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I know what your thinking 'not another loser who all they want to do is tell you about themselves' so I will keep it short and sweet.


you have been warnd

My name is Genavieve (Jen-a-v-eve) and I live in North Carriolina. I'm not going to tell you any thing else about me 1 because you probably don't need or want to know and 2 so I can be safe. : ) I am absolutly obsesed with the Twilight Series. End of story.

Rant: Isn't Edward Cullen just AMAZING!? And Alice needs to relax with the Barbie Bella stuff. I LOVE the cast except SOMEONE FIX ALACE'S HAIR and GIVE EMMET STEROIDS OR SOMETHING.

OK I'm done : P

At school i'm mostly the one who makes every thing fun but when you first meet me I tend to be really shy and not meet your eyes. Then the next day I act like your my best friend.

OK i'm not very good at these profile things so I made a list:

Favorite Books: Twilight series (duh), Eragon series, Harry Potter series, there are to many others to count

Favorite Movies: War of the worlds, Harry Potter, Forest Gump, Any vampire movie, I reciently sall the Invisible it was really good.

Music: Rock, punk, and metal are my favs but rap is okay. Country is barrable. Have a mom who loves it and it stars to rub off.

You know how Edward in twilight has that brons shade in his hair? Well me to! but mine has blond in it, and curls. And no I did not diye it! thats why it's so cool.

As you may have noticed I have Horrible spelling. Seriously I cant spell if my life depended on it.

Also none of my fanfics are actualy GOOD. I have isshues when I have to follow the guidlines of other authors so alot better when I write my own storys. If you don't like my stuff I don't blame you.

Well thats allyou need to know about me.

Here are just a few random things I woder about:

Do you know why they call bannas, bannas? I mean seresly who the hell came up with that? why cant we call them Bubs or something?

And how do you make a heart on a computer?I tried but it was just a lessthan sign and a three like this 3 well I guess it sorta works.

Have you ever had a crush on someone that everyone else liked and he was your best friend? Well what do you do about that?

I don't really feel like going on so you can wonder about that for a wile

Favorite Twilight Quotes:

Kriptonite dosn't bother me ether. - Edward Cullen

How strongly are you opposed to grand theft auto? - Edward Cullen

I was just wondering why you stabed him, not that I object. - Edward Cullen

What are we doing tomrrow? Hiking or the ER? - Jacob Black

Oh i'm with the vampiersof course. - Bella Swan

Okay... no more neck exsposer. - Bella Swan

I think she's having hystercs, maybe you should slap her. - Alice Cullen


: P


: O


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Just Think About It reviews
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Basicaly this is what I think happned whed Edward told Aro he wanted to die. It's in Aro's POV. Pleas tell me what you think about it. Seriously I need reviews. Also check out Beaneyes30's storys, she helped me write it.
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