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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter.

My name is Colin. I have a brother who got me into fanfiction (King Tad).

I only really like harry potter fanfics and the occasional stargate ones.

Do not expect updates very often, I only write when I have random bursts of ideas, which tend to space out as I get deeper into a story. I am also in highschool, so there is that, too.

I'm redoing 'My Guiding Voice'. If you love the old version of the first four chapters, I'll email them to you, but I would've been ashamed to leave them on the site. My brother will be beta-ing for it.

I also beta-ing for my brother (Kingtad) for his story... "Harry Potter and the Living Horcrux.", you know, if he'd be writing it.

Favorite Pairings

Harry/Hermione- they've always been friends and they stuck together the whole series, except when Ron got Harry to ignore her in PoA.

Ron/Luna- this just seems like one of those humorous pairings that I can't resist but to go for it, and it seemed to me that Luna had a thing for Ron.

Ginny/Draco- I hate Ginny, but I think Draco can be redeemed, they just seem to fit for some reason.

Ginny/Neville- I never ever like Ginny to have the Boy-Who-Lived, but she can have the next best thing. (but poor poor Neville)

Fred/George- More for humor, what's funnier than gay, redhead, identical twin, incestuous love?

I'm fine with the canon pairings that don't conflict with these.

Holes in the Harry Potter Series

Why would the toilets in Hogwarts need pipes and water, they could have some enchantment to vanish any human waste. And the sinks could be enchanted to conjure and vanish water, pipes are completely unnecessary in the Magical World.

Why didn't Fred and George ever see Pettigrew on the Marauders Map? Given that they grew up with Ginny, it is reasonable to assume that they would've known the story of Sirius Black.

If Harry's Invisibility Cloak is so special then how come Dumbledore, Moody, the dementors and the Map can all see through it?

If the 'power the dark lord knows not' is love then why did Rowling have to invent a super-wand in order to enable Voldemort's defeat? What is the correlation between the two?

The prophecy said that Harry was the one to vanquish Voldemort but that isn't how it turned out in Deathly Hallows. Why?

Harry grieved more for Cedric and Dobby than he did for Hedwig, Sirius and Remus. What is up with that?

Why does Harry go for the fan girl over the girl who supported him through everything? And make no mistake, Ginny is a fan girl. What she said to Harry at the end of HBP when he broke up with her is proof enough of that. Given how much Harry despises his fame, it simply doesn't make any sense that he wouldn't want to go for the one girl who sees through all the fame. So many celebrity marriages fail precisely because of this problem.

Why would Hermione go for a man who takes her for granted and treats her like crap? I'm no expert but constant and pointless arguing is not a sign of a healthy relationship in my mind. Nor, for that matter, is lust and jealousy. Rowling herself said that she based Hermione off of herself and that though she'd dated a few 'Ron's' she'd ultimately ended up marrying a 'Harry'. And yet she put the character of Hermione with Ron. Someone please explain this to me.

Ron imitating the sounds of parseltongue. Sorry, when exactly did Ron become a linguist? He's only heard Harry use parseltongue to say 'open' twice. The first in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom and the second with the locket. Ron hasn't shown any previous linguistic ability at all. I happen to know a bit about languages having studied some Spanish and though I am not fluent by any means in either, I still know that learning a new language takes time and practice and I just can't see Ron practicing parseltongue in his spare time. Also, it was implied in Chamber of Secrets that parseltongue is an inherited gift. I can accept Harry being able to do it because of the horcrux but Ron being able to mimic the sound of it after only hearing it twice in his life with five years between those two times? Not likely.

If Voldemort was using Lucius Malfoy's home as a base then he surely would've thought to check on the diary horcrux. Evil doesn't mean stupid and Voldemort was described as being the brightest wizard of his generation. So why then, after learning that the diary was destroyed, didn't Voldemort make another horcrux to replace it and then go check up on his other ones? I can accept the answer to the former being that Voldemort was simply unable to make more horcruxes because he's split his soul too many times but that still would not excuse him for not following the Evil Overlord list and shifting the locations of his existing horcruxes and reinforcing their defenses.

Side-along apparation. If this is really possible, then why did Harry and the Advance Guard have to fly brooms to Grimmauld Place? For that matter, didn't Voldemort use a portkey to escape the Ministry with Bella? Still, I would have accepted side-along apparation as being possible if the apparator is a really powerful wizard like Dumbledore or Voldemort. Side-along apparation, however, was never explained in the last two books.

