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I Am DarkNaruto101

Name: It's... a secret!

Age: 19

Height: 6'1

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Likes: Movies, Friends, Writing, Reading, Playing Video Games, Football, Manga, etc.

Dislikes: Arrogance, Rapists, Racists, etc.

Dream: Don't Know

Status: Awesome

Favorite Manga/Anime list:

Naruto (Don't care what most people say about it. I've read Naruto since I was a kid and won't ever stop regardless of what people say.)

One Piece (Monkey D. Luffy... that is all.)

InuYasha (Can't help it even if I'm fucking confused if it falls under Shonen or Shoujo.)

DNAngel (It's awesome. Period. Even if the manga never really finished the anime is still a lot of fun.)

Bleach (Ichigo and Zangetsu make one great team of man and spirit weapon!)

Fairy Tale (Natsu and the gang can always make me laugh no matter what the situation.)

Blue Exorcist (Go blue flames of hell!)

Ratman (The smallest hero can still kick ass!)

The World God Only Knows (Hail Kemia Katsuragi, the God of Capturing. We are not worthy of standing in your awesome presence.)

High School of the Dead (...I watch and read it for the zombies. Absolutely only that.)

Air Gear (Roller Skates that can climb walls and make you do awesome stuff in general.)

Beelzebub (Put one horrible person together with the baby who is supposed to destroy the world and what do you get? Surprisingly a lot of comedy.)

Deadman Wonderland (A nice read for anyone who wants something incredibly serious every so often.)

Defense Devil (A manga that I feel still did not get the proper ending it deserved but was a fun ride all the same.)

Gamble Fish (Everyone place your bets on how it ends.)

Fate/Stay Night (yes the Manga, the game, and the much hated Anime) (I love the stuff and I can't help it. Damn it Type-Moon. Because of you I dream of blades!)

High School DXD (A fun thrill ride with lots of excess perversion and a main character who is a chivalrous pervert and is a harem seeker for once.)

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) (Yuno Gasai, the original Yandare Homicidal Girlfriend from Hell.)

One Punch Man (An awesome manga about a hero who basically explains why its boring to be a hero who defeats everything with one hit.)

Favorite Games:

Halo Series (Expect a possible crossover idea at some point, maybe with FFXIII)

Mass Effect (Still love it despite the ending)

Kingdoms of Amular

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Dead Space 1-3

Kingdom Hearts Series (Love it, wanna fight about it?)

Call of Duty: ME3

Battlefield 3

So many games!

Rant Corner

The Naruto Manga: For the love of god will people please stop bitching about how the Naruto manga is being ruined. Please just stop. You know what I get some of it seems like bullshit but please stop hating on it. I for one still enjoy the manga despite some of its flaws. Some of you keep saying that Naruto was badass for a while but then he lost it after the battle with Pein. No he didn't in my opinion. Why do you people think that? Because he tried to help Sasuke go down the right path again; because Naruto wanted to save his friend? Fuck the reason so many of you bitch about it constantly is because you want someone to just kill Sasuke already... not that I can blame you sometimes (even my patients for a character can be tested sometimes). Why can't people accept that Naruto is a forgiving person; for god's sake the manga essentially makes him into a martyr (the only thing is he hasn't died yet but has come pretty damn close a couple of times). And you know what I find annoying: you all complaining about a sense of justice he had since the beginning of the series. In the beginning it was never expressly shown but implied that he felt this way. As of part 2 the feelings became even more apparent. The fact people don't understand is he has been that way since day one of the manga and has been that way since. He is still the character you fell in love with when you first read the manga. So what if he doesn't get the blatant Goku or Ichigo (that's right I went there) power ups. Why does it annoy you that he is human enough to still need some god damned help from his friends? Honestly deal with it or don't, I don't care. But if all of you are going to say Kishimoto is ruining Naruto I have two things to say to you:

  1. Fuck You. It's his manga. He's the one writing it and drawing it so he gets to decide how it goes. It's his character, his world, and his story. If you don't like it then see point two;

  2. If you don't like it then for those of you who write Naruto fan fiction and still claim this you must stop writing it. If you can't show respect for the source material and the original character that you claim to love then stop writing about him and his world. Fan fictions are written by fans of the original work. People can do crossovers, change the lore about some things or make up their own to an extent, do different things with characters by taking them in new directions; stuff that expands or mixes up upon the original work by creating new paths, new choices, and the like. Its okay to have nit picks with it. Hell its okay to write a fan fiction that fixes the nit picks (to an extent). But if you say that he's out right ruining the series just because it doesn't follow the way you want it to be or how you think it should go and end up claiming you could write it better then screw you. Without Kishimoto we wouldn't even have this character to write about so stop complaining about his work and get over it.

