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First off I know probably no one will read this but just incase I will type a little bit about myslef.

About me:

My name is Emily. Some call me Em or Emmy I don't really care. I live in Indiana, not the most amazing place in the world. I go to Norwell which is like the worst school ever. It is full of preps which places it on my list of top ten living hells. I love to read and write. And I am in love with Twilight and wish Edward was real and am partially convinced vampire exist. I am obsessed with the Internet, especially fanfic. I don't like TV much except for my shows( which I am sad to admit every show on that list I obsess over. Wow I am pathetic.) and any forensic murder show. I want to work in forensics when I am older if the whole vampire thing doesn't work out. I LOVE music. I mostly like anything but, Rap, Hip-Hop, and Country. I am a die hard MCR and Muse fan. I know what a loser right. Any way one last thing: I hate to talk about myself so pretty much is the longest bio I have ever wrote. I am proud of myself.

Some Things People Might Say About Me:

That I Am A Book Nerd(I admit to that)

That I am Emo or Goth(I hate it when people freakin lable. I might be Emo or Goth I might not. Who is to say who and what everyone else is. The people who really need to be labled are the one that don't be themselves and follow the Herd. Stupid Freakin Sheep!

That I Am Nice(Only in front of your face. I'm sorry I try my best)

That I Have a Horrible Temper(Maybe, But they should hear whats going on in my messed up head)

Favorite Books:

Twilight, Midnighters , Maximum Ride , Uglies Series, Darkly Dreaming Dexter Series, Interview With a Vampire, Peeps, Last Days, Eragon, Among The Hidden Series, way more too but I don't want to spend hours typing.

Favorite TV Shows:

Bones (Goodbye Zack!! Oh God I WILL MISS YOU!! Who cares if you killed a guy.), Chuck, Heroes, The Office, Scrubs, Smallville, Supernatural, Monk, Phsyc, and Bionic Woman

Favorite Movies:

Twilight(coming out in Dec. 2008, I hope its good!), Scary Movies, Sweeney Todd, Vampire Movies like Underworld and others, Harry Potter Movies, and Pirates of The Caribbean

Top Twelve Favorite Book Characters:



Fang(Maximum Ride)





Iggy(Maximum Ride)


Dexter(Darkly Dreaming Dexter)




Top Ten Hottest Fic. Guys:



Fang(Maximum Ride)


Iggy(Maximum Ride)



Booth (Bones, I know its a TV show but he is just so darn cute.)

Mick(Moonlight, Again it is a TV show and again he is just too cute to not put on the list. By the way they are Fictional.)

Peter(Heroes, Again this is a TV show and he is sooooooooo suuuuuuuuuupppppppeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr cute!! but not so much when he was making out with that Irish woman in that Irishpub. His hair was short then too.)

Top Ten Living Hells:

1 . Norwell Middle and Highschool

2. Pep Rallys (I hate Pep)

3. Research Projects

4. Band Class (Yes, I am in band. I play the flute. I know I am a dork. But I can at least say I am not in marching band, didn't have the patience to waste my life away.)

5. Listenign to people complain about their lives wanting me to pity them. (I am mostly a nice person but I will not pitty someone if they are complaining how their parents won't give them 700 to go on a trip when I didn't even ask mine cause I knew they would say no.) People and their pathetic problems.

6. Spending half my life being around snobs who judge and lable.(Yeah, that one gets to me.)

7. This one I can only explain by telling a story. I was the first one to read Twilight at my school. How do I know this you may ask well I just do. Then a year later everyone is reading it and they think they set a trend. I am not saying I did. But what really pissed me off is some of them think I read Twilight becasue of them because I said I read it an knew all about it. Those Bitches. Also no one comprehended it right. Someone thought Bella was a vampire.

8. Crowded Places

9. People running into me like I not there. I like the not knowing I'm there part but, when they are carrying a plate with Ranch Dressing on the side and run into my back I get a little ticked.

10. People who say they are fat wen they look anorexic. (I am not super skinny but I am not fat, about averege. I don't go around saying I don't want eat lunch today casue I think I gained a pound last night by eating one bite of a chocolate bar.)

Laslty And Not Least


I have an amazing dog named Dooie. He is a black and choclate lab mix. He has something else in him that makes him a little taller and leaner but I don't know what that is. He is the best!! I love Him!! He has the cuttest face and big velvety smooth ears and the corner of his lips are so big they sag a little. I Love Him!!

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