Death Eaters having difficulty hitting man sized targets at 10 yards, also known as the stormtrooper effect. At least HBP provides the Felix Felicas to explain why no one was hurt but that potion isn't present in the Department of Mysteries so I have to wonder just what the Death Eaters were doing while Voldemort was sending Harry the visions in OotP. Whatever it was, it certainly didn't involve brushing up on their markmanship...

In the Seventh book, they talk about a trace on underage wands, when earlier in the series, it is said that the Ministry can only detect magic, not who cast it.

Fanfic Quotes:

The twins smiled broadly at Harry, they had overheard the exchange, and they dragged Snape back to the kitchen…….his head bouncing along the floor with a pleasant thumping sound. When they returned (Dobby and Winky were guarding the prisoner), Bill got up to address the meeting…..until Fudge interrupted him politely:

“Bill, if I may, could I speak with you and Harry alone for a moment? Then I’ll take my leave, as I’m not a member of the Order.”

“Certainly Minister, come this way.” Bill and Harry guided Fudge into the living room, and Fudge immediately put a Silencing Charm on the door.

“That was quite some confession we just heard, I’m surprised you didn’t kill him right then and there.”

“I didn’t think you would allow that sir.”

“Well Harry, let’s just say that I’m more in tune with your desires than I would have been an hour ago. I’m supposing that you would like to take care of Snape yourselves?”

“Ideally, yes we would Minister.” Fudge thought for a minute and seemed to come to some decision.

“One: No Unforgivable Curses…..Two: No underage magic by your brother and sister, or anyone else for that matter……Three: Dispose of the body yourselves, and I mean dispose of it, I don’t want it turning up somewhere.”

~Harry Potter and the Final Straw, by: bellerophon30

OWL total: 6

Class Rank: 30th

Gryffindor Rank: 8th

“Yikes, that’s not good at all. Is he still alive? Did your mum kill him?”

“No Harry, she didn’t, she was actually pretty calm about it. Ron has been preparing her for it, or so he told me. He rationalized to her that at least he did better than the twins, even though he didn’t get any O’s. He would get this twitch in his eye whenever Hermione went off on a rant about ‘only 16 OWL’s’, but he somehow managed not to punch her.

~The Brave New World/Harry Potter and the Final Straw, by: bellerophon30

“No Minister, I don’t. I don’t believe the source of the Prophecy, I don’t believe that someone like that could predict something like this.”

“Who is the source?”

“Trelawney.” Fudge burst out laughing again, and almost fell out of his chair.

“No, seriously Harry, who is the source?”

~The Brave New World, by: bellerophon30

“Speaking of Ginny, you know Mum’s always hoped that you and she would…..”

“No thanks Fred, but I’m just too close to you and your family to risk it all by trying to date Ginny. I don’t want you lot coming at me with drawn wands if it doesn’t work out.”

“We would never………okay, yeah we would, you’re right.”

~The Brave New World, by: bellerophon30

I don't bother with the reality, Death Eaters reconstituting, Riddle trying to both kill me and get a body back, and other omens on the horizon. My future looks an awful lot like James Potter's seventh year, except he made the choice to abandon his dreams to pursue his parent's killers. I'm lucky - I don't get a choice. I've got a nifty prophecy.

~The Lie I've Lived, by: jbern

“We need your help on a little project,” Harry explained.

Sirius added, “And I wanna buy you dinner.”

“You? Buy?” Remus asked in surprise. “Are you sure?”

Sirius smirked, “Well I am a little buy-curious.”

~A Black Comedy, by: Nonjon

“I may know your name,” Harry pointed out. “But I would appreciate the opportunity to count and catalog every freckle on your body.”

“I don’t have any freckles on my body,” Susan retorted.

Harry tipped back the rest of his beer and set the empty bottle down. “Prove it.”

Susan was watching Harry and found herself relishing in the way his eyes felt on her. She knocked back the rest of her drink and got up from the bar. “Okay.”

“Really?” Harry’s voice cracked before he could stop himself. “Let’s just pretend I didn’t say that. You ready to go?”

~A Black Comedy, by: Nonjon

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t both the Lords Black,” Lucius Malfoy drawled, while his wife just stood next to him with a stoic expression. “Two people claiming the same Lordship. That’s a bastardization of magic and nobility not seen since the blood traitor to the Black name was… purified twenty-five years ago.”