The Whole "Sakura is a useless bitch" and "Hinata is fucking awesome" thing: Yes now that I have given you a beat down about the manga itself I will also give you a beat down about this too. Honestly I don't get all of the Sakura hate nor do I get all of the Hinata love. Yeah I get it in the first part of the manga Sakura was useless; people are right about that. She realized that toward the end of part one and realized she needed to change that. I would like to point out that in part one (in manga and anime filler) Hinata was just as useless. One of the flaws I found with the first part of the series was how it betrays it's female characters. Hinata, I could argue, was just as useless as Sakura in many of the instances. Now don't get me wrong, the filler arcs do a somewhat better job of characterization of both of them but that's pretty much it. Now Part 2 on the other hand does do a better job of establishing the female characters. For example, here Sakura and Hinata are shown both as far more skilled then they previously were. Sakura now has super strength, can heal people, and better fighting skills overall. Hinata has better sight and a greater grasp on the taijutsu techniques of her clan to the point where she can make chakra lions (or are they tigers) on her hands (which is awesome by the way).

So why all of the hate to Sakura then? Is it because she had a thing for Sasuke (and is still implied to have one). Is it because she beat up Naruto a lot (for comedic effect because lets face it a lot of you laughed, its fucking slap stick basics) while Hinata had the obvious stuttering mess crush on him as well as being the secret stalker/watcher of Naruto? If that's the case then many people who hate Sakura don't understand real life. While its true Sakura is the extreme, girls at that age can have crushes they tend to get over enthusiastic about. How I know this: because my best friend was at the time an overly hormonal preteen girl that had, to my astonishment, run through more boyfriends at the age of 12 that I couldn't count them on my fingers by the end of 8th grade. It was why, in my opinion at the time, that women were some troublesome (to quote my favorite lazy ninja). But to the point: so Sakura acted like an extreme preteen girl with a crush. It should be nothing new and while I get that she would have some haters for that it still boggles my mind what reasons people have for hating her in the second part? Yeah they show she's not as strong as Naruto but she isn't useless anymore. I kind of find the current version to be kind of sexy too cause in my opinion the older version does have some flare to her. And when you look at it Sakura, as pointed out by Minato, does in fact act like Kushina did around that age. And a lot of people who like Kushina hate Sakura so when you look at it isn't that hypocritical in a sense.

At the same time do people like Hinata better because she had a crush on the main character long before anyone else? Never understood the whole thought process behind it really. She's pretty as all hell but I always found the implied stalker thing to be really creepy. The fact that she watched him a lot from a far and the like. I don't know about the rest of you but as someone who has had a friends with such problems (namely found in the form of my best friend's previous boyfriend of 2 months at the time), I find it creepy and it annoys me that readers give female characters a pass for something that would get a guy easily arrested. Seriously, because she is a pretty girl for some reason she get's a pass because it's charming and cute... that makes it fine? I get why a lot of people love her. I loved the scene in the manga and anime where she save Naruto's live from Pein. Hell I fucking cried believe it or not. The emotion of the scene was great and it made me really like Hinata's character, especially in the latest manga chapters. However despite this though I don't see her as better than Sakura. In all honesty I see them as about equal in terms of awesomeness and level of cuteness.

So no I don't care about who Naruto ends up with in the end. I think that despite their flaws in part one they both became good characters. So screw people who want to intentionally bash Sakura and kill her off for no other apparent reason other then the fact they don't like her.

