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Author has written 4 stories for Tokyo Mew Mew, and Twilight.

hey, here are some interesting facts about me:

1. My first anime was sailor moon. I still love to watch sailor moon abridged on youtube, it brings back memories.

2. The first book that i had ever finished was teenage mermaid by ellen shriber. now I love the vampire kisses series.

3. I have been to disney world when i was 8, i wouldn't go on any of the rides cause i was too chicken.

4. I've been in a movie, as an extra called crow girl. it was rated R so i couldn't watch it back them. the movie is called apocalypse and the beauty queen.

5. I don't have my drivers license yet, I'm too afraid to drive.

6. My best friend is lady kyoko, author of clone.

my fave anime characters:

Tokyo mew mew: zakuro fujiwara and deep blue.

sailor moon: sailor saturn or hotaru and tin nyenko from sailor stars.

revolutionary girl utena: series utena and movie anthy.

code geass: C.C. and kallen. i kinda got pissed at the other characters at times.

darkstalkers: i know it's not an anime but i love the OVA they made. i love morrigan and Felicia cause monsters can't just be cute boys all the time.

tsubasa chronicles: i love Fai not just cause he's voiced by vic but because he doesn't react to things like a normal person he takes every challenge with a smile.

mermaid melody: gaito and rina, rina makes me think of zakuro and gaito is cool cause he's evil and he got leather pants!

panty and stocking with garterbelt: brief and chuck!

my fave animes:

Tokyo mew mew (duh)

sailor moon

mermaid melody


code geass

rosario vampire.

tsubasa chronicles

panty and stocking with garterbelt

high school of the dead

inuyasha, negima!? and shuffle!

books i like:

twilight series

wings by aprilynn pike

vampire kisses by ellen shriber

kingdom keepers and morganville vampires.

movies i like:

kiki's delivery service

howls moving castle

new moon and eclipse where my faves but i just have to wait to see breaking dawn because i loved renesmee.

it's kinda sad but i like those barbie movies that come out once a year. my fave is barbie rapunzel.

my characters:

Mink Tsukihana: from Mink!

age: 12

birthdate: none

hair: sliver

eyes: blue

type: cat alien.

likes: music, reading, clothes shopping.

other info: her mother had died when she was very young and she was taken in by the aliens to join their group that was attacking the earth. she's best friends with ichigo momomiya also known as mew ichigo and was childhood friends with zakuro fujiwara who is mew zakuro. she works as a cleaning aid at a shrine owned by an elderly woman named nana. kish has a crush on her but it is revealed that he just likes to toy with her for his own amusement and because of that she absolutely detests the opposite sex except for one boy who can turn into a wolf that she had met in the woods countless times. she also seems to have a relationship with the blue knight but it isn't really explored until chapter 15. because she had been so young when she was taken in by the aliens she sees them as her only family especially the leader deep blue who is like a fatherly figure to her since she had never had one when she was young. This story is Complete check it out if you can.

Wow, its been a while since I've done anything on this account. I'm in college now and still am writing for fun. I am constantly editing and re-writing stories for the website but nothing has been completed. I finally felt confident enough to post Its Fate so please check it out. It was inspired by Revolutionary Girl Utena and a dream I had. Love you guys and you do you! :)

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Its Fate reviews
Princess Ichigo is on the run from her evil fiance's men. A young man saves her but he is keeping a secret from the princess. Oneshot between my OC and Ichigo. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Tokyo Mew Mew, only my OC. It has been a while for some of my followers but please don't lose faith in me.
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