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Currently I've never written any story but I love to read fanfics. I actually draw a lot better than I would write infact the whole reason I created this account was so that I could review and favorite. So for now I probably wont write anything, but if I ever do don't expect something good, I'm a sketcher not a writer.

God, it was a while before I decided to update my profile(Like almost a year) so I decided to add some more because the above is still true(though I have started writing, its just every now and then, adding pieces to a story.) Anyway as some people may have notice,(I sure have) I wright long reviews; sorry 'bout that ;.

I also am on a Disgaea craze lately and it seems to stick to me like a nagging bug only shutting every now and then when I just don't read FanFics(I was into pokemon on and off for about half a month too though.) It just surprises me cause I never actually played the game, even though I really want to. I've only seen the anime and manga but that's it (though I want the novels too, I doubt I'll get them easily)

Anime/manga/games that I like... well I've read and seen too many but the ones I've obsessed over and LOVE(or just will look for fics of) are: Naruto, Pokemon, Disgaea, Inuyasha, Zelda, Okami, NiGHTS, Crescent Moon, Karin, Digimon, Oban Star Racers, Hellsing, Wolf's Rain, Read or Die, Oh My Goddess, Slayers, Soul Eater, Trinity Blood, Yu-Gi-Oh, Chrono Cross, Dark Cloud, Harvest Moon, Resident Evil, Silent Hill And a whole lot more but I had t put my favs in first and some I think are still missing cause my computer refreshed this when I was updating and I'm to lazy to look as thoroughly as I did the first time, sorry.

I don't hate yaoi or yuri, I just dislike unrealistic couples all together, if some one is gay then by all means I'd read it (but only if its not strictly yaoi/yuri eccentric, I mean I still like plots and good writing, not fangasms _)

In case anyone was wondering about the pairings I like I'll put them here. Though I don't like stories being focused on just a pairing, I love plots too guys!

Naruto: (orderd in favorites) 1st NaruHina 2nd SasuSaku Aaand can't really pick anything else, I'm not really picky but I don't like SasuNaru _ sorry I just can't see it.. (Maybe Sasuke for Naruto but I could see Naruto being, if anything, a bit of a straight perv as an adult because of how he is as a kid.)

Pokemon: 1st Pokeshipping/AaMl, 2nd is tied between Contestshipping/DaMal and Rocketshipping/JaJl (though for some reason I still can't imagine Jessie and james ever really being about anything o_0) 3rd Ikarishipping/PaDl (god there's a lot of shippings in pokemon.) and as for pokemon shippings.. I have no real preference because there are thousands of pokemon and well I think only picky when it comes to legendarys 'cause, well, there's really only supposed to be 1 of each, and even then I'm not too picky even with Mew who's a childhood fav, I'm only picky in that I see Mew being a girl... though I liked the thought of Mew and Mewtwo if he was like a clone of a different Mew, but thanks to somebody I kinda like Lucario and Mew.._ but I won't be reading pokemon fics for a while I think, cause I just got out of it XD.

Disgaea: LaharlxFlone duh.. and its not helping that theres not many Disgaea fics out there..

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