Bashing In General: I get we all have characters we hate or like to make fun of but really people. In many Naruto stories they have a common theme of bashing for characters like Sasuke, Sakura, The Third (for some strange reason), some civilian council that doesn't exist in canon but somebody made up and just sort of caught on, and so on. Hell there are even stories where Minato and Kushina live (through convient plot device that all stories of similar nature have gotten away with doing it feels like) and the convenient plot device of making them the most horrible parents in the world (insert sister and or brother who is treated as godly by them and everybody else in Konoha (with the exception of characters that author decides not to for convenient love interest sake or what not)). The combination of the plot devices somehow allow Naruto to gain some sort of sympathy for some reason when there would still be people other than him who had equal or shittier lives... it also ignores any physiological or sociological trauma such an action would have on him.

...Ring any bells. For some reason it's become rather popular of late. Yes there are some stories where its fine to bash in my opinion (comedy, parody, or similar stories) and while I admit it can be a guilty pleasure sometimes we should not be encouraging it. For god sakes we have enough people on this site running around doing that... and most of them are Naruhina shippers. Yes there are manga where characters are intentionally bashed such as Ranma 1/2 (really funny manga if you've never read it and in my opinion gender bending done right if necessary) and Love Hina (and let's face it if you've read it then you know insticivly which characters I'm talking about). Ryoga, Mosseu, and a lot of the other characters from the Ranma manga are essentially bashing stereotypes on crack and thus for fanfiction like that it is ok to bash them as the author literally almost wrote them in the story like that. But for manga that are trying to tell a legitimate story like Naruto, Bleach (on really rare occasion this occurs), and a lot of others; manga that are trying to get you to connect and at least acknowledge that characters existence as reasonable, to treat the characters in such a belligerent manner is stupid. Fuck we've all met a Sasuke Uchiha in our lives... for god's sake one of my very good friends is a brooding bastard (though he struck out with the pretty boy type (thank god)) and he acts like that because he has had some messed up shit in his life. I can't blame the guy. Sasuke lost his family and watched his parents get killed. If you look at it from a physiological stand point he was bound to be as fucked up as he was in the beginning and still is to a point. That stuff would mess up a full grown adult. As for Sakura... yes I get it she can be annoying in the first half in some points but you have to realize that she does represent, in some aspects, a girl who has had a relatively care free life up until she became a ninja (with the exception of the bullying she got but let's face it everyone goes through that nowadays). She still has those innocent cutsy thoughts about boys like Sasuke that someone, coming from her stand point, would behave like and is still in the process of growing up and learning to act like an adult. In my opinion to bash that is just cruel. You want to do it for a moment but imped upon someone a reality check moment that is fine, that happens in real life too. However to take it to the extent that many writers do here is just stupid and should be avoided.

When Getting a Review: Ok let's have a heart to heart here. The honest truth is you, me, no one on this site is special. If you publish a story deal with what comes with it. I'm tired of seeing authors write stuff like "no flamers" or "please review but no flames" and then take even the littlest bit of criticism as a flame. A review function is available so authors can get feed back from people; you know what they liked, what they didn't, and how they think it can be improved or attract readers. Real professional authors get criticism like that all the time in the form of newspaper, TV, and internet articles about their works and do you here them writing long drawn out "fuck you" to the people who might have criticized them? No, because despite how much we dislike it we receive a criticism it forces us as writers to look at it from an audience's perspective and maybe realize that our work isn't as good as we thought. And I don't like it when people are call those criticizing you troll or flamers just because they don't agree with how you write it. Yes you'll get some assholes who do it to piss you off and others who will just dot you with praises, but when you get a honest criticism don't blow it off. Embrace it and learn from it. It makes us better writers and you should be happy about being given the chance to improve.

A Modest Proposal To Fan Fiction Writers To Stop Writing Naruto Neglect Stories:

Please stop writing Naruto neglect stories. For the love of everything that is good and holy please stop flooding the internet with these because they have just gotten so freaking out of hand. I swear if I see one more my head is going to freaking explode and do you want to know why? Because many of these stories are so far away from reality I wonder sometimes if the author has shoved their heads up their own asses. And here is how I have seen these done usually in this order:

  1. Naruto is born either a few years before Kurama attacks and a sibling takes his place in sealing or has a twin born at the same time as him or has a combination of both of those. Then the narrative typically has Kurama separated into his yin and yang chakra halves and given to the twins or, if triplets, split amongst Naruto's two siblings and Naruto has the soul.

