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Author has written 13 stories for Bleach, and Ouran High School Host Club.

Update:06/10/09: Hello all. I'm back. I'm sad to say that a chapter in my life has ended. My dad passed away on May 5th. I would like to thank everyone who offered their prayers, hopes, and wishes for his recovery. It was not ment to be. I took some time to get my head togather and have just now started to read and write again.

I once again appologize for taking so long to update and beg for your understanding. I am posting Chapter 2 of Senses of Squad Eight as a peace offering, however this is the first thing I have written since it happened. So if it isn't up to par please don't take my head off. I'm sure you won't since I have the most wonderful readers in the world.

I'm sure everyone is wondering about The Secret Language of Flowers. It is not finished and it may take me a few weeks to work up to it. I will continue working on it, but as it is my first chapter fic and I have high expectations for it, I don't want to work on it until I am back where I was... in my head and on paper. However this fic will be continued and completed no matter what. It is just that you might see a oneshot or the first chapter of a Byakuya/Hisana fic Hitsu-taichou and I are working on together, before you see chapter seven of SLOF. I hope you can understand.


Hello All :)

Lieutenant-taijiya here, better known to friends as Ticia. I'm 23 years old and going to school to be a librarian. Yeah my friends think it is going to be a boring job. But I think I will love it. So many books, so little time. I was born in the year of the ox and my astrological sign is Leo. And yeah, they both fit frighteningly well.

I'm from a small town in Tennessee. No I’m not going to tell you which one. You probably wouldn't know where it is anyway. We have 3 stop lights in the entire county and to my utter devastation your lucky if one out of every 50 people have any idea what anime or Japanimation is anyway. I know, It's sad really that that many people are in the dark. No redneck jokes please.

Anyway, I discovered what anime was when I went to college. My roommate who I met the day she moved in was really into Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Inuyasha. Wow... It just seems so long ago. Anyway I didn't watch t.v. at that time. Gasp... OMG... I know. It's completely weird isn't it, but I have been an avid reader since the fifth grade and gave it up early on. Don't get me wrong. I watched some of the classics when I was little. Like: Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, and Kiki's delivery service. I just didn't know it was anime at the time. Since she had control of the t.v. and didn't like to watch it by herself. I ended up completely attached to many anime I had no intention of watching in the first place.

This then ended up leading to Anime Conventions. Which are a wonderfully unique and awesome experience. To be in a hotel with hundreds or thousands of people who understand that "It's not just a cartoon." It took me 4 years to convince my parents of this very fact. And just because you watch anime doesn't mean that your not grown up. Not that I particularly want to be a grown up. :P I still remember being utterly amazed at my first anime convention. I was really excited that they were showing the second Inuyasha Movie. The room was so packed that we were sitting in the floor. (My roommate and myself.) And it finally hit me when every one in the room made the Awwwwwwww... sound when Kirara was being obnoxiously cute. (I swear every guy in the room did it to. Regardless of what they say.) That was when I realized that this was an entire community of people, and they totally get it.

Anyway back on topic. That first convention has led to many more, and one of my favorite hobbies and pastimes. COSPLAY!! I taught myself how to sew. And it has come to my attention that I get way to excited when it comes that time of the year and I get to go fabric shopping. :)

When I became attached to those first three anime I discovered fan fiction. I have been a dedicated reader ever since. From Inuyasha to Yu Yu Hakusho. Saiyuki and Bleach. And even smaller favorites like: Fruits Basket, Spiral, and Pretear. I have said that I am an avid reader of fanfiction, but I also read mystery, romance, science fiction, and histories. I consider myself more of a reader than a writer. But my best friend of 18 years Hitsu-taichou is the exact opposite. She is an avid writer. She has been taking requests from me for stories for a very long time. One time I gave her an idea with the hopes that she would put her pen to paper and give me another wonderful story to read she told me to see if I could write it myself. She was afraid that she wouldn't do it justice. Thinking that I couldn't possibly, I gave it a shot. It is still not finished. Apparently I have a very short attention span when it comes to writing compared to when I am reading. But with her support (Which is greatly appreciated. More so than she will ever know.) I have begun to write my own stories. I haven't made it to chapter stories, but that is what I am aspiring to. If you look closely they are actually getting longer.

I am not a fan of yuri or yoai. But to each their own. Write what you enjoy. I have the right to not read it and will exercise it accordingly.

My best friend received a piece of flair on facebook that I thought was just awesome. I completely understand whoever made it. It says,

I'm not the only one that wants: Jack's Compass, Harry's Map, and Bella's Boyfriend.

I mean who wouldn't want those things. If you agree feel free to copy to your profile.

My Philosophies

The good guys should always win, Love should conquer all, and when in doubt a teenager will save the world.

KARMA: What you give is what you get.

~~My stories~~:


I Am Ready: This was actually the first fanfic I ever wrote. It is Rukia's thoughts about her upcoming execution, as she remembers her new friends and what they mean to her.

I Will Miss You All: This was the second fanfic I ever wrote. It is Orihime's thoughts as she gets ready to leave everything she knows to go to Hueco Mundo to save her friends.

