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Ahahahaha. Okay.

Well... from all outward appearance, I'm a total fanfiction.net n00b. However, appearances can be deceiving.
They can also be completely true. I'm a bit in-between, for, you see, I am both long-familiar with the oft inane and foolish, yet alluring world of fanfiction and practically a virgin when it comes to actually writing the stuff myself.

I used to have another name on here, years and years ago when I was but a wee thing, and I wrote a little Pirates of the Caribbean fanfic that puttered on for three chapters and then went bunk. It was quite well-received, all things considered, and even got me a very nice e-mail exchange with another author who I'd admired for quite a while.

It's been years, but I can't bear to delete my old account (and hell no, there's no way I'm linking to it here. Y'all stay in the dark, now, where it's much better). I can't even bear to look at it, which is probably why I've not deleted it. However... the magic of the internet is that one can let bits and pieces of herself float off and into the ether and quietly let them stay there forever. It's a sort of nice feeling, knowing there's a piece of my twelve-year-old self still rocking back and forth in a corner somewhere out there, staring up trustingly at anyone who passes by. I wonder how many hits that old profile has by now? ...Nah, I won't check. That would spoil the magic. :P

Anyway... my PotC days (and Fushigi Yuugi days, and Invader Zim days, and CSI days...) are far from the limitless dreamscapes they once were (Sara, no~!!), and, honestly, I never thought I'd write a piece of fanfiction again.

Hahaha-- that is, until I played Portal. Ye Gods, what a marvelous little game! The minute I was done... well, I watched most all the videos on YouTube, but after that, I went scouring the rest of the internets for all the fanstuff I could find... and didn't find much. "What a travesty!", I thought. Then, I got off the computer and went to bother Michelle for some minute-rice.

After that, though, of course, I started a couple fanfics of my own. To fill the void. ;)

Although my fandom right now is wholly Portal (and GLaDOS one of my favorite antagonists of all time), I may one day polish up my ancient Invader Zim epic and shove it up here, too. We shall see.

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