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Hi, thanks for visiting. I have finally gotten around to actually getting an acount instead of just reading and occasionally leaving anonomous reviews.

I have several story ideas, most of them Gaara/Hinata stories. ( for those who don't know these characters, they're from Naruto.

Most of my stories will be teen or mature. I also believe in rating my stories accurately, for several reasons that mostly revolve around the fact

that a kid has absolutly no business reading porn. Despite all the precautions that takes, crap happens. Oh, and for the record, I consider

anyone in middle school a kid. when you get to high school you become a punk, and you stay a punk until you graduate from college (if you go)

Weird, huh? I mean, technically you are an adult when you turn 18, but no one treats you like one until you're 25. it actually kind of sucks. try being in your early twenties and looking like you're 14. I still get carded for R movies and M games. Really sucks. oh well, back to topic. I'll briefly describe what to expect fromwhat ratings in my stories, more details will be given in the first chapter of my stories. I'll also briefly discuss how I will handle japanese language and other things, too.

k: I won't be doing many of these, but these will be generally unoffensive in content. no sexuality, mild violence and language (worst word: crap)

teen: mild to moderate language, some sexuality, but nothing more than a steamy make out session and the mention of dirty magazines. Mild to moderate violence.

think pg 13

mature: Harsh language, sexuality is upgraded, and very graphic violence. This includes torture. Think Saw and The Hills Have Eyes. On these I will have warnings

throughout the story.

You guys might think the explanations are stupid, but I've had several instances when I'm reading a fic thats teen or k and I find a surprise in it. One was a teen fic

that was ok until a full blown, very descriptive rape scene was what started the next chapter. Shocking, yes? Ok moving on;

to be polite to fellow fans, I will use honorifics only. I will also explain them briefly. they are as follows:

san: equal to calling someone sir, miss mrs. or ms. show of respect

kun: for boys, mostly young ones. Show of affection and sometimes implies cuteness, depending on the situation.

chan: for girls, same basic idea as kun

dono: not used anymore, but it basically means lord/lady. Shows deep respect.

sama: indicates someone of a much higher status. Shows deep respect. Nowdays, it is used in place of dono.

sensie: used to address teachers and mentors.

hime: princess. Used affectionatly or as an actual title.

hiko: prince. Same as hime

blank: no honorific is present. Used between family and lovers. Shows intamacy. If used otherwise, it is very insultiong and rude.

There are other honorifics, but I'm not entirely sure about them. Please let me know so I can update my list. Thanks!

When it comes to food, I'll try to describe it for people, though it's really self explanitory. Same as clothing. I will, however,

use USA curency, since most readers will be in the USA. Mostly I will use our measuring system, but I may occasionaly use metric. Ok, on to the fun part!


Silent Angel: Naruto fic. war between sand and leaf ends in disaster for konoha. what happens when a sand demon finds a mute, white-eyed angel? Complete!

rated m. mostly due to graphic violence and torture. gaara/hinata romance/horror Complete

Secretary for a Schizo: he killed his last one and he needed a replacement. Poor girl, she has no idea what she's in for. Poor Gaara, niether does he.

Not sure about the rating, but a GaaHina romance/comedy

Demon Dance: She is sacraficed to a bloodthirsty demonic emperor and abandoned by her village and clan. posted

Asylum: you want scary, gory, creepy, mess with your mind suspense, check this baby out.Lots of blood, lots of psychos, lots of murder, and maybe a twisted love story or two. if you can't handle the torture scenes in Demon Dance, you may want to skip this one. that's all i will say, because i don't want to give anything away. posted

Pintsized Demons and Cookies: opposite of Asylum. makes you laugh and gives you warm fuzzies. There's a little Gaara running around eating cookies and beating up robbers, how can you go wrong? Teen only for language, and maybe a little violence, but it's the fun kind! posted

Metamorphosis: Gaara Transforming into a full demon, with Hinata along for the ride. Dash of action, dash of warm fuzzies, dash of supernatural stuff. M only because Gaara has a very foul mouth, especially for a twelve year old. posted

I'll try to update as fast as i can, but i don't always have access to a computer, so bear with me . I'll try to have no more than three stories going at once so

that I don't confuse them. I hope you enjoy! If not, then don't read them, and don't whine to me about how you hate the couple. Really, I only like constructive critism

and nice reviews. Don't flame me, because I won't pay attention to you. as to why not much capitalization, well, i didn't really feel like hitting the shift key for this...maybe later...later has happened, somewhat.

On charecters that may be used, or from series/games/books that I read. No offense is intended to anyone.

The Legend of Zelda series: the only charecter I have issues with is Link. Link is the hero, and his personality can be tweaked in many different ways. However, he does not, in any way, make for a good villain. I have yet to read a story that has him as a villian that is convincing. Writers, if you want to make him into a successful villain, use Dark Link. He's there for a reason.

Naruto: Gaara-my personal favorite charecter, and the star of most of my stories. He is complicated, and can be made into a villain or a hero successfully. He also makes any role look good. However, it is best to keep his origional charecter in mind when you write about him, just to make him convincing.

Hinata-she's the nicest girl ever, and does not make a good snob or villain in most stories. If you want her to be one, make sure you are able to pull it off. She also does not make for a good slut, either. I also think that she is a lot tougher than anyone gives her credit for, and could be equal to Temari if you think about it, especially with her new jutsu. Temari might have the advantage when it comes to using long-range attacks, but if Hinata got in close she would be in a heap of trouble, since Hinata is so light on her feet, has her byakugan, and is nimble enough to manuver around an opponent. Plus, Temari has a tendancy to underestimate her opponents, and Hinata could work that to her advantage.

Shukaku-one of the best charecters to use, because you can pull his personality into so many different ways and still make him believable. I like to use him too much to ever get rid of him.

Sakura-drives me nuts, and it bothers me to no end that the creator of the Naruto universe made her super strong, because she lacks the discipline needed to make a good ninja. I really don't understand how Tsunade could train her as an apprentice, because, even when he's gone, she still fixates on Sasuke. She's not even that smart or skilled in any area, and she has no jutsu of her own or style of her own, is the weakest member of team seven, if not out of the rookie nine, and she has the nerve to constantly berate Naruto and treat him like a failure. At lest Ino has a jutsu that is useful on missions, even though she's not much better maturity wise than Sakura.

Orochimaru-has to be gay, or at least bi. he acts gay during the series, and likes to kidnap little boys, and licks his lips in that weird way every time he speaks about Sasuke. He just has to be gay!

If I think of anymore, I'll add to my list. Check out some of my stories, if you're interested. If not, then why the heck are you here?

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