  2. Naruto's sibling(s) are treated like heroes and doted on by their parents while Naruto becomes either A). Cannon fodder for extreme abuse and neglect B). The supposed less successful child or C). Somehow a combination of both.
  3. Minato and Kushina, who both somehow survive in some convoluted way, only train Naruto's siblings while they either ignore Naruto or for some reason completely hate him.
  4. Naruto feels like no one loves him and in turn hates or has negative feelings about everyone else except a certain people (usually left up to the author's discretion of who they like and don't and typically includes a lot of Mikoto and Itachi usually).
  5. Naruto trains himself and "takes shit from no one," becomes a badass and a lot of the time someone who is stronger than his siblings, who by the way were trained by an S-Rank Ninja and his also powerful wife.
  6. Family finally starts noticing him and wishes to make amends in some way. If there is a younger sister among them they tipically fall in love with him and they fall into either an incest love pairing or an incest harem love pairing after realizing what they did was wrong. If a younger brother he either wishes to make amends with brother or acts like a total douche.
  7. Naruto refuses to forgive them and then moves out. May or may not decide to try and destroy Konoha in some way.
  8. Minato and Kushina drift apart in someway with Kushina usually becoming redeemable in some way while Minato is damned as a villain, dies, is bashed, or just has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.
  9. Naruto begins to achieve status and make people disgusted with Hokage; Kushina falls in love with him (three way between son, mother, and daughter anyone?).
  10. Story continues on with various equally convoluted plot points that no one seems to care are convoluted and do not make sense in universe. When pointed out author says fuck you and readers just don't give a flying fuck.

And you know what is sad? I just managed to summarize about 90% of the stories that fall into this category. That is not to say that they are all like that because they aren't. There are some very good ones out there that break the formula I just described and have done good stories that have shown Naruto receiving unintentional neglect created through the pursuit of good intentions, that show the characters and their reasoning to be human and the mistakes of one as well. The problem is that there are so few of them that do. So if you find a fic like that don't favorite or subscribe. Don't give the author the satisfaction of knowing that they got subscribers for following a tired and flawed formula. Enough is enough and it is time to start making people realize this. If you agree then post this on your account page.

Suggestions on How to Write a Story from Someone Still Learning:

I will never claim to be a good writer. If anything I am a beginner at best. However that does not mean a beginner cannot make suggestions for other who want to learn to write by pointing out how he does things. I will be listing right now what helps me write a story. For the purposes of this I will use how I started the process for writing Dragon of a Different Kind as an example.

  1. The Idea: It is always good to start out with an idea of what you want to do and jot it down first. It's a good idea to take the time to write the idea down even if it's a passing thought. Write it down because it may be a good one that you could forget about later.

