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StartingDays previously known as xfgksx/sweetxsorrow27

Name: LYNN
Age: 20
DoB: March 25th
Height: 5'3"
Sex: F.
Ethnicity: German/Irish/British - so a white girl
Location: TX (USA) -unfortunately-

>>I try to see things for what they are and face situations honestly. I'd much rather get to the point than stumbling and looking for what's good. And yet, I'm the kind of person that can hold a gruge. You have to show at least some effort people without being closeminded. I don't take shit from others, although I have a hard time openly saying to his/her face what a bitch he/she may be.

>>I am currently getting private Korean lessons and I'm in college trying to get at leasta bachelors degree in something. I am going to try to teach English in South Korea and hopefully maybe learn some Japanese while I am there. Possibly I can become a translator for a music company or even just a publisher. My backup plan is to try to become a rehabilitation teacher a.k.a. a physical therapist. I want to actually to make something of my life.

If you wish to contact me, just email me at: or leave me a message here.
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So Long
Multichapter - Complete
published: 2.19.2008 - 06.11.2009
pairing(s): Dirty Pair, Oshitari!Atobe, Mukahi!Hiyoshi

One Shot/Lyric Fic - Complete
published: 2.29.2008
pairing(s): Burning Pair

One Shot/Drabble - Complete
published: 5.11.2008
pairing(s): Emerald Pair

Mother's Day at Rikkai
One Shot/Crack - Complete
published: 5.11.2008
pairing(s): Yukimura!Sanada

One Shot - Complete
published: 5.21.2008
pairing(s): Yukimura!Sanada

One Shot/Drabble - Complete
published: 5.27.2008
pairings(s): Mizuki!Yuuta, Akazawa!Kaneda

Singles Player
One Shot - Complete
published: 6.3.2008
pairing(s): Tezuka!Inui

One Shot - Complete
published: 6.4.2008
pairing(s): Yanagi!Kirihara, Sanada!Yukimura

Trickster No More
Multi fic - in progress
published: 10.27.2008
pairing(s): Platinum Pair

Surprising Gestures
One Shot - Complete
published: 03.05.2009
pairing(s): Yukimura Seiichi!Atobe Keigo

So I have fallen out of the Prince of Tennis/Tenimyu/pretty much anime fandom. I still enjoy it here and there, but I'm not crazed over it like I once was. I'm sure it's safe to say that the updates will be very slow...if at all. I'm sorry to all of those that have been waiting so patiently. I feel pretty bad, so I'll probably mess around with Trickster No More every once in a while, but for the most part I haven't really been writing at all.

Sweet baby Jesus, where have I been? Been thinking about writing lately so I decided to log in and just take a peek around. Everything's the same which is good. It's actually been the first time I logged in since my last author's note. I might add some short stories and I need to go back through all my notes here and there to continue my multi chapter fic Trickster No More. It will be difficult writing it, since my personal drama that inspired the story LOOONG passed by now. I'm sure I can rely on my past feelings of that certain being to get some chapters rolling. Off to work!

Still dead. Still not writing (cause I suck at it).

Okay, okay, it's finally done. My multi fanfic So Long is now complete. I don't know if I like it quite yet, but more importantly I really hope you guys do. Now that So Long is done, I will be starting on Trickster No More. If you haven't noticed already, I tweaked the old one shot. I think I just messed with the last line or something and the chapter title. But now the story is ready to have more chapters! I'll try to work diligently on this one as well!

So some of you may have gotten a response from a late review from the story Trickster No More, if not, I have decided to continue to expand the one shot into a multi chapter fanfic. I'm eager to get started on it because today I got some fresh idea's for it, but I won't be working on it until I finish So Long which shouldn't be too long. I have been caught up with school, but it's finally coming to an end.

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Irrational reviews
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