;) Honestly, I don't feel like writing if no one pushes me! I need constant reminders... or else!

Next Updates:

L&J: Still a while to go, I'm afraid.

JWIN: SURPRISE! I updated it :D

Oh and just so you know, to all the people who ask, even though it may take me ages and ages to update a fic, I will never, EVER give up on my fics. I just don't have the time to work on it. I WILL update it eventually. If I have to permanently stop a fic (which i really hope i don't have to do, but might once I'm no longer a teenager and will (hopefully?) have better things to do) then I would let you guys know I was finished, not just leave you guessing!


My favourite books are: Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Emma; The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini, Les Miserables - Victor Hugo, Little Women- Louisa May Alcott, the Twilight series, Harry Potter, The Inheritance Cycle and the Darren Shan/Cirque Du Freak saga.

Favourite TV shows are Friends, Castle, Smallville, Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Community, The Voice... though there's tons more i like!

Favourite movies: The Devil Wears Prada, Notting Hill, Prince of Persia, 10 Things I Hate About You, Easy A, My Cousin Vinny, The Social Network, Zombieland, Pride and Prejudice, the last Harry Potter Movie, Independence Day and Top Gun.

Here's a short guide for the newbies to FF. I remember how confused i was whenever i saw AU or OOC, so here you go:

AU= Alternative Universe. The characters are in a different world than in the movie/book/show/whatever. For example, an AU for Twilight could be that all the characters are human, instead of Wolf and Vamps.

Canon= Basically the opposite of AU. The story going along with/continuing what's in the books/movies/shows/whatever, In the same universe.

OC= Original Character. A character that the Fic's writer has made up.

OOC= Out Of Character. The character is acting differently to what you would expect in the book/movie/tv show etc.

Oneshot= a story with only one chapter. Doesn't take a genius then to guess what a twoshot is.

Ships= short form of Relationships

Name a x Name b = a relationship. A and B are in a relationship in this story. Eg. JacobxBella. Could also be Jacob/Bella. Or some weird mix of the two people's names, like Dramione (Draco and Hermione from Harry Potter). OR just the initials: J/B or JxB, or even JB/BS or JBxBS (both initials in the name. Jacob Black)

Lemon= *Cough* basically ... er, stuff to make it Rated M, if you know what I mean ... no? Alright, it means Sex. There's going to be Sex if it says "lemon". There, happy? Don't ask where they came up with the name, I have no idea. And I really don't wanna know.

Femlash/Yuri= girl on girl relationship

Slash/Yaoi= boy on boy relationship.

For Twilight fans:

Blackwater= A Jacob/Leah fic (My personal Fave!)

That's all I can think of now, but I'm sure there's more. Oh well, I'll add if I think of any.

And just a tip: If there's slight allusions to sex, minor swearing like "shit" and "crap", and/or a bit of kissing, then you're safe to rate it as T.
If you're actually describing the sex, and you frequently use the "F-bomb" or "B!tch", then it's an M rating, you moron!! xD no offense though, of course! Just rate wisely, there are innocent eyes who shouldn't see stuff like that :)

My Favourite Ships:

Harry Potter: Lily/James, Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione, Teddy/Victoire, George/Alicia, Sirius/any OC (because Sirius needs some love too!!)

Twilight: Jacob/Leah (possibly my favourite pairing EVER!! I seriously would have liked BD a lot more if there had been more blackwater and less Renesmee-imprinting-ness) Edward/Bella (though these get overly-corny sometimes), Jacob/Bella (but i prefer J/L), Jacob/Alice (ever since Breaking Dawn, I can't help it xD), Alice/Jasper, Emmett/Rose (though i don't really read them much) Jacob/Rose (because i think they'd be interesting together, and I like how he teases her... but I've never read a fic on them... YET! Any suggestions?)

Eragon: Eragon/Arya, Eragon/Murtagh (only sometimes), Murtagh/Nasuada

Fave Characters:

Harry Potter: James, Sirius, Ron, Fred and George... and Mrs. Weasley for being hillarious when she yells at them!

Twilight: Jacob, Leah, Seth, Paul, Alice, Emmett, and maybe Jasper. And Rosalie can be fun too sometimes.

Eragon: Eragon, Saphira, Arya

On a random note... Who put an 's' in the word lisp? What a jerk!

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