  2. Idea Expansion: After getting down the idea come back to it and expand it over time. Give yourself a few days to think about it and what could be done with it. Not everything will come at first but think about it for a few days and come back to it every so often. Not all the ideas will come immediately so sit on it.
  3. The Characters: The most important part of a story is not the plot but the characters who go through the experiences the plot will provide them with. With that in mind, if your starting from scratch or working with an existing character base, think about what you want them to be like and write a profile for him or her. List a back story, appearance, personality, skills or abilities, and special notes about them or what you would like to do with them. Do one with every character who will play an important part in the story because when you create the types of characters you want when you start writing the plot for the story you already have characters to work around with. Note: Writing these profiles will take time. It took me about two weeks to write detailed profiles for Naruto and some of the OCs that will appear in Dragon of a Different Kind. It may seem hard at first but it will help you in the long run.
  4. The Plot: Now that you have the characters you want you develop the plot. I usually do it in bulleted format going by arc and putting in the most important points for each arc of the story that I want to hit. Plot is important in this sense because if you just write without one you end up going with your gut and that hurts overall when you have no clear path because you will eventually begin to get story inconsistencies and other little problems you would like to avoid. Writing the plot, even if it is only up to a certain point, will really help you in the long run because you can adjust it where you need to once you finally start writing the story itself. It also provides, much like the character sheets, a good reference point to look at.
  5. The First Chapter: The first chapter is critical to the success of a story as it can make or break you. You put your best foot forward and see what you can get. People will always judge wither or not they want to read your story by how well they believe you have done with the first chapter. Fan Fiction readers are especially picky about such things because they don't want to believe they will be reading a story that has no pay off for them. If reading the chapter feels like a chore for them then you are not going to do well. Here are some tips for a successful first chapter: Make sure to have a goal, have something in there to get people interested in it; Make sure to check for errors as people don't want to read a story, no matter how good, riddled with them (I get that in a review a lot so I know it's important); Give the main character and some of the supporters a good introduction to the reader even if they are already established characters.
  6. The Waiting Game: Once you publish a story you have to play the waiting game and typically wait a 1 to 2 days for responses. If you get nothing by then then the story is possibly dead in the water. If you get a few reviews and a few subscribers then feel encouraged. That means that people want to read your work and that there are other waiting in the wing to see what you do before they subscribe. If you get a lot within that time then that is even better. One thing that I stress though is that you listen to what your reviewers have to say. Not all of it will be praise. Some of it will be downers possibly telling to quit. There will be a few who will provide constructive criticism however. I suggest you heed it for the most part because they can greatly help your improvement as a writer.
  7. Decide Wither or Not To Continue: The first chapter is an experiment for the writer as well. You must ask yourself if you like writing the story as well. If it stops becoming enjoyable for you then you won't want to continue because it becomes a chore. Always make sure your satisfied with what your doing and write it the way you want to and not how other people tell you that you should (with the exception once again of constructive criticism because again it helps). If you don't want to continue then don't. That becomes your decision and no one else's. However if your serious then get a beta reader and go over your ideas with them as well as your plans. Many of them are there for more then just editing and are happy to help you.
  8. Enjoy Writing Your Story and Doing Something Not Everyone Has The Guts To Do.

Stories In Progress:

Dragon of A Different Kind:

Naruto X High School DXD Crossover

Summary: He had always felt out of place, going through the motions of each day without change. There were times where he wished he could change the pace. Now he just wished he hadn't gotten into that van, that she hadn't entered their peaceful life and messed it all up. Now he had to bare the burden of what he knew. He would fight and he would make sure no more of his friends died.

Status: Life 5 (80% Complete) Estimated Completion Date: November 27th

Possible Projects:

The Blonde Substitute

Naruto X Bleach

Summary: The Soul Society protects a different dimension from Kurakura and Ichigo's home. Instead they are in charge of the shinobi world. So what happens when everyone's favorite knuckle headed ninja gain's the powers of a Shingami? The world will never be the same. Strong Naruto. Shinigami Naruto.

Status: Not A Clue.

Idea: The Burdened Deathcake, written by the very good writer Naruto6023, kind of already beat me to the punch with a good telling of a Naruto story where he actually doesn't end up in the Bleach world, so if I do decide to do this it would feel like I was writing in his shadow on the subject. May or may not touch it. I already had a chapter written for it really but after the previously mentioned story became really popular I wondered if I should even bother.

It was going to use sort of the same formula for the beginning of Bleach. Rukia gives him power so he could save someone and he has to preform her duty for her. It was going to take place during Shippuden after the had tried to get Sasuke again (Tenshi Bridge Ark). He was going to have to learn to balance his life as a shinobi while preforming the duties of a shingami, which would cause major problems in the canon to arise, which I won't let on cause it would spoil in case people actually do want me to do it.

A Different Start

Story Type: Naruto X Mass Effect

Summary: Humanity deviates from it's intended course after the 4th Shinobi War changes history. Now a humanity armed with better skills and advanced technology, will the galaxy at hand be ready to handle the still standing Shinobi Alliance, especially after a certain blonde knuckle head is revived after forced hibernation?

Status: Plot Being Written

Idea: From all of the cross overs I've seen Naruto and his friends are usually an alien species to humanity or Naruto ended up being immortal and lived for thousands of years with his era forgotten and having no effect. There are so many of those stories it's not even funny. That's why I came up with this idea. How would humanity have changed if the shinobi era did have an impact, if humanity evolved and moved forward after that era specifically with the idea of chakra and the various shinobi arts still intact? Would they be better than the humanity from Mass Effect, essentially our humanity, or would they be worse. Would they make the same mistakes or make new even worse ones? There are just so many things that could be done and the fact that the idea has been relativity unexplored till now astonishes me greatly!

