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T a C o C a T /Is a Palindrome/

..:N o t e:.. Hey guys. So I haven't shown my face around here in a couple of years. Uh. Yeah. I kinda took a sevenish-year haitus from writing fanfiction until I binge-watched some Naruto and it rekindled my love. I'll try to post new chapters when I have time, but I'm a full-time university student studying French and Spanish and language classes are pretty demanding.

..:Note:.. Profile pic was drawn by me. Please don't snag without asking permission.

What's Up With The Name

Once upon a time a picture I once found on an lolcat website featured a (more than likely photo shopped) cat wearing a taco. It was captioned: "Tacocat is a Palindrome." I fell in love. The end.

Stories :

P o s t e d

Yoho!: Set in the mid fifteen hundreds, or so, Yoho! is the swashbuckling tale of Lieutenant Uchiha Sasuke whose cushy job in the military is brought to a sudden end when the ship that carries his he and his Fiancee is laid under siege by a band of pirates under the lead of the infamously notorious Captain Hokage, a legendary timeless pirate lord whose reputation is known world wide. He finds himself engaged in sword fight with the very same man, only to discover shortly that he is actually no man at all, but rather the quirky and hotheaded Haruno Sakura hidden under a concealing hat. He is forced to join her band of unique pirates, and as he comes closer to unveiling the secret behind Captain Hokage, finds himself against all odds, falling in love.

Inspiration for this story came from the ongoing piratesarebetterthanninjas/ninjasarebetterthanpirates wars, and I found the idea of throwing the Naruto characters into a pirate world quite laughable, regardless of the fact I knew it had probably been done before. In my defense, I've never seen a Naruto pirate story. Then again, that excuse is made invalid by my previous statement that I don't get around this site much. I've actually had this idea for quite some while, but was never quite able to find the time to get to work on the story for it. So far, it's been a blast to write. I am enjoying the story and the way the characters interact with each other very much, especially the dialog.

Favorite quote from the story: "Take the wench to the brig!" For a moment I thought she was talking about Hinata, but then she continued. "Maybe I'll have a little fun with him later, eh?"

Jan Ken Pon: Based loosely off of the traditional game of rock, paper, scissors -- Jan Ken Pon represents Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto as these three objects, and the relationship between them. Set in the future after Itachi's death and Sasuke's return to Konoha, Sasuke (paper) is madly in love with a reformed Sakura (scissors) who in turn in vying for Naruto, (rock) who is oblivious and too consumed by his Hokage duties to notice that he is part of a love triangle with his two teammates. Through the heartbreak, frustration, and difficulties facing his awaiting trail and punishment for the betrayal of Konoha, Sasuke must try to find time to woo Sakura and win back her heart. Sakura must choose between the man who forsook her and her clueless best friend. And Naruto? He just wants some ramen.

The story will be written in alternating points of view, between the three members of team seven. Inspiration? I don't know, it just sort of popped into my head. It probably won't end up being long, but I'm hoping that it will turn out as an angsty, but touching romantic comedy about my three favorite characters.

Favorite quote from the story: "I am not pitiful." I replied at last in an annoyed monotone. "I do not look like a girl. And I am not playing hard to get. Sorry, try again."

He snorted in amusement and sat up straight, the chair falling back onto all fours with a loud clatter. "You are too pitiful. I could cry myself to sleep just thinking about you, Mr. Gloom-and-Doom. Hard to get? Okay, maybe you're playing impossible to get. And as for looking like a girl? Sure. Slap on a couple of boobs and cut you down a few inches vertical-wise, and you could totally pass for a woman." He squinted and stared at me scrutinizingly, pressing his lips together. There was something in the way he looked at me that caused me to suppress a shudder. "You'd actually be kind of good looking." He finished finally.

kICK tHE bUCKET: Thwarted by one of his own snakes, Sasuke is spent spiraling up to the afterlife to the welcome of his deceased clan and acquaintances that had gone before him. His first goal remained only half-accomplished, with Uchiha Itachi dead and Uchiha Madara still wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting masses as he watches wistfully from above. As for his second goal -- he is forced to be spectator as the only girl he had imagined rebuilding his clan with grieves over his death, and turns to the waiting arms of Rock Lee for consolation. Noticing how bitter the brooding Uchiha is over his sudden death, the fourth Hokage strikes up a deal with the higher-ups and offers it to Sasuke. If he can manage to bring about Uchiha Madara's death before the second full moon, he will be allowed to stay alive and on earth.

