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-My names Savanna.
That's me. It's kinda old, but who cares? :)
-I'm 15.
-I'm a whopping 5'2 and a massive 100 pounds
-I loveee music and books.
-I love vampires. Werewolves, not so much.
-My ipod and my hoodies are my life
-Alternative and Rock, no rap.
And most of all, I love The Twilight Series.
My birthday(11.15) is sandwhiched between two veryy important events- 8.2.08. and 11.21.08
I get excited just thinking about what's going to happen in Breaking Dawn.
I'm obsessed with cars. The 911 Turbo is, by far, my favorite car. Ever. I'm set on getting one in my future, if I don't go to college at UAS. If I do, I want a Rubicon.
I live in Florida, and hate it. I can't stand the heat.
One of my best freinds is Ashlyn (Missrawr) she writes a lot about Kingdom Hearts. Which I read, but don't have a single idea as to who I'm reading about. :/
My mind's in the gutter and I've got the mouth of a fucking sailor. :D
So yeah, that's me!

I'm currently working on Skater Love. Which is about Bella Alice and Rose, who go to college at UAS, which Lauren unfortunately is going to, also. So are the Cullen boys. Lauren is jealous that Edward wants Bella instead of herself. She'll do anything to steal Edward. This isn't in Lauren's POV. Quite frankly, I can't stand Lauren. So there's going to be lots of Lauren bashing and a lot of her stupidness. Jasper's PMSing(he's NOT gay! Just read it!), Emmett's getting pans thrown at him, and Edward's being forced to do a snow angel...naked. Glacier diving, hot dog eating contests, Rock Climbing and more! It's funny to me, and I hope it's going to be funny to you, as well.

Chapter 5:



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