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Hello, my dear peoples (I have no idea why this is my favorite greeting), welcome to my profile (which is nothing much but, meh, who cares, right?) because I finally decided to update it after four years…O.o


Name (pen name): animeg098 and I usually review as the anon ‘animeg’.

Gender: Female.

Age: Nope, I’m not telling! Because it’s rude to ask a woman/girl her age! .

Occupation: Student.

Height: 5 feet, seven inches.

Weight:Erm….can we skip this? >.

Birthday: 31st May, 199- wait a minute; I almost gave up my age! D:

Star sign: Gemini.

Favorite color: Black.

Favorite food: Lots of unhealthy stuff! XD

I love yaoi. I love it so much that I can’t write or read about straight pairings any more. My least favorite place in the world is school and my least favorite subjects are Physics and Maths because both of them involve numbers. Ugh, numbers…hate them.

My favorite subjects are English Language, Psychology and Biology. Hmmm…I sound like a bit of a nerd don’t I? Oh well, anyways, my favorite pairing as of the late is Shizaya, which is totally CANON! Yes it is! And I certainly don’t care if anyone says otherwise! D:

Anyhoo, I loveee to write smut It makes my life brighter than a bulb…Idk…I think I’m a pervert Nya! (that was beyond lame but moving on).

As of the current, I'm into Kuroko no Basuke, so expect fics from that fandom. AoKise is my OTP. Absolutely adore those two. Kise is just like m, 'cept me in guy form, so I have a blast writing about him. Aomine is such a sweet heart; particularly after (SPOILER ALERT!) lost the match to Seirin.

But the one, I REALLY like writing about is Akashi! Man, he puts the 'awe' in 'awesome', absolutely love him. His assertive yet endearing personality makes me squeal like the rabid fangirl I am.

My Durarara!! fics will be updated when I get a hit of inspiration. Rest assured; I'm not dropping any of them. The next chapter of 'When Affection Calls' should be out soon enough.

So school is starting...I DON'T WANNA GO!!!!! D: *wails*

Haha, it's kind of ironic. I was being lazy all Summer, and now, when I finally get back into writing fanfics, school starts. But seriously, I don't give a damn; I'm tired of studying anyway.

Anyhoo, moving on…

These are the stories I’m working on, or are planning in the near future.

Dreaming Of You: *Sigh, truth be told, I don’t really like this story all that much. I don’t know why it’s gotten so many reviews and alerts, but since it was my first yaoi fic and also contains my first yaoi lemon, it holds a dear place in my heart *sniff*. I have trouble updating it (writer’s block), but I have decided to end it in a few chapters. Hopefully, I’ll be done with it before November. No promises though.

Status: Ongoing. Temporary hiatus.

When Affection Calls: I really enjoy writing this. I love to write about Izaya’s alternate version Roppi. So far, I don’t have any complaints with it except for the fact that I am having trouble placing a few RoppiTsuki moments, but I’ll get over it, don’t worry. Enjoy the Shizaya till then.

Status: Ongoing.

Tonight, I’m loving You: This is my first one-shot, and I don’t care what any one else says, I’m really proud of it. It’s the first time I actually thought something through before writing it, so it’s an accomplishment on my part. Besides, it’s got over four thousand hits, so who am I to complain? XD Hopefully, I’ll put up a sequel to this.

Status: Completed.

Deep Bloody Night: Story has been posted and will be updated shortly, that is, when I get some time off school. Seriously, school’s being a real bitch! D:

Status: Ongoing.

Stranger in My Life: This is half inspired from No.6, and half inspired from Skins. Its my latest story, and I am trying to complete its plot…I’m almost half-way there….XD

Status: Soon to be posted.

I Feel Naked:My most accomplished story yet. I'm really proud of it. It's this major smut monster I came up while I was trying to sleep. If you're into Shizaya yaoi and love smut; I highly recommend you give this a look.

Status: Completed.

Ludicrous Assumptions: Because basically, Overprotective!GoM automatically means tons of laughs. My first attempt at humor and I liked how it turned out.

Status: Completed.

The Tyrant Who Played Cupid:I have plotted this whole fic out and I can't wait to see how people respond to it. I'll try to merge humor and drama together and try not to make it seem too rushed or too angsty. Really looking forward to this because I really love writing from Akashi's POV.

Status: Ongoing. Active.

The forbidden forest: An old fanfic that I am not proud of at all. –DISCONTINUED- Nuff said.

Guess that’s it If you guys like yaoi, then scroll down and read a story that attracts your attention! :D

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Her scent lingered around him. Lazy, sweetly seductive, exhilarating and arousingly fresh, the scent that tingled his senses, almost torturing him to go on.....and taste her blood.....
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