Surprise: This was my first attempt for a Shunsui X Nanao fanfic. It is a fandom that I love. They are such fun characters to read and to write. It was also my attempt to contribute to my favorite pairing. It is about a surprise Nanao finds in the storage closet on her day off as she sets about cleaning. Just a bit of fluff. Yay fluff.

My Rreason to Smile: Okay. So. My best friend in the whole world wrote this wonder fic called Reincarnation. If you haven't read it you should. It's great. Anyway. It takes place after the war and many of our favorite shinigami have fallen in love. Two of which are Shuhei Hisagi and Momo Hinamori. I came up with this pairing and she went with it. It's actually really cute when you think about it. So.. uh. yeah.. This story takes place just two days after the war and explains just how they ended up together. It starts out really depressing. Okay... Fine... It's really depressing for most of it, but I wouldn't be me if I didn't have some fluff in there somewhere. I think the ending turned out cute. This is also the longest fic I have written so far and I finished it inside of a week. yay... It was a milestone.

Contemplation: This is my horrible attempt at beating down my writer's block. It is a short drabble in which Nanao contemplates Squad Eight and flowers.

Secrets: This is different from my normal fluff. Isshin has a secret and he has decided it is time to tell Ichigo. However, Isshin is in for a surprise of his own. oneshot.

~~Chapter Stories~~:

Destiny: This is a colaboration fic with Hitsu-taichou. You might remember that I wrote a companion piece to her fic Reincarnation. This one actually has nothing to do with Hitsugaya "Her usual character" or Shunsui and Nanao "My usual pairing." It is a romance fic detailing Byakuya's life with Hisana and the begining of his relationship with Rukia. No, it isn't the norm for either of us, but we were trying to do something different. Lets just face it you don't get any more different than Kyouraku, Nanao, and Hitsugaya than Byakuya. It is located on her profile page under her name, Hitsu-taichou. Please let us know what you think. In-Progress

The Unexpected: I had wanted to write an Unahana X Ukitake fanfic for a while. I absolutely love this pairing. They are both gentle and kind people. With suprising insight into the emotions and minds of their friends. It was written in the point of view of Isane. Not really sure why it just came out that way. I have added the anticipated second chapter to this oneshot so I guess it's not a oneshot anymore. Complete

The Secret Language Of Flowers: Yay... This is my first chapter fic. It is also an attempt to increase the Shunsui X Nanao fandom. It is a collection of "day in the life moments" of the fun loving Captain of Squad Eight and his ever efficient Vice-Captain. Each chapter also involves a flower and it's secret meaning. When the idea of this fic came to me I just had to do it with this pairing. I mean can you think of anyone it would fit better. Well maybe Kurama from Yu Yu Hakuso, but I can't write him very well, and I love this pairing and hope that you can tell when you read it. This fic is not yet completed. I am anticipating about fifteen chapters, however that is subject to change. If you have any ideas on flowers and their meanings please let me know. In Progress

Elements of Squad Eight: This was a somewhat better attempt at beating down my writer's block and trying to kick my muses into gear for chapter 6 of The Secret Language of Flowers. It is two onshots. One in Shunsui's point of view, and one in Nanao's. The theme is the Four elements and how they see each other. I'm still not sure if I like it or not. Completed

Elements of my past:This will be a collection of one-shots focusing on four events in each character's past. Each one-shot will have the same theme: The four elements. The first chapter has been posted and it is Rukia's. It will be followed by at least two more, one for Isshin and one for Urahara. In Progress

Senses of Squad Eight:This is another two-shot fic. One chapter is in the POV of Shunsui and the other Nanao. Theme for this fic is The Five Senses. It is really just pointless fluff, but I really needed some.

Other notes:

I am trying really hard not to start another long chapter fic until flowers is finished. I have ideas for a couple others, but as my attentions span is shaky at best, I am afraid to start them. As you know I'm more a reader than a writer, so the last thing I want to do is not finish a chapter fic. It might be a while inbetween updates, but I don't want to leave you just hanging there completely.

Some of my favorite animes are as follows with corresponding favorite character and/or pairing:

Inuyasha X Kagome, Sango X Miroku

Yu Yu Hakusho
Kurama, Hiei (Not as a pairing), Yusuke X Keiko

FullMetal Alchemist
Edward X Winry, Mustang X Hawkeye, Alphonse, Mayes Hughes (He's like the father of the group.)

Naruto, Hinata, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Shikamaru, Rock Lee, Gara(Shipoden), Tamari (No pairings as of yet, but leaning toward Tamari X Shikamaru and Naruto X Hinata)

Fruits Basket
Toru, Yuki, Kyo, Shigure, Haru (gotta love the ox/cow), Kisa, and Hitori. (No pairing because I just love them all and can't decide the great debate between Kyo and Yuki.)

Alucard, Integra, Seras, Walter

Bleach (My current OBSESSION!)
Ichigo X Rukia, Orihime X Uriyu, Shunsui X Nanao, Ukitake X Unohana, Urahara X Yoruichi, Toushirou, Matsumoto, Hisagi, Isane, and even Aizen ( I am usually not a fan of the bad guy. As my friends could tell you. But you just have to respect a bad guy who doesn't deliver the famous "bad guy monologue" until after he has won.) I also believe that Yamamoto is a bad guy in disguise.

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