I also wanted to add Naruto to the mix for a couple reasons. One: I want Naruto because he'll have an experience of future shock. The world will be different than he remembered. It will be a good comparison story. Two: It wouldn't be Naruto without Naruto. How can I not include the knucklehead and his tailed partner in crime.

For Want of a Shield

Naruto Only Story

Summary: The old man once told me there are no hero's; that there are only swords. They are forged through battle, tempered by hardship, and sharpened by their experiences. They are weapons used to defend the village from those who threaten it. So I've decided I won't be a shinobi; I won't be a sword. I want to show the old man that hero's can exist. I want to be a shield.

Status: Plot Under Development

Idea: There are plenty of stories out there in the Naruto section. Many of them have Naruto undergo a power up and then run him through the typical plot with some changes here or there. Then there are the really good ones like Kenchi618's "Better Left Unsaid," which deals with the possibility of what might have happened had Naruto not been told he had Kurama stuck in his gut. Personally I like a combination of the two, there is a slight change with big impact and big payoffs.

In this case it happens early on, around when Naruto is 7ish. Sarutobi tells Naruto bluntly what a shinobi is, even if by accident in this case. He tells Naruto that its not what he thinks it is. Despite what the village may say in war there are no hero's except for who their village promotes to be one. Hearing such a blunt statement changes Naruto's ideas about what he wants to do and be. He decides he want's to go see the rest of the elemental continent and make his own path, one that is different from what Shinobi typically are.

This story will feature a strong Naruto due to many various reasons that will be explained throughout the story. He will have plenty of adventures and since he will be outside of Konoha the plot will deviate a lot more. As to how it will? We'll you'll just have to read to find out.

Expect this story out sometime this summer (2014).

What Is Lost

Naruto X Rosario Vampire

Summary: I used to be energetic. I used to be loud and obnoxious. I used to care. I used to be naive and carefree. I wish I had lost that innocence before it had been to late. I paid the price for all of it. She says this school will be good for me. If only she knew.

Status: Plot Currently Under Development

Idea: This is my own take on a NarutoXRosario Vampire story. As I'm sure you've already guessed, an event has caused a dramatic change in Naruto. I'm not going to tell you what happened because that's the fun of me knowing and you not knowing. Now will Naruto be emo like his duck haired counter part? The answer is no. Will he have some changes in his personality, yes he will.

This won't be a story where Naruto get's run into by Moka on her bike and it ends up following canon with Naruto in it. It will be different. I will have an edge. I want to tell you so much about it to make you believe it won't be the usual, same over used plot. No, it will be very different. Just trust me please.

Shinobi's Guide to the Multiverse

Naruto X Various Manga/Games/Books/Movies

Summary: A lot of strange things can happen when someone is bored. And apparently I do "stupid shit" as accurately put by my tenant. But what does he know? So now I'm stuck traveling the multiverse looking for a way home. Along the way I decided to create a guide for any shinobi who ends up in a similar situation. At least I'm not bored anymore.

Status: Plot Being Designed

Idea: Ok, so there are a lot of stories where Naruto travels to a different dimension for one reason to another following the idea of the multiverse theory. Naruto is now caught in a loop of them due to a malfunction with one of his sealing array's. This is canon Naruto 2 years after the end of the Fourth Shinobi War that does this, so expect him to have a few more trick up his sleeve because this is after a long period of time. Totally am still in the thinking stage for this one but I think I have an idea of what I want to include. If you have an idea for a universe he should visit feel free to drop me a PM about it.

The Crowned Maelstrom

Naruto X Campione!

Summary: He had been called many things in his short 16 years. He had been called a moron and an idiot, he'd been called unpredictable by his opponents, and most people just called him flat out weird. One thing he never expected though was to be called a king. Apparently in their book killing a god makes you one... who knew?

Status: Currently Being Written

Idea: I love Naruto and I kind of like Campione! (a series to my surprise of which somehow has so called purists). Being a lover of Naruto and mythology, I decided to do a story where the gods fuck with the world and Naruto fucks them right back. Campione! would allow me to do just that so that's what it will do.

Prepare for Awesome OC's, cool boss fights, and the greatest orange wearing ninja ever. Also expect better explanations of magic and gods (because lets face it, the author does not do much world building in my opinion).