Inspiration actually came from I Promise You Forever, even though the two stories follow very different plot lines and genres. While I Promise You Forever was supposed to be a touching and tragic one shot, kICK tHE bUCKET was intended to create a humorous view of death and the traditions that surround it, with the occasional bit of angst mixed in.

Favorite quote from the story: Being held by her like this, it reminded him of when he was younger so powerfully that he felt like a child again, desperately seeking comfort in the arms of his mother. He was put to ease so thoroughly that he seemed to forget about the nearby onlookers, until...

There came a snort of laughter and a chuckle, followed by a teasing call of: "Mommas Boy!"

I Promise You Forever: While taking a vacation from Konoha, Sakura makes an unexpected reunion with Uchiha Sasuke. He takes her back to his camp, where he realizes that he has fallen in love with her, and they start a new life on the run from the rest of the world. It seems that they always were destined to be together, not in this life -- but in the next.

I don't know what sickly sadistic part of me thought this up. I mean, honestly. My goodness. It's just so... so very sad.

Favorite quote from the story: "I just don't believe this is happening. You can't possibly be here. I've finally lost my mind. You've driven me out of my mind. I'm probably sitting here talking to myself."

"You're as sane as I am." He replied. I laughed bitterly, squeezing myself reassuringly.

"I knew it! If that's the case, then I am sitting here talking to myself."

Meet The Uchihas: A young girl is assigned to be a partner for a research project to the class prodigy -- Uchiha Sayoko. A glimpse at the relationship between her parents would cause a need for years of therapy to come. Through the chaos of fury driven war, it was difficult to believe that Uchiha Sasuke and Sakura were very much in love.

So I don't quite remember how this popped into my head or why I wanted to write this, but it came out anyway, and it was a heck of fun doing so. It is so far the shortest one shot that I have ever written and will most likely ever write. And probably the only one in which I will ever insert OCs, because as I have mentioned before, I hate them.

Favorite quote from the story: In the blink of an eye he was flat on the ground and she was straddling him, wrapping her dainty fingers around his neck and cutting off his air supply. She occasionally bashed his head against the floor, and he occasionally gagged. "Better, thanks." Sayoko called. She squinted at the paper and hovered indecisively over it with her eraser. "Yeah, yeah, he does like eggs in his ramen... That's right..."

C rossfir E: Haruno Sakura is a young aspiring doctor who takes her education very seriously, especially due to her hard-to-please professor who also happens to be Sakura's role model, Tsunade. Aside from her unparalleled devotion to her future career, the only thing abnormal about Sakura's life was her next-door-neighbor, a bizarre but good-looking man who she rarely saw leave his apartment, let alone participating in normal living activities. When unfortunate circumstances brings her to his apartment, she stumbles across a secret that would change her life, and consequently his life, forever.

The idea for this story came to me in the shower, where all good ideas for stories come from. This one still isn't quite thought through, and the ending is still a little blurry, but what I have planned for it so far is worthwhile.

Favorite quote from the story: She made a mental note to ask to use her other neighbor's phone next time she was locked out of her apartment, if there was a next time. She was willing to bet that there was less chance of being shot if she did so.

Intimacy: Sasuke and Sakura are reunited after one of his absences from the village. This is my own imagining of what happened during the blank period and how their relationship came to be. And, of course, how Sarada came to be. x3 Sasuke-kun, you dawg.

Favourite quote from the story: "You need to be more self-aware. Put some clothes on before I put you on your back."

Firsts: I dunno, Firsts is basically an excuse for me to have a oneshot collection with multiple characters because I wanted to write for different pairings (despite my fervent love of sasusaku) without committing to a multi-chapter story. I just wanted it to have a theme, y'know. Aside from sasusaku, minakushi is definitely my favourite Naruto pairing. I'm a shameless Minato fangirl, so I hope to have a handful of good minakushi oneshots. I'm also happy to take requests or prompts (provided I have time and it strikes my interest) so feel free to comment on the story or send me a private message.

That's All Folks

Check out my deviantart, my username is 'Reihitsu' (this puppy has been abandoned so long.)

I have a gaiaonline account, PM me to request my username.

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