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Hello! I'm an Aspergic, I appreciate the fit and full-figured fighting females who can hurl people across arenas above all others, I am talkative to a fault when I've warmed up to somebody, and never ask me to drop my 'sir's and 'ma'am's!

Ah, forgive the unnecessary rant to an uncaring and confused visitor. You may call me Aaron should you be those of the outgoing type, but most of you will know me as Shaw Fujikawa. Welcome to my profile. =)

So, who is this pretentious person who speaks in such formal tones? I am a twenty-eight-year-old gentlemen from London, as well as a perfectionist, altruist, and fellow fanfiction writer. My first venture into this creative world came some seven years ago, where I was doing some random Pokemon searches looking for some pretty artwork, and needless to say the site had captured my attention within days. I ended up making my account a little later to try and give some praise to the glorious best stories and helpful critique to those that might, just might, someday grow into something amazing, as my initial name was chosen for (some of those do indeed continue to flourish to this day, but I admit my own participation in these stories is tenuous at best. Alas, childhood dreams!).

Of course, I wanted to write my own little fics as well, but though I might have dozens of stories I'll make up in my head at any one time, I never considered it something that I would get deep into. Writing for me is a hobby, and at the same time it's a chance to give other people something to smile and laugh over. I'm at my happiest knowing I've just brightened someone's day.

The main thing to know about my reviews is that they are usually filled with critique that is blunt and to-the-point. Very often, exceedingly so. I'm not a guy who sugarcoats his words and I'm rarely given to blind praise. Why do I enjoy it? What do I feel was poorly done? How do I feel it would have made more sense going? If there's something I dislike in your story or something I feel is inappropriate, I'll tell it to you outright. Never think I'm deliberately trying to upset you when I do this - I'm merely of the opinion that the road to improvement should not be paved with shortcuts!

In the past, my reviewing might have made more light of grammatical mistakes and exhaustively pointed these out so that one might avoid them in later chapters, but meuy view on stories and writing style has changed in the intervening years. These days, I tend to place greater emphasis on strong, compelling characters, a faithful portrayal of any canon characters you have and a diegesis that fulfils a logical progression and possesses an interesting premise. They way I point these out often tends to be gradual instead of exhaustive and often focuses more on core problems that encourages the author to find their own way of working around it rather than pointing out trivial mistakes that might be hard to apply for every situation. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime, so why not apply it to fanfic writing too? =)

Finally, I'm quite picky about who and what I favourite on this site. It needs to be well-written, and it's on a subject I like well, and is highly original. Such is a mark of a creative author, I always say! Favving an author is even tighter - I have to enjoy a majority of your stories, and have talked to you via some medium a fair amount. Consider it a compliment from me if I favourite you or your story, but don't let that fool you - to me you'll need to uphold that favourite to stay on my list. I sound like I'm overrating myself, it occurs to me, but know this - I don't believe a favourite should mean you have any sort of obligation or duty towards me. If I've favourited you, I know that you can do it already.


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“Many human beings say that they enjoy the winter, but what they really enjoy is feeling proof against it.” Richard Adams, Watership Down.



Hybrids (completed)
The (in)famous vixen known as Ahri had always believed she was one-of-a-kind when she first gained her human form and sought to refine it via the only way she knew how. But as one coincidental forest meeting would reveal, not only that she is far from the only one, but that the characteristics of the complex beast known as morality might not be as black and white as she first thought.

Taking her Toll (completed):
When an ancient treasure (or so it seemed) is discovered in derelict Shurima by a team of Noxian archaeologists, its principle superintendent requires an escort to retrieve it. Considered a matter of public record, Grand General Jericho Swain brings it upon himself to find himself a suitable warrior sufficiently familiarized with the desert land to fulfill it. In a surprising change of heart, how might his reunion with a certain consumerist Battle Mistress turn out?

Girl Time (completed):
Renowned Demacian ranger Quinn was raised in a time where the champions of the League are alternately feared or praised, but always respected. Now, as one of those very champions herself, and having personally interacted with many of those also bearing the title, she finds herself questioning all that she's been brought up to believe. It takes an unexpectedly casual meeting between her and a handful of her fellow female champions for her to finally begin to note down her views and rationalize her position.

Orbhunt (notstrictlyonhiatusalthoughitmightaswellbeduetohowfreakinglongItaketowriteanything):
Orbhunt is set during a time many years after the events of the fifth Pokemon movie, though this time, it's newly reacquainted nextdoor neighbors Brendan Birch and May Maple as the plucky protagonists. The duo go up against the might of Team Magma in the midst of yet another dastardly scheme to revive their chosen god Groudon... and do not come out fully human. But will this newfound power help against them twice more? Can they even master it?

The Forge of the Gods (completed):
The title is isn't meant literally, but you might be able to figure out what I mean when I chose it. This fic details the events surrounding the Arceus Creation event in HGSS, which largely inspired me to write this. Starting with a meeting deciding where the duo are to go, it ends up with Jimmy given a chance to be in possession of one of the most powerful Pokemon in existence. And what happens when he accepts?

Green as Grass (completed):
Do you have the misfortune of not owning GoW2, but would dearly like it yourself? Does your eye twitch when someone brings the subject up, and you wish you could strangle them when they gloat over how many kills they got when on Xbox LIVE last night? Then that's too bad. I can't help. But this story is a novelization of the training mission in Gears 2. What? It's a fun mission!

Glitchy Chronicles (discontinued):
This series of oneshots is about the many glitches one might find while playing SSBB. But as of the most recent chapter, not just that, but Melee as well! As well as a load of technical know-how that is almost certain to make some readers feel very inferior. You can thank me later. ;) First chapter? A prologue. First proper chapter? The 'supersized' Jigglypuff that represents all thing glitchy in Brawl!


And that's that. What shall you do now?

Signing off,
Shaw Fujikawa

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