The Guilty Maelstrom

Naruto X Guilty Crown

Summary: I was once a shinobi. Then after some redirection and changes in my life I gained new priorities. I became a person who got by day to day guarding what was precious. I saw the injustice but I ignored it. And the she came into my life and I gained a power the government wanted back. They wanted to start something? That was fine, but they should have realized I would finish it.

Status: Currently Being Written

Idea: I love Guilty Crown and before you ask yes Shu still exists in this story... just not in the way you believed he would. Naruto gains the power of the crown but must now face a great deal of hurdles that I can't reveal for the sake of spoilers. Just know that I have a feeling if you like both series then prepare to see something really different.

Sins of the Shinobi

Naruto X Final Fantasy 10

Summary: In an unfamiliar place? Check. Not finding home anywhere on a map? Check. Having to deal with city-states full of religious zealots who follow a god named Yu Yevon sacrilegiously? I wish I didn't have to. I thought this was a joke and now I have to go on another world saving quest. Top it off with this place never having heard of Ramen and I think life loves throwing me into stupid situations.

Status: Plot Being Developed

Idea: One of the Final Fantasy that I can remember that does not have a very large story base... for somewhat obvious reasons. I liked it when I was younger and am writing this out of nostalgia... and the re-mastered edition that is out or is coming out soon. Personally I think the story had a lot of potential but was ruined by lackluster character development... and Tidus. I really fucking hated Tidus and he is my most hated Final Fantasy character. I mean seriously the one character square has produced that I really thoroughly hate despite everything and he is the guy in the game I am supposed to sympathize with or actually give two fucks about. When I thought he had died in the end of the game instead of crying or what not like a friend of mine I whooped for fucking joy.

Tidus hate aside, let's take another spin on it... a spin in which Naruto is forced into Spira and must deal with the ridiculous shit it throws his way. Will Naruto boss his way through? Well not exactly. I mean looking at it statistically I think Naruto characters are a lot more powerful than most of the people in the game (with the exception of some of the Aeons... I will say the game has some pretty cool ones). The problem is that Naruto will have some trouble because he is dealing with a situation that he hasn't exactly dealt with before. I don't know when this will come out but expect it to be awesome.

Fate/Boosted Blade

Fate/Stay Night X High School DXD

Summary: I know I'm a third rate magus but this is ridiculous. First I find out I have living family. Then when I start living with them I soon find out devils, angels, fallen angels, gods, and all sorts of other creatures interact with humanity more than we magi were led to believe. Add to the fact that I have some sort of weapon of unbelievable power in my soul and I've been reincarnated as a devil and I'm scared... mostly of Tohsaka killing me for breaking everything magi thought about the world.

Status: Plot Under Development

Idea: Yes Shirou is Issei who was with his grand parents at the time of the fire and was thought to have died in it. I know this seems convoluted but it gets better. For the purposes of this story Shirou, in this route, has completed an AU version of the Fate route.

Also essentially since the universes are so different I've decided to merge the two of them into something far more interesting between the two. As to what becomes what and what has changed... well you'll just have to read to find out now won't you.

Being Rewritten:

The New Devil

Naruto X Devil May Cry

Summary: They called me a freak. They called me a monster. They called me a demon. Apparently they weren't that far off with their guesses. But now I know what I am. I carry the legacy of Dante, Virgil, and of Nero. I carry the legacy of Sparda and I will continue to protect humanity in their place... even if I have to crack a few of their heads along the way.

Status: First Chapter Being Rewritten

Idea: Now some may ask why I'm rewriting this. Well there are several reasons why. One is new revelations in the Naruto manga have made me decide that I would not be able to pull off the canon very well if I continued on. Secondly I did something I promised myself I would not do. Instead of fleshing out a character like Naruto and making him react like himself to the situation as he learns about his new powers and abilities, I made up bullshit excuses about how he can now easily do shit he could not before. A lot of things will be changing. The original plot I had will change. The characters will change. There will be a lot of changes... except to the harem because quite frankly I don't want to have to go through that shit with you guys again.

Expect the new rewrite to be out this Winter (2014).

Pictures for Current Stories:

The New Devil:

Kyubi Chakrams:

I Am DarkNaruto101

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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