Sirius knew Lucius was just trying to get a rise out of them. “I’m sorry. Am I supposed to know you?”

“Hang on,” Harry happily interrupted when Lucius was about to respond. “The over-compensating cane, the hair that has to look more feminine than his wife’s, you know this guy. This is that registered sex offender the other Lords kept joking about, Shoeless Towel-boy or something like that.”

~A Black Comedy, by: Nonjon

Don’t trust him,” an old woman called out loudly. “He’s a dark wizard. This may all be a charade manufactured by the Dark Lord.”

“There’s the close-mindedness the Wizengamot is famous for,” Harry cheered. “Finally a voice for the voiceless incompetents.”

“I’m sorry,” Sirius asked with mock sincerity. “But who are you?”

“Hmph,” the woman huffed refusing to answer.

Albus interjected, “Madame Edgecombe’s family owns one of the buildings in Badgin Alley that sustained damages.”

“I make no secret of that,” Edgecombe snapped. “But it doesn’t change the fact that he’s a dark wizard.”

“Yeah well…” Sirius shrugged. “You’re a werewolf.”

Madame Edgecombe stiffened at the accusation. “I most certainly am not.”

“So? What does that matter?” Sirius asked in confusion. “I thought we were just making up random shit because we’re irritable from all the sores on our crusty old vaginas.” Sirius finished while quite obviously scratching himself.

~A Black Comedy, by: Nonjon

Hermione drew her wand and summoned the poster to their table. It was a large framed print of Harry in dragon form flying around the hills surrounding the Burrow. Apparently, the twins had taken his picture the day after his wedding. They had enchanted it to fly around a bit before landing as Harry. The poster Harry waved and then took off as a dragon again.

“Shouldn’t I get royalties or something when they do that sort of thing?” asked Harry. He wasn’t concerned, really. Just curious.

“Probably,” said Ron, unconcerned. “Pretty cool, though.”

~Harry Potter and the Story by Dad, by: Dad9

“I’ve been thinking.”

“And I’ve been drinking.”

Harry glared at his godfather. “Sirius, stop it.”

“I can drop it,” Sirius agreed.

Harry growled. “Do you really want me to set back your healing?”

“No,” Sirius pouted. “That prospect is not very appealing.” Sirius saw he was quickly nearing the ‘poke-in-the-eye’ level of irritation. “Perhaps if you were more revealing? Stop concealing that feeling? Okay I’m done, don’t hurt me.” Sirius had his arms up to protect himself and added, “Or send me reeling through the ceiling.”

~A Black Comedy, by: Nonjon

According to the clock, it was a little before three in the morning so Harry figured that he had about four hours to arrange things and six before his 'loving family' woke up.

Harry ghosted up the stairs and into his Aunt and Uncle's room. A few minutes of rummaging garnered him an old fashioned hat pin from his Aunt's jewelry box and two quick thrusts between the vertebrae paralyzed two of the people that had shaped Harry into what he was.

~Reunion, by: Rorschach's Blot

After the feast, Harry and the girls followed one of the Slytherin Prefects to their new digs.

“These are your new quarters.” The Prefect said sourly, he was one of the few purebloods in Slytherin House, a fact to which he owed his badge. “Boys on the right and girls on the left.”

“Where are the . . .” Hermione began.

“Ask someone who gives a damn,” the Prefect snapped. “Professor Snape is our Head of House and he's always happy to accept my recommendations on detentions.”

“Fine,” Hermione agreed. She waited until the boy had left before turning back to her friends. “Harry, I don't usually ask favors but . . .”

“He's going to hang himself,” Harry interrupted, “stress of his position was too much for him.”

"Thank you Harry," she said sweetly.

~Reunion, by: Rorschach's Blot

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was noticeably empty during the Christmas holidays. Even the Protectors were summoned home by anxious parents. Several teachers had left the castle to visit distant relatives and family they had not seen but didn’t want to miss while they still had the chance. If a motto existed for the wizarding world’s current state of mind, it would be “just in case”. “Let’s put some money into a jar…just in case.” “Let’s visit your mother before the holidays…just in case.” “Make sure to have your wand with you on the train ride home from school…just in case.” “Never go anywhere alone…just in case.” “Make out a will…just in case.”

~An Aunt's Love, by: Emma Lipardi

Voldemort was as angry as he'd been since his resurrection. Failed raid after failed raid and now this? "Crucio! Avada Kedavra! Crucio!" His body was literally vibrating with rage as he repeatedly cast spells to punish his incompetent followers.

