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Hi!! I'm seriously crazy, and when I'm tired I go into exhaustion hysterics, laughing at anything and everything! You can call me Leila, 'kay! Phew, I'm calm now let me tell you a bit about myself. I'll start with the basics.


Math (don't kill me, 'tis true), My Chemical Romance (dis them and feel my wrath), Bullet For My Valentine (ditto), and All-American Rejects somehow became my current fav (their first album).


French (I hate language), people (I'm in bad moods a lot), Gym class (screw physical fitness), Pop music, and Rap music.


Drawing (fanart), Writing (fanfiction and short stories), Video Games (I'd die without them), and Guitar (Not good at it, but still play it),

Dreams for the Future:

To be the greatest Hokage, dattebayo! No, not really, but I would like to get straight A's.

And there you have it! Me, team 7 style! And in case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a Naruto fan (manga mostly, but I watch anime too).

Favorite Animes/Mangas:

DNAngel, Naruto, Black Cat, Blood Plus, Trinity Blood, Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, Red River, and S-Cry-Ed.

Favorite Couples:

DNAngel: DarkxRiku, DarkxKrad, Naruto: SakuraxDeidara, ItachixSakura, KakashixSakura, KisamexSakura (just don't ask) NarutoxHinata, ShikamaruxTemari, NejixTenTen, InoxKiba, Blood Plus: SayaxHaji, Inuyasha: KagomexSesshomaru, KagomexKoga, MirokuxSango, FMA: HawkeyexMustang, EdxWinry, S-Cry-Ed: RyouhoxScheris KazumaxKaname, and Red River: KailxYuri.

I seem to be forgetting a few names here... Ah well.

Anyways! That's me! Don't forget it!

Alright I have my story Repentance up and running, but I am almost done with it. There will be a sequel, but I am going to do another story first. I want you to help me choose which of my ideas I should do first in the poll at the top of my profile.


Title: Magic of Shinobi

Pairing: SakuraxItachi

Summary: Crossover with Harry Potter: Team Seven gets an interesting mission from a far away place to guard a school called 'Hogwarts' from a 'Dark Lord'. The current war between the shinobi nations has left Konoha with few nin to spare and other nations not an option to ask help from. So the Akatsuki has been put on the mission as well. Tension is high between the teams and Sakura is charged as team leader and the responsibility to keep the peace between everyone. This proves difficult when her own team doesn't believe in her; but what happens when the Akatsuki does? Sakura will struggle with her morals and the shinobi that have joined forces with Voldemort, Otogakure, and most importantly sort out her newfound feelings for the elder Uchiha brother.


Title: Shita

Pairing: KisamexSakura

Summary: While on a solo mission Sakura is 'approached' by our favorite blue-boy, Hoshigaki Kisame. Kisame has been charged with taking the kunoichi to their leader for another 'recruiting'. Kisame has been ordered to keep her unharmed mentally and physically. Its proving to be much more difficult than it should be seeing as she is intent on placing them in awkward situations. Sakura is equally unsettled by the strange attraction she feels for the S-class fishman and is struggling to keep under control. Now forced to travel together for a week to the base, emotions run high and Sakura isn't sure if she should kiss him or go with Inner Sakura's suggestion and kick his ass.


Title: Love is a Nightmare

Pairing: DeidaraxSakura

Summary: Crossover with World of Warcraft: Sakura is a young Night Elf hunter, Grand Marshall of the Alliance army. Deidara is a Blood Elf mage who likes his fire spells, did I mention he was the Archmage? On the battle field Sakura's husband, Sasuke, is killed by the finally explosion caused by who else but our devilishly handsome pyromaniac. Sakura falls unconscious on the battlefield and is taken as a hostage by the Archmage. Now placed under the care of the blonde mage, Sakura struggles with her feelings and her occasional run-ins with her dead husband's Half-Blood Elf brother. While on the other side of the battlefield Sakura descovers things about the parents she never knew that she never wished to know, and falls further and further for the blonde Archmage.


Title: Konoha no Sunahime

Pairing: GaaraxSakura

Summary: I decided that I didn't really like the chuunin exams all that much and have decided to mix it up a little. Sakura is the only one who doesn't look at him with fear, who doesn't scream when his sand constricts around her small form suffocating her. No, she smiles a sad smile that says 'I'm sorry' even when she'd done nothing wrong. Gaara doesn't understand, he tries to kill her in his frustration, but then he sees that smile. No, she is lying to him. She will be just like Yashamaru, she doesn't care about him at all. But, then why? Why does she just smile? If she claims that she cares, if she says she will never hurt him then so be it; She will belong to him.


Title: Mine

Pairing: GenmaxSakura and one-sided SasukexSakura

Summary: (This one has already been started, the first chapter has been posted). Sasuke has defeated his brother and has returned to Konoha to see his Sakura on the arm of another. Sakura had been depressed when Sasuke had left and after a while began to drown her sorrows in alcohol at a bar. Here she meets the senbon-wielding Tokubetsu Jounin. Genma helps to free her of her depression so that her smiles woul be real once more and he could see the beauty they brought to her face. Through a series of sexual comments on Genma's half and several whacks over the head on Sakura's, the pair fall hard and fall fast for each other. Sasuke is infuriated that his Sakura is with another man and that man dare call her his. So what does he do? Plot the death of one Shiranui Genma.


Title: Obsession of a Madman

Pairing: PeinxSakura

Summary: Sakura has always loved the rain. It helps her clear her thoughts and gives her a feeling that every sin she's commited has been forgiven; washed away. It has not rained in Konoha for a long time now, and Sakura if falling into the despair from fulfilling her missions and her conscience is driving her mad without the rain to wash it away. While out on a mission, Sakura visits Ame on her way home, in hopes of feeling the rain on her face and driving away the horrible voice in her head. The Akatsuki Leader, Pein, feels her presence in his rain and goes to find out why a Konoha kunoichi has entered his domain. What he finds is not what he expected. Sakura is standing in the rain with her arms outstretched and a content smile on her face. He approaches her with genuine curiosity, and she speaks freely to him, not caring about the Akatsuki cloak that he wears. His curiosity grows to great interest, and he promises her that it will rain more in Konoha. She leaves him with a small kiss on his lips, and his interest grows more. In those few moments, Sakura has made a grave mistake. The mistake of becoming the Obsession of a Madman.

There are your choices, please vote and help me choose which to continue first, I have a first chapter for each that can go up as soon as the poll is over.

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