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Hola, Hiya, Konnichiwa, Bonjour... Yeah... Me and my friend share this account.
Me, Salty-Storm, The regular typing.
And Truffle mix, The italic typing.

hehehe, a korean and an honorary asian (who's white, really, really, really, really, really white) what an interesting duo. You have no idea. Really, no idea whatsoever.

the sideways words is moi, trufflemix! The cool Korean one!
She only thinks she's the cool one...
No. I really am cooler than little Ms. Madam Salt.
She's really actually not... (The regular typing is Salty-Storm, if you haven't caught on by now, btw)

We're really insane, i mean not your average insane, i mean get high on pixie sticks (and truffle mix, unless that's just me) and try to get alien comrades to take over the world. We'd never do that though--really i swear!
Yeah! Of course we'd do much worse! ...You know saying that doesn't really help our image...

Salty-Storm-- There's kinda a story behind that...but I'm not telling. Yeaaah! We have very interesting conversations and if most people were to hear them, they'd probably be REALLY confused. It's true! Even I get confused most of the time! When we write we tend to crack up laughing because well in the story we're in the process of writing right now she can only think of situations for one person and she'd kinda like to think for some scenes for someone else It's not funny! I'm cursed I tell you! CURSED!!...hahahaha It's really truely hilarious. =D Shiori is doin' pretty well, I must say. I can't think of anything good for Megumi... TT,TT ...That's ok we all LOVE Megumi, Shiori just wants her story to be told more so she took our imaginations hostage... She's kinda demanding, ne?

Our current story; Yorozuya Gakuen, is a Gintama fic. It started out one way and...let's just say our original side characters are our main characters and our main couple COMPLETELY changed. I was laughing about it the other day.

Yeah, I can't tell if that's really a good thing or a bad thing now...

About Us

Salty-Storm: I'm a skilled procrastinator... Mostly. When I get hooked on something, I stay with it for a while. I also almost always have my iPod with me. It doesn't have name though... I normally call it 'that thing'... or 'the brick'. I love to write, I'm normally always humming some tune or singing a song. I'm off in my own world... a lot. I'm taking Japanese through school, and I'm in Japanese 2 right now. I'm online a lot, so... message me and you'll normally get a pretty fast response.
I like anime, music, doodling, reading, and writing. I can be a perfectionist sometimes and I'm OCD about the weirdest things.

My account--Fictionpress
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Trufflemix: I am truly a better procrastinator than Salt-a-lot Because she actually gets her work done, otherwise I... Well, I am a Korean American who's studying Japanese who took Chinese last year! Now aren't I multi-cultural? :3
Well, I love music (all kinds really!), anime/manga, imagination-ing! (Why else would I be on this site?), I also love those computer smily-faces, because I'm sure that it can make any sentence warm and fuzzy and cute! >//,//I also love laughing and making other people laugh. Although most of the laugh comes after I say/do something stupid and/or when I hurt myself. What can I say? It's a natural Talent! ... Not that I'm a klutz or anything!! I'm GRACEFUL!!
And for Salty-storm... it's not my fault you can't spell Belgium. Did you not hear that song they teach you in Kindergarten? (I comes before U, unless something or other blah blah can't remember) But she loves me! Although I can't really say the same for her... LMAO jkjkjkjkjk!! I wuv Salty-storm so much!!
I wish I could've come to the writing festival, but it was stupidly on my stupid birthday so I couldn't really go! How unfair is that? GRR, I blame Salty-Storm.
Favorite quotes:

My spelling is Wobbly. It's good spelling but it Wobbles, and the letters get in the wrong places. -- Winnie the Pooh

How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
It would chuck the amount of wood that she sells seashells on the seashore divided by how many pickles Peter Piper picks, plus about as many boards the Mongols hoard would hoard if the Mongol hordes did hoard boards. --That one internet site.

Favorite Songs: I can't choose!! I love all kinds of music! American, Korean, Japanese, French, some Chinese!! Music is seriously my life!!

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