All of this put a tremendous strain on his body.

One thing he didn't know about the dark ritual that re-embodied him was that the "flesh of the servant" carried along with it the genetic material to re-create the entire body, which included any defects.

Wormtail had a weak heart.

So did Voldemort.

~1001 deaths of Lord Voldemort, by: Crys

Harry maintained his good spirits and turned to focus them on Greyback. “Come along, Fenrir,” said Harry. “Poppy made this just for you, but if you aren’t in the mood...” He put the spoon to his lips and slurped as noisily as he could.

“Harry,” whined Hermione, trying not to laugh.

“Now what?” asked Harry. He pretended to be confused before taking another spoonful and swallowing it normally. He then chanced another peek at his patient and noticed that Greyback’s eyes, which earlier had been staring blankly into space, were now turned towards him.

“My wife is giving me some grief, Fenrir,” said Harry, pointing at Hermione with his spoon. “Maybe you’d better finish this.” He dipped his spoon in the bowl and brought it next to Greyback’s mouth.

Greyback stared at Harry for several seconds before slowly parting his lips. Harry poured the soup carefully into his mouth. Greyback swallowed and licked his lips.

“That’s pretty good,” he said, softly. “I’d like some more, if you don’t mind.” Harry smiled and for the next few minutes, Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, the Chosen One, the Dragon Wizard, the Savior of Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley, fed soup to Fenrir Grayback, the most notorious werewolf of the twentieth century.

~Harry Potter and the Story by Dad, by: Dad9

Hermione shot up and spat a tuff of Ginny’s red hair out of her mouth (where that tuff had come from, Harry didn’t want to know). Hermione stood over Ginny and shouted, “Harry is in love with me and I’m in love with him and there is nothing you can do to change that!”

“We’ll see,” Ginny said defiantly.

“Oh, are you going to try to seduce him again?” Hermione mocked. “Let me tell you something, little girl; not only can he lick a mean pussy,” she paused and pointed to her bare groin to emphasize her point, “but he’s also came in my eye. And I’ve swallowed his load!”

“All at the same time?” Harry heard Ron mutter.

~Harry Potter and the Sword of Gryffindor, by: cloneserpents

Harry thought Ollivander was probably a pedophile.

~Balance Censored, by: stargatesg1fan1

You push your chair out and stand to the side, hoping to avoid disclosure of your uncomfortable ‘problem’ and grab her glass and hurry to the chill box. She is an evil one, but you have a good idea where she is ticklish. You shall have your revenge. Fortunately, growing up with the Dursleys has given you exceptional stealth and concealment skills. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, ‘Is that a sausage in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?’ Most times at the Dursleys it actually was a sausage – here at the burrow no sausage.

~Bungle in the Jungle, by: jbern

Morfin Gaunt’s last expression in life was shock. The Unspeakable turned with a slashing motion of his wand. A whip of magical energy from an unknown spell slashed out and seemed to pass around him with no harmful effects. The insane wizard stopped in shock when nothing seemed to happen. Then an overwhelming feeling of pain shot through his body. He dropped to the floor and seemed to roll around in a crazed fashion.

When he finally came to a stop, the last thing Morfin Gaunt saw was his decapitated body laying on the floor three feet away. Then his vision started to go gray.

“Now that was classy,” the Spellfuhrer commented in an admiring tone.

The Unspeakable spoke for the first time in the fight. “I liked it.”

~Altered Destinies, by: DobbyElfLord

Matthew Marcus handled this witness. “For the record, please state your full name.”

“Draco Lucius Malfoy,” he replied cockily.

“When were you born?”

“The fifth of June in 1980.” Judging by Draco’s tone of voice, that was the greatest day in the history of the world.

~Harry McGonagall, by: witowsmp

Tom looked disappointed but explained, “When I was made, when Voldemort made his first horcrux, I believed that I’d figured out how to make multiple horcruxes and avoid the most damaging side effect, insanity.”

He took a breath and asserted, “I’ve come to discover that I was wrong. And thus by definition, I’m the only sane piece of Tom Riddle left in this world.”

“You hear that Sirius?” Harry mocked while thinking Tom was way too calm about this. “There’s a sane piece.”

“Yeah,” Sirius caught on to what Harry was doing. “The piece that ate Neville. You know, the good piece.”

~A Black Comedy